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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The Battle of the Seven Potters

DH: chapter 5, pp. 64-67      

[Harry] awakens from having passed out and finds himself in the house of [Andromeda] and [Ted Tonks], where he learns that [Hagrid], too, is okay. Together they discuss the [Death Eaters]' knowledge that Harry was being moved, wonder about the others, and catch the [Portkey] to the [Burrow].

The Warriors Return to the Burrow

DH: chapter 5, pp. 67-68      

Landing in the backyard of the [Burrow], [Harry] and [Hagrid] find [Mrs. Weasley] and [Ginny] anxiously awaiting their arrival. He tells them about [Voldemort] and the [Death Eaters], and [Molly] runs off to get brandy for Hagrid, all the while fighting back tears.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 68-69      

Suddenly [Lupin] and [George] arrive at the [Burrow] as well with their [Portkey], but [Harry] instantly sees that George is seriously injured, his ear missing and his face gushing blood. Harry and Lupin quickly carry him into the house so [Molly] can begin trying to heal him.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 69-71      

Without warning [Lupin] grabs [Harry] and insists that he verify his identity, and then questions him about the [Death Eaters]' pursuit of him. Lupin soon realizes that it was Harry's [Expelliarmus] that gave him away and urges him not to let it become his "signature move." He also says that he believes [George] will be okay, though his ear is gone for good.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 71-73      

Hearing a noise in the yard, [Harry] and [Lupin] rush out to find [Kingsley] and [Hermione], returned and safe. Kingsley verifies Lupin's identity, asking for [Dumbledore]'s last words to them - "Harry is the best hope we have" - and Lupin and Harry update the others on [George] and the chase with the [Death Eaters].

DH: chapter 5, pp. 73-75      

[Harry] hurries back into the [Burrow] to help with [George], and soon hears a panicked [Mr. Weasley] charging in with [Fred] as well. George proves to be alright, even joking, but the party's worry over [Tonks], [Ron], [Bill], [Fleur], [Mad-Eye], and [Mundungus] continues to swell.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 75-77      

[Harry] returns to the backyard again to wait for the others, seemingly waiting for hours. Finally [Tonks] and [Ron] arrive, and the group welcomes them back.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 77-79      

An approaching [thestral] announces the arrival of [Bill] and [Fleur], who are unhurt but bring news of [Mundungus]'s cowardice and [Moody]'s death. The party walks into the house, the survivors all now home, and drinks to the memory of [Mad-Eye Moody].

DH: chapter 5, pp. 79-83      

The room tenses as [Lupin] wonders where [Mundungus Fletcher] disappeared to, and the group wonders how [Voldemort] knew [Harry] was being moved. Lupin and [Bill] leave to recover [Mad-Eye]'s body, and Harry tries to go, too, worrying about the safety of the others. He also tries to explain his [wand]'s acting of its own accord, though he gets frustrated when the others don't believe him.

The Warriors Return to the Burrow

DH: chapter 5, pp. 83-85      

As his [scar] sears, [Harry] walks out to the backyard alone. There he watches through [Voldemort]'s eyes, as he tortures [Ollivander] for information about Harry's [wand]. When Harry awakens, [Ron] and [Hermione] urge him not to let Voldemort take over his mind.

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