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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The Gringotts Raid

DH: chapter 26, pp. 532-537      

With nothing else to be done, [Harry] leads the party on into the [Gringotts cart] and to the [Lestranges]' vault, making [Travers] hide out of the way. The cart hits a waterfall, though - [The Thief's Downfall] - and all of their enchantments are removed. [Imperiusing] [Bogrod] again, Harry lets [Griphook] lead them past a tethered [dragon] and into the vault, where the door soon seals them in.

DH: chapter 26, pp. 537-541      

The treasures of the [Lestranges]' vault prove to have [Gemino] and [Flagrante] Curses on them, but despite being burned by multiiplying objects [Harry] manages to spot [Hufflepuff's cup] and grab it, thanks to a [Levicorpus] spell cast by [Hermione]. The treasures continue to multiply, Griphook grabs [Gryffindor's sword], and without warning the door to the vault opens, and the group spills back out into [Gringotts].

DH: chapter 26, pp. 541-543      

Running, with barely time to think, [Harry] leads [Ron] and [Hermione] onto the back of the guard [dragon] and cuts its ties. As it begins to fly Hermione casts [gouging spells] onto the rock above, creating space for an escape, and they manage to escape the caverns, flying out over [Diagon Alley] and into the sky.

Escape by Dragon

DH: chapter 27, pp. 544-547      

The [Gringotts] [dragon] continues to fly, though [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] have no idea where it's going, and finally it drops down over a lake and they plunge into the water, swimming and then crawling to shore.

DH: chapter 27, pp. 547-548      

Safe under [Harry]'s protective charms, the trio marvels at the new [Horcrux] and wonders what to do next.

DH: chapter 27, pp. 548-551      

Thrust suddenly into [Voldemort]'s mind, [Harry] watches as the Dark Lord is told of his missing [Horcrux], frantically wonders how Harry ever found out about the items, and plans to visit them to be sure - including the last one, hidden, of course, at [Hogwarts].

DH: chapter 27, pp. 551-553      

Back in the present, [Harry] finds himself staring into [Ron] and [Hermione]'s faces, and explains what he's seen of [Voldemort]'s mind: that he knows they're hunting his [Horcruxes], he's leaving to search for them, and they haven't a moment to waste in seeking the final one - at [Hogwarts]. Regretfully, they gather under the [Invisibility Cloak], and depart for [Hogsmeade].

Infiltrating Hogsmeade and Meeting Aberforth

DH: chapter 28, pp. 554-558      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] arrive in [Hogsmeade] only to set off a screaming alarm - a [Caterwauling Charm]. The [Death Eaters] on guard call [dementors] to come after him, and Harry is left with no choice but to produce a [Patronus], but before he can be caught a voice ushers him into the [Hog's Head Inn]. It is the barman, who claims the Patronus was his, a goat, and wards off the Death Eaters for the time being.

DH: chapter 28, pp. 558-569      

The [Hog's Head] barman enters, and [Harry] realizes it's [Aberforth Dumbledore] - [Albus]'s brother, who sent [Dobby] to rescue them from [Malfoy Manor]. As they eat, Aberforth tries to convince the trio to run away and save themselves, and then tells them of his brother's infatuation with [Grindelwald], and how it led to the death of their sister [Ariana]. Harry, though, insists on trying to get into [Hogwarts], and asks for any help that Aberforth can give.

DH: chapter 28, pp. 569-570      

[Aberforth] turns to his portrait, and [Ariana], who walks into the distance as Aberforth tells [Harry] there is only one way now into [Hogwarts]. Then, when Ariana returns, it is with someone else - [Neville Longbottom], beyond delighted at seeing Harry.

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