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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 35, p. 512      

[Mr. Ollivander] enters and bids everyone good-bye, taking a tiara from Fleur to deliver to [Auntie Muriel], and departs to stay at her house.

DH: chapter 35, pp. 512-513      

Bill returns home partway through dinner, delivering greetings from the Weasley family. Luna then begins discussing her father's recreation of the [diadem of Ravenclaw], at least until she is interrupted by a knock on the door.

DH: chapter 35, pp. 513-515      

The knock on the door turns out to be Remus Lupin, announcing that [Nymphadora] had her baby, [Teddy]. He asks Harry to be godfather, and celebrates for a few moments before departing to return to his family.

DH: chapter 35, pp. 515-518      

Bill pulls Harry aside as dinner is cleaned up, and warns him about the perils of striking bargains with goblins. He also lets Harry know that goblins' idea of ownership is different from that of wizards, and that he should be careful not to let it get him into trouble.

DH: chapter 26, pp. 519-521      

The night before the big [Gringotts] break-in, Harry and Hermione discuss Bellatrix Lestrange's [wand] and their loathing of it, and Harry thinks about the Weasleys he is leaving behind, and about how on earth he will keep [Gryffindor's sword] from Griphook.

DH: chapter 26, pp. 521-522      

Dreading breaking into [Gringotts], Harry spends a sleepless night worrying about what will happen if everything goes wrong.

DH: chapter 26, pp. 522-524      

The trio gathers in the backyard with Griphook to prepare to depart for [Gringotts], as Harry takes a last look at Dobby's grave and Hermione and Ron complain about their disguises. Finally they walk past the boundary of the [Fidelius Charm], and [Apparate] to [Diagon Alley].

DH: chapter 26, pp. 524-529      

Disguised and hidden, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Griphook make their way through the [Leaky Cauldron] and [Diagon Alley], arousing a few suspicions and inadvertently picking up a Death Eater, [Travers], but otherwise making it safely to the front steps of [Gringotts].

DH: chapter 26, pp. 529-530      

At the [Gringotts] front doors, Harry casts [Confundus charms] on the guards so they let the group through, and they pass into the great hall without incident.

DH: chapter 26, pp. 530-532      

In the hall of [Gringotts] it soon becomes clear that the goblins are aware of Bellatrix Lestrange's confinement, as well as the loss of her [wand]. Thinking fast, Harry uses the [Imperius Curse] on the goblins and on [Travers], and though they manage to get the [Clankers] and get out of the hall, they leave a trail of suspicious goblins in their wake.

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