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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Dumbledore Remembered

DH: chapter 2, pp. 28-29      

As Harry sits thinking about Rita Skeeter's defamation of [Dumbledore], he notices - or perhaps imagines - a blue eye looking out of his broken mirror at him. For a moment he thinks it's Dumbledore, but soon dismisses the possibility from his mind.

DH: chapter 3, pp. 30-36      

Harry is called downstairs, where [Uncle Vernon] announces that he's decided against letting the Order of the Phoenix hide the [Dursleys] from Voldemort. Harry reminds him of the explanations they have received from [Kingsley] and Arthur Weasley and of the [dementors] that once attacked [Dudley] - and finally Dudley decides to go.

Preparing to Leave Privet Drive

DH: chapter 3, p. 36      

Harry sits briefly in his bedroom, talking to Hedwig and thinking about his upcoming departure from the [Dursleys].

DH: chapter 3, pp. 36-42      

The doorbell announces the arrival of [Dedalus Diggle] and [Hestia Jones], who prepare to take the [Dursleys] into hiding. Though Dedalus does little to impress [Vernon], the Dursleys do go - though not before [Dudley] surprisingly thanks Harry, shaking his hand on his way out the door.

DH: chapter 4, pp. 43-44      

Harry rushes to his room, where he watches the [Dursleys] drive off and grabs his rucksack, his [Firebolt], and Hedwig, and rushes back downstairs to wait for Moody. As he waits, he thinks of his memories of Privet Drive, and his gladness to be leaving.

DH: chapter 4, pp. 44-46      

The stillness is broken as members of the Order of the Phoenix arrive to help Harry escape, and thirteen people pile into the [Dursleys]' kitchen to hear Mad-Eye's orders. Tonks excitedly tells Harry of her marriage to Lupin, as well, before being cut off by Moody.

DH: chapter 4, pp. 46-53      

Moody quickly lays out the plan: thanks to [Polyjuice Potion], seven Harry Potters are to escape from Privet Drive at once and fly to seven safe houses, with the expectation that Death Eaters will be on guard. Though Harry refuses, he is of course overruled, and soon Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Fleur, and Mundungus Fletcher are all transformed into Harry look-alikes and preparing to depart.

DH: chapter 4, pp. 53-55      

The Order of the Phoenix returns to the [Dursleys]' backyard, seven Harry Potters each with a different escort, and mounts their [brooms], Thestrals, and [motorcycle]. At Moody's signal, they all take off into the night.

DH: chapter 4, pp. 55-62      

Harry and Hagrid take off and are immediately surrounded by Death Eaters. Spells start flying, and Hedwig is instantly killed; the Order of the Phoenix then quickly scatters, aiming for safety. Harry exchanges spells with Death Eaters, but when he attempts to [Disarm] [Stan Shunpike], they realize who he is - and Voldemort himself comes after him. Harry's life is spared only when his [wand], acting of its own accord, snaps Voldemort's, and before Harry knows it, Voldemort is gone and the [motorcycle] crashes to the ground.

DH: chapter 5, p. 63      

Harry lifts himself off the ground, trying to wake Hagrid as [Andromeda] and [Ted Tonks] realize they've arrived.

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