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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 24, pp. 491-499      

Harry then leads Ron and Hermione into [Mr. Ollivander]'s room, where they learn of wandlore, and the fact that Harry is now the owner of Draco Malfoy's [wand]. Harry also confirms that Voldemort is indeed after the [Elder Wand], and that he went to [Gregorovitch] to find it. Finally, he asks [Ollivander] about the [Deathly Hallows], and when Ollivander has never heard of them, Harry, Ron, and Hermione leave him in peace.

DH: chapter 24, pp. 499-501      

Finished with Griphook and [Ollivander], Harry leads Ron and Hermione into the garden, where he tells them of how [Grindelwald] stole the [Elder Wand] from [Gregorovitch]; was conquered by [Dumbledore]; and, ultimately, how the [wand] ended up in Dumbledore's tomb - and as he talks, Harry watches in his mind as Voldemort, having made the same discovery, breaks the tomb open and takes the world's most powerful wand at last.

DH: chapter 25, pp. 502-503      

As the days at [Shell Cottage] pass, Harry wonders whether he made the right decision in allowing Voldemort to get the [Elder Wand].

DH: chapter 25, pp. 503-504      

In the garden, Ron and Hermione argue over whether [Dumbledore] is really dead, until they are interrupted by Fleur letting them know that Griphook has asked to see them.

DH: chapter 25, pp. 504-506      

Griphook informs Harry, Ron, and Hermione that he is willing to help them break into the [Lestranges]' vault at [Gringotts] - on the condition that they give him the [Sword of Gryffindor], which he claims was stolen from a goblin. The trio then leaves the room to discuss what to do.

DH: chapter 25, pp. 506-508      

After debating what to do, Harry, Ron, and Hermione settle on an option that seems least bad - they will agree to give Griphook the [sword of Gryffindor], but they won't tell him when.

DH: chapter 35, pp. 508-509      

Returning to Griphook, Harry agrees that he will deliver the [sword of Gryffindor] in exchange for the goblin's help breaking into [Gringotts], and they set to work planning the break-in.

DH: chapter 35, pp. 509-510      

Time passes with Harry, Ron, and Hermione spending much of their days shut up with Griphook, planning to break into [Gringotts]. Griphook wears on the trio, and on the rest of the family, but Harry realizes there is simply nothing else to be done.

DH: chapter 35, pp. 510-511      

In the kitchen with Fleur, Harry apologizes for all the trouble he's caused for her and Bill, and lets her know that he, Ron, and Hermione will soon be leaving.

DH: chapter 35, pp. 511-512      

Luna and [Dean] pass through the room, and Harry follows them into the sitting room as Luna discusses the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, drawing only a feeble protest from Hermione.

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