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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Back at Hogwarts on the Eve of Battle

DH: chapter 31, pp. 611-612      

As the [Great Hall] empties out, [Harry] searches for [Ron] and [Hermione], and [Kingsley] directs the school's battle plan. When [McGonagall] reminds Harry to search for the [diadem], though, he realizes his mistake and runs off to search.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 612-614      

As he runs from the [Great Hall], [Harry] thinks through what the final [Horcrux] could be, and where it could be hidden. With a sudden inspiration, he runs to find [Nearly Headless Nick] and ask who the [Ravenclaw] ghost is, with the intention of questioning her about the [diadem].

DH: chapter 31, pp. 614-618      

[Harry] runs down the [Grey Lady] and discovers that she is [Helena Ravenclaw], and that [Voldemort] managed, as a [Hogwarts] student, to find out from her the location of the lost [diadem]. Harry realizes that Voldemort must have hidden it in the school the night he asked [Dumbledore] for a job, and he runs off, thanking the Grey Lady and frantically trying to think where the [Horcrux] might be hidden.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 618-620      

Running through the corridors, [Harry] comes upon [Hagrid] and [Grawp], who he learns have been hiding in the [cave] in [Hogsmeade]. He and Hagrid run off, but when Harry sees the demolished gargoyles outside the [staff room], he suddenly realizes where the [diadem] is hidden - in the [Room of Requirement].

Chamber of Secrets and Room of Requirement

DH: chapter 31, pp. 620-623      

The [Battle of Hogwarts] raging around him, [Harry] finally runs into [Ron] and [Hermione], discovering that they've visited the [Chamber of Secrets] to retrieve the [basilisk] fangs and destroy [Hufflepuff's cup]. He tells them, then, that he knows where to find the [diadem], and they tear off for the [Room of Requirement] once more.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 623-626      

Back in the [Room of Requirement], [Harry] discovers [Ginny], [Tonks], and [Augusta Longbottom], who all quickly depart. [Ron] stops for a moment, though, realizing the [house-elves] are still in harm's way - and for that he is rewarded with a heartfelt snog from [Hermione]. [Harry] does manage to pull them apart just long enough to realize that time is short, and they head back into the hallway to transform the room.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 626-627      

Back in the hallway, the fighting is continuing with the situation getting worse. Nevertheless, [Harry] lets himself, [Ron], and [Hermione] back into the [Room of Requirement], this time as the room of hidden things.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 627-634      

Searching for the [diadem], [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] split up, but Harry soon instead runs into [Draco Malfoy], [Crabbe], and [Goyle], intent on stopping him. A fight ensues, ending when a tower of flame from [Crabbe]'s wand engulfs them all. Somehow, Harry manages to find [brooms], grab the [diadem], and get Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Goyle out, though Crabbe is left behind.

DH: chapter 31, pp. 634-635      

With [Crabbe] dead but the [diadem] destroyed by the [Fiendfyre], [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] realize that [Nagini] is the only [Horcrux that remains.

Battles in the Corridors

DH: chapter 31, pp. 635-637      

Duellers come around the corner, interrupting the trio, and they soon discover it to be [Fred] and [Percy]. Even Percy is joking around while duelling, but a sudden explosion blasts them all backwards, and when they get up, the group discovers that Fred has been killed.

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