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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Making Plans for the Raid on Gringotts

DH: chapter 35, p. 512      

[Mr. Ollivander] enters and bids everyone good-bye, taking a tiara from [Fleur] to deliver to [Auntie Muriel], and departs to stay at her house.

DH: chapter 35, pp. 512-513      

[Bill] returns home partway through dinner, delivering greetings from the [Weasley] family. [Luna] then begins discussing her father's recreation of the [diadem of Ravenclaw], at least until she is interrupted by a knock on the door.

DH: chapter 35, pp. 513-515      

The knock on the door turns out to be [Remus Lupin], announcing that [Nymphadora] had her baby, [Teddy]. He asks [Harry] to be godfather, and celebrates for a few moments before departing to return to his family.

DH: chapter 35, pp. 515-518      

[Bill] pulls [Harry] aside as dinner is cleaned up, and warns him about the perils of striking bargains with [goblins]. He also lets Harry know that goblins' idea of ownership is different from that of wizards, and that he should be careful not to let it get him into trouble.

DH: chapter 26, pp. 519-521      

The night before the big [Gringotts] break-in, [Harry] and [Hermione] discuss [Bellatrix Lestrange]'s [wand] and their loathing of it, and Harry thinks about the [Weasleys] he is leaving behind, and about how on earth he will keep [Gryffindor's sword] from [Griphook].

DH: chapter 26, pp. 521-522      

Dreading breaking into [Gringotts], [Harry] spends a sleepless night worrying about what will happen if everything goes wrong.

The Gringotts Raid

DH: chapter 26, pp. 522-524      

The trio gathers in the backyard with [Griphook] to prepare to depart for [Gringotts], as [Harry] takes a last look at [Dobby]'s grave and [Hermione] and [Ron] complain about their disguises. Finally they walk past the boundary of the [Fidelius Charm], and [Apparate] to [Diagon Alley].

DH: chapter 26, pp. 524-529      

Disguised and hidden, [Harry], [Ron], [Hermione], and [Griphook] make their way through the [Leaky Cauldron] and [Diagon Alley], arousing a few suspicions and inadvertently picking up a [Death Eater], [Travers], but otherwise making it safely to the front steps of [Gringotts].

DH: chapter 26, pp. 529-530      

At the [Gringotts] front doors, [Harry] casts [Confundus charms] on the guards so they let the group through, and they pass into the great hall without incident.

DH: chapter 26, pp. 530-532      

In the hall of [Gringotts] it soon becomes clear that the [goblins] are aware of [Bellatrix Lestrange]'s confinement, as well as the loss of her [wand]. Thinking fast, [Harry] uses the [Imperius Curse] on the [goblins] and on [Travers], and though they manage to get the [Clankers] and get out of the hall, they leave a trail of suspicious goblins in their wake.

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