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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 31, pp. 611-612      

As the [Great Hall] empties out, Harry searches for Ron and Hermione, and [Kingsley] directs the school's battle plan. When McGonagall reminds Harry to search for the [diadem], though, he realizes his mistake and runs off to search.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 612-614      

As he runs from the [Great Hall], Harry thinks through what the final [Horcrux] could be, and where it could be hidden. With a sudden inspiration, he runs to find Nearly Headless Nick and ask who the [Ravenclaw] ghost is, with the intention of questioning her about the [diadem].

DH: chapter 31, pp. 614-618      

Harry runs down the [Grey Lady] and discovers that she is [Helena Ravenclaw], and that Voldemort managed, as a [Hogwarts] student, to find out from her the location of the lost [diadem]. Harry realizes that Voldemort must have hidden it in the school the night he asked [Dumbledore] for a job, and he runs off, thanking the Grey Lady and frantically trying to think where the [Horcrux] might be hidden.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 618-620      

Running through the corridors, Harry comes upon Hagrid and Grawp, who he learns have been hiding in the [cave] in [Hogsmeade]. He and Hagrid run off, but when Harry sees the demolished gargoyles outside the [staff room], he suddenly realizes where the [diadem] is hidden - in the [Room of Requirement].

DH: chapter 31, pp. 620-623      

The [Battle of Hogwarts] raging around him, Harry finally runs into Ron and Hermione, discovering that they've visited the [Chamber of Secrets] to retrieve the [basilisk] fangs and destroy [Hufflepuff's cup]. He tells them, then, that he knows where to find the [diadem], and they tear off for the [Room of Requirement] once more.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 623-626      

Back in the [Room of Requirement], Harry discovers Ginny, Tonks, and Augusta Longbottom, who all quickly depart. Ron stops for a moment, though, realizing the house-elves are still in harm's way - and for that he is rewarded with a heartfelt snog from Hermione. Harry does manage to pull them apart just long enough to realize that time is short, and they head back into the hallway to transform the room.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 626-627      

Back in the hallway, the fighting is continuing with the situation getting worse. Nevertheless, Harry lets himself, Ron, and Hermione back into the [Room of Requirement], this time as the room of hidden things.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 627-634      

Searching for the [diadem], Harry, Ron, and Hermione split up, but Harry soon instead runs into Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle, intent on stopping him. A fight ensues, ending when a tower of flame from Crabbe's wand engulfs them all. Somehow, Harry manages to find [brooms], grab the [diadem], and get Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Goyle out, though Crabbe is left behind.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 634-635      

With Crabbe dead but the [diadem] destroyed by the [Fiendfyre], Harry, Ron, and Hermione realize that Nagini is the only [Horcrux that remains.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 635-637      

Duellers come around the corner, interrupting the trio, and they soon discover it to be Fred and Percy. Even Percy is joking around while duelling, but a sudden explosion blasts them all backwards, and when they get up, the group discovers that Fred has been killed.

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