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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 32, pp. 638-641      

After dragging Fred's body to safety, Harry, Ron, and Hermione somehow force themselves - and each other - to continue going after Nagini.

DH: chapter 32, pp. 641-642      

Harry dives inside Voldemort's mind, trying to discern his location - and discovers him to be in the Shrieking Shack, sending Lucius Malfoy to find Snape.

DH: chapter 32, pp. 642-651      

Trying to decide how best to go after Nagini, the trio is ambushed by Death Eaters and spared by some quick spellwork from Hermione. They then throw on the [Invisibility Cloak] and run through the battle, watching small victories for both sides, including Hagrid as he is carried off by [acromantulas]. They are saved from [dementors] by Luna, [Ernie], and [Seamus], and finally make it to the [Whomping Willow] and inside.

DH: chapter 32, pp. 651-658      

Harry leads Ron and Hermione down the tunnel to the Shrieking Shack where, hidden under the [Invisibility Cloak], they watch Voldemort kill Severus Snape in order to gain mastery of the [Elder Wand]. He departs with Nagini and Harry rushes to Snape, who urges Harry to take the memories gushing from his mouth, ears, and eyes, and then dies.

DH: chapter 33, pp. 659-660      

Still sitting in the Shrieking Shack, Harry hears Voldemort's voice commanding his army to pull away, and demanding that Harry meet him in the [Forbidden Forest] within the hour.

DH: chapter 33, pp. 660-662      

Harry, Ron, and Hermione make their way back to the castle, with scenes of destruction meeting their eyes: the Weasley family mourning Fred; Lupin and Tonks lying together, dead; and a castle ripped to shreds.

DH: chapter 33, pp. 662-663      

Reeling from the [Great Hall], Harry runs to [Dumbledore]'s office, pours Snape's memories into the [Pensieve], and dives in.

DH: chapter 33, pp. 662-665      

Snape's first memory: Snape watches as Lily and [Petunia Evans] play on the playground, Lily jumping far higher off the swing than any Muggle could. When Snape jumps out to tell Lily she's a witch, though, the girls laugh and run off.

DH: chapter 33, pp. 665-668      

Snape's second memory: Snape and Lily sit, talking about [Hogwarts], and Snape tells her about the school and about [dementors]. When Snape catches [Petunia] spying, though, he drops a branch on her head and she and Lily run off again, irate.

DH: chapter 33, pp. 668-670      

Snape's third memory: On [Platform 9 3/4], Lily prepares to leave for school with an angry and jealous [Petunia] saying goodbye. Lily lets slip that she and Snape found the letter [Dumbledore] wrote back to Petunia, though, leaving her angry again as she runs away from her sister.

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