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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 23, pp. 473-475      

As Bellatrix stands holding Hermione, the chandelier over her head crashes onto her - Dobby's work - and in the commotion that follows, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Griphook manage to grab [Gryffindor's sword] and [Apparate] to [Shell Cottage], and to safety.

DH: chapter 23, pp. 475-476      

Landing by the sea, Harry breathes a sigh of relief, but when he turns to Dobby realizes that he has been hit by Bellatrix's knife. He yells for help, but before anything can be done, Dobby is gone.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 477-478      

In the garden of [Shell Cottage], Harry kneels over Dobby's body as Bill, Fleur, [Dean], and Luna gather around him. Finally, he decides to bury the house-elf himself, and Bill provides him with a spade to do it.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 478-479      

As the night wears on, Harry digs Dobby's grave, thinking to himself about [Horcruxes] and [Hallows], Voldemort and Wormtail, [Grindelwald] and [Dumbledore]. And as he digs, he discovers he can now shut Voldemort out of his mind, and that he knows what it is he now has to do.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 479-481      

Ron and [Dean] come out to Harry as dawn breaks, and they are soon joined by the others in burying Dobby, with Luna saying good-bye for them all. As the others depart, Harry remains behind and finds a gravestone, which he marks: "HERE LIES DOBBY, A FREE ELF."

DH: chapter 24, pp. 481-482      

Harry finds Bill talking to the others in the living room, where he learns that the Weasleys have all been moved to safety and insists that he talk to Griphook and [Mr. Ollivander] right away.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 483-484      

Harry stands washing his hands, thinking about where Dobby came from, about how [Dumbledore] had forseen what would happen to Ron, and to Wormtail, and to Harry.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 484-485      

Back in the sitting room, Harry insists on talking to [Ollivander] and Griphook immediately, with Ron and Hermione joining him. After a moment of decision, he has Bill lead them to Griphook first.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 485-490      

Harry finds Griphook in bed, healing, surprised and impressed at how Harry buried Dobby. He then asks him for help in breaking into the [Lestranges] vault at [Gringotts], and - despite some rudeness from Ron - Griphook agrees to consider the request.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 490-491      

Outside Griphook's room, Harry tells Ron and Hermione of his suspicion that one of Voldemort's [Horcruxes] is hidden inside the [Lestranges]' vault at [Gringotts]. Then, together, they head off to talk with [Ollivander] next.

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