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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Interrupted by Snatchers and a Visit to Malfoy Manor

DH: chapter 23, pp. 473-475      

As [Bellatrix] stands holding [Hermione], the chandelier over her head crashes onto her - [Dobby]'s work - and in the commotion that follows, [Harry], [Ron], Hermione, and [Griphook] manage to grab [Gryffindor's sword] and [Apparate] to [Shell Cottage], and to safety.

Farewells and Plans at Shell Cottage

DH: chapter 23, pp. 475-476      

Landing by the sea, [Harry] breathes a sigh of relief, but when he turns to [Dobby] realizes that he has been hit by [Bellatrix]'s knife. He yells for help, but before anything can be done, Dobby is gone.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 477-478      

In the garden of [Shell Cottage], [Harry] kneels over [Dobby]'s body as [Bill], [Fleur], [Dean], and [Luna] gather around him. Finally, he decides to bury the [house-elf] himself, and Bill provides him with a spade to do it.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 478-479      

As the night wears on, [Harry] digs [Dobby]'s grave, thinking to himself about [Horcruxes] and [Hallows], [Voldemort] and [Wormtail], [Grindelwald] and [Dumbledore]. And as he digs, he discovers he can now shut Voldemort out of his mind, and that he knows what it is he now has to do.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 479-481      

[Ron] and [Dean] come out to [Harry] as dawn breaks, and they are soon joined by the others in burying [Dobby], with [Luna] saying good-bye for them all. As the others depart, Harry remains behind and finds a gravestone, which he marks: "HERE LIES DOBBY, A FREE ELF."

DH: chapter 24, pp. 481-482      

[Harry] finds [Bill] talking to the others in the living room, where he learns that the [Weasleys] have all been moved to safety and insists that he talk to [Griphook] and [Mr. Ollivander] right away.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 483-484      

[Harry] stands washing his hands, thinking about where [Dobby] came from, about how [Dumbledore] had forseen what would happen to [Ron], and to [Wormtail], and to Harry.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 484-485      

Back in the sitting room, [Harry] insists on talking to [Ollivander] and [Griphook] immediately, with [Ron] and [Hermione] joining him. After a moment of decision, he has [Bill] lead them to Griphook first.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 485-490      

[Harry] finds [Griphook] in bed, healing, surprised and impressed at how Harry buried [Dobby]. He then asks him for help in breaking into the [Lestranges] vault at [Gringotts], and - despite some rudeness from [Ron] - Griphook agrees to consider the request.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 490-491      

Outside [Griphook]'s room, [Harry] tells [Ron] and [Hermione] of his suspicion that one of [Voldemort]'s [Horcruxes] is hidden inside the [Lestranges]' vault at [Gringotts]. Then, together, they head off to talk with [Ollivander] next.

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