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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Into the Forest

DH: chapter 34, pp. 703-704      

Revealing himself to [Voldemort], [Harry] simply stands and watches as [Death Eaters] cheer and taunt him, and as [Hagrid] cries out, wondering what Harry is doing. Voldemort, however, wastes no time, and after a flash of green light, Harry falls, silent.

Talking with Dumbledore in King's Cross

DH: chapter 34, pp. 705-723      

[Harry] finds himself coming to in a strange place, along with a strange, baby-like creature, and wonders where he is. Seeming to be dead, he is soon greeted by [Dumbledore], and they walk and talk together of the [Hallows], of the [Horcruxes], and of Dumbledore's mistakes. Dumbledore also explains that Harry is not yet dead, thanks to Voldemort's mistakes; and in the end, Harry decides to return to the world to give one last shot at defeating him.

DH: chapter 36, pp. 724-727      

Back in the [Forbidden Forest], [Harry] realizes that [Voldemort] also fell when he killed Harry, and that the surrounding [Death Eaters] are wondering what happened. When Voldemort sends [Narcissa Malfoy] to determine whether Harry is dead, though, she asks him about [Draco] and, hearing that Draco may still be alive, lies to Voldemort that Harry is indeed dead, and the crowd breaks out in celebration.

The Final Confrontation

DH: chapter 36, pp. 727-732      

[Voldemort] forces [Hagrid] to carry [Harry] back to the castle, and the [Death Eaters] march on [Hogwarts] once again. There, Voldemort calls out to the castle, but its inhabitants - [McGonagall] and [Ron] and [Neville] - scream back. Voldemort retaliates by dropping the [Sorting Hat] on Neville's head and lighting it on fire.

DH: chapter 36, pp. 732-737      

With [Neville] aflame, [Hogwarts] erupts, with students, teachers, and parents charging the [Death Eaters]. In the commotion, Neville successfully kills [Nagini], [centaurs] and [thestrals] and [hippogriffs] and [house-elves] join the fight, and one Death Eater after another is felled. Finally the battle reaches the [Great Hall], where [Molly Weasley] finishes off [Bellatrix] and, with [Voldemort] the only one remaining, [Harry] pulls off his [Invisibility Cloak] and prepares to face him one-on-one.

DH: chapter 36, pp. 737-744      

[Harry] and [Voldemort] face off, circling each other dramatically and spewing insults and information that each thinks the other hasn't heard. Harry tells Voldemort of [Snape]'s being on [Dumbledore]'s side, of his sacrifice sparing the lives of all his friends, and of himself being the true master of the [Elder Wand]. Finally, as dawn breaks, Voldemort casts the [Avada Kedavra], but it rebounds off of Harry's [Expelliarmus], killing Voldemort, blasting the Elder Wand into Harry's outstretched hand,, and ending the Dark Lord's reign of terror forever.

DH: chapter 36, pp. 744-746      

With [Voldemort] dead, the [Great Hall] erupts in celebration. Amidst it all, though, [Harry] struggles to find peace, and with [Luna]'s help he grabs [Ron] and [Hermione] and sneaks out.

DH: chapter 36, pp. 746-747      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] walk out of the [Great Hall], and as they walk (accompanied by [Peeves]), Harry tells his friends all that happened since he last saw them. Finally they reach his destination - [Dumbledore]'s office - and climb the stairs inside.

It's Over At Last

DH: chapter 36, pp. 747-749      

In [Dumbledore's office], [Harry] speaks with [Dumbledore]'s portrait, and they agree that he will leave the [Resurrection Stone] in the [Forbidden Forest]; keep the [Cloak of Invisibility]; and, once he uses the [Elder Wand] to repair his own, leave it buried in Dumbledore's tomb. Dumbledore admits that the plan is exactly one he would expect from Harry, and Harry departs, content to live on in peace.

Nineteen Years Later

DH: chapter 37, pp. 753-759      

The [Potter family] - [Harry], [Ginny], [James], [Albus], and [Lily] - make their way into [Kings Cross Station] to catch the [Hogwarts Express]. There they meet [Ron], [Hermione], [Hugo] and [Rose], and together give Albus and Rose (the new first-years) a hard time about which [houses] they'll be sorted into. Just before the train pulls off, though, Albus asks Harry what will happen if he's in [Slytherin], and Harry tells him that would be perfectly fine with him. Finally the train pulls off, leaving two sets of happy, proud parents behind.

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