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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Snape's Memories Revealed

DH: chapter 33, pp. 683-685      

[Snape]'s fourteenth memory: Snape and [Dumbledore] stand in the grounds, arguing about why Dumbledore is giving [Harry] information that Snape does not have, and with Snape demanding to know what is going on. Dumbledore agrees to speak with him in his office that evening instead.

DH: chapter 33, pp. 685-687      

[Snape]'s fifteenth memory: [Dumbledore] reveals to Snape that [Harry] himself is a [Horcrux], and that he will have to give up his own life in order for [Voldemort] to be killed. Dumbledore asks Snape to tell Harry this when the time is right - when Voldemort fears for the safety of [Nagini] - and leaves Snape angry that after all he has done to save Harry, Dumbledore concealed from him all along that it was only for his eventual death. Snape also reveals his [Patronus]: a doe, the same as [Lily]'s.

DH: chapter 33, p. 688      

[Snape]'s sixteenth memory: Snape plots with [Dumbledore]'s portrait the way that the [Order of the Phoenix] will move [Harry] from the [Dursleys]' house, keeping him safe while still informing [Voldemort] of their plans.

DH: chapter 33, p. 688      

[Snape]'s seventeenth memory: [Harry] watches as Snape [Confunds] [Mundungus Fletcher], and gives him the idea for how to move Harry safely from the [Dursleys]' house.

DH: chapter 33, p. 688      

[Snape]'s eighteenth memory: Flying through the air with the [Death Eaters], Snape tries to curse a Death Eater who is going after [Lupin] and [George], but accidentally hits George instead, cursing off his ear.

DH: chapter 33, pp. 688-689      

[Snape]'s ninteenth memory: Snape sits in [Sirius]'s bedroom, reading a letter from [Lily], and sticks the page of her letter with her signature in his robes, along with the half of the photograph that she is in.

Snape's Memories Revealed

DH: chapter 33, pp. 689-690      

[Snape]'s nineteenth memory: [Snape] plots with [Dumbledore]'s portrait again, and when he hears from [Phineas Nigellus] that [Harry] and [Hermione] are camping in the [Forest of Dean], he thinks of a way to deliver [Gryffindor's sword] to them.

Into the Forest

DH: chapter 34, pp. 691-694      

Knowing, finally, that he must sacrifice himself, [Harry] sits in [Dumbledore]'s office, thinking about all that has led him to this point. Finally he stands and begins to walk, determined to meet [Voldemort] in the [Forbidden Forest].

DH: chapter 34, pp. 694-698      

On his way to the [Forbidden Forest], [Harry] runs into [Neville], dutifully caring for those who are hurt or dead. He stops to tell Neville that [Nagini] needs to be killed, then under his [Invisibility Cloak] continues on through the grounds, past [Ginny], to the forest and to [Voldemort].

DH: chapter 34, pp. 698-703      

Once in the forest a realization his [Harry] and he pulls out the [Snitch] left to him by [Dumbledore]. It indeed opens, and as he turns the [Resurrection Stone] over in his hand, Harry realizes that shadows of his parents, and of [Sirius] and [Lupin], surround him. They walk with him, comforting him, until he finds [Voldemort]'s clearing; and upon announcing his arrival, he drops the stone, and his family disappears.

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