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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Dumbledore Remembered

DH: chapter 2, pp. 28-29      

As [Harry] sits thinking about [Rita Skeeter]'s defamation of [Dumbledore], he notices - or perhaps imagines - a blue eye looking out of his broken mirror at him. For a moment he thinks it's Dumbledore, but soon dismisses the possibility from his mind.

DH: chapter 3, pp. 30-36      

[Harry] is called downstairs, where [Uncle Vernon] announces that he's decided against letting the [Order of the Phoenix] hide the [Dursleys] from [Voldemort]. Harry reminds him of the explanations they have received from [Kingsley] and [Arthur Weasley] and of the [dementors] that once attacked [Dudley] - and finally Dudley decides to go.

Preparing to Leave Privet Drive

DH: chapter 3, p. 36      

[Harry] sits briefly in his bedroom, talking to [Hedwig] and thinking about his upcoming departure from the [Dursleys].

DH: chapter 3, pp. 36-42      

The doorbell announces the arrival of [Dedalus Diggle] and [Hestia Jones], who prepare to take the [Dursleys] into hiding. Though Dedalus does little to impress [Vernon], the Dursleys do go - though not before [Dudley] surprisingly thanks [Harry], shaking his hand on his way out the door.

DH: chapter 4, pp. 43-44      

[Harry] rushes to his room, where he watches the [Dursleys] drive off and grabs his rucksack, his [Firebolt], and [Hedwig], and rushes back downstairs to wait for [Moody]. As he waits, he thinks of his memories of [Privet Drive], and his gladness to be leaving.

The Order arrives and the plan is put into action

DH: chapter 4, pp. 44-46      

The stillness is broken as members of the [Order of the Phoenix] arrive to help [Harry] escape, and thirteen people pile into the [Dursleys]' kitchen to hear [Mad-Eye]'s orders. [Tonks] excitedly tells Harry of her marriage to [Lupin], as well, before being cut off by Moody.

DH: chapter 4, pp. 46-53      

[Moody] quickly lays out the plan: thanks to [Polyjuice Potion], seven [Harry Potter]s are to escape from [Privet Drive] at once and fly to seven safe houses, with the expectation that [Death Eaters] will be on guard. Though Harry refuses, he is of course overruled, and soon [Ron], [Hermione], [Fred], [George], [Fleur], and [Mundungus Fletcher] are all transformed into Harry look-alikes and preparing to depart.

DH: chapter 4, pp. 53-55      

The [Order of the Phoenix] returns to the [Dursleys]' backyard, seven [Harry Potter]s each with a different escort, and mounts their [brooms], [Thestrals], and [motorcycle]. At [Moody]'s signal, they all take off into the night.

The Battle of the Seven Potters

DH: chapter 4, pp. 55-62      

[Harry] and [Hagrid] take off and are immediately surrounded by [Death Eaters]. Spells start flying, and [Hedwig] is instantly killed; the [Order of the Phoenix] then quickly scatters, aiming for safety. Harry exchanges spells with Death Eaters, but when he attempts to [Disarm] [Stan Shunpike], they realize who he is - and [Voldemort] himself comes after him. Harry's life is spared only when his [wand], acting of its own accord, snaps Voldemort's, and before Harry knows it, Voldemort is gone and the [motorcycle] crashes to the ground.

DH: chapter 5, p. 63      

[Harry] lifts himself off the ground, trying to wake [Hagrid] as [Andromeda] and [Ted Tonks] realize they've arrived.

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