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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 5, pp. 64-67      

Harry awakens from having passed out and finds himself in the house of [Andromeda] and [Ted Tonks], where he learns that Hagrid, too, is okay. Together they discuss the Death Eaters' knowledge that Harry was being moved, wonder about the others, and catch the [Portkey] to the [Burrow].

DH: chapter 5, pp. 67-68      

Landing in the backyard of the [Burrow], Harry and Hagrid find Mrs. Weasley and Ginny anxiously awaiting their arrival. He tells them about Voldemort and the Death Eaters, and Molly runs off to get brandy for Hagrid, all the while fighting back tears.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 68-69      

Suddenly Lupin and George arrive at the [Burrow] as well with their [Portkey], but Harry instantly sees that George is seriously injured, his ear missing and his face gushing blood. Harry and Lupin quickly carry him into the house so Molly can begin trying to heal him.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 69-71      

Without warning Lupin grabs Harry and insists that he verify his identity, and then questions him about the Death Eaters' pursuit of him. Lupin soon realizes that it was Harry's [Expelliarmus] that gave him away and urges him not to let it become his "signature move." He also says that he believes George will be okay, though his ear is gone for good.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 71-73      

Hearing a noise in the yard, Harry and Lupin rush out to find [Kingsley] and Hermione, returned and safe. Kingsley verifies Lupin's identity, asking for [Dumbledore]'s last words to them - "Harry is the best hope we have" - and Lupin and Harry update the others on George and the chase with the Death Eaters.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 73-75      

Harry hurries back into the [Burrow] to help with George, and soon hears a panicked Mr. Weasley charging in with Fred as well. George proves to be alright, even joking, but the party's worry over Tonks, Ron, Bill, Fleur, Mad-Eye, and Mundungus continues to swell.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 75-77      

Harry returns to the backyard again to wait for the others, seemingly waiting for hours. Finally Tonks and Ron arrive, and the group welcomes them back.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 77-79      

An approaching [thestral] announces the arrival of Bill and Fleur, who are unhurt but bring news of Mundungus's cowardice and Moody's death. The party walks into the house, the survivors all now home, and drinks to the memory of Mad-Eye Moody.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 79-83      

The room tenses as Lupin wonders where Mundungus Fletcher disappeared to, and the group wonders how Voldemort knew Harry was being moved. Lupin and Bill leave to recover Mad-Eye's body, and Harry tries to go, too, worrying about the safety of the others. He also tries to explain his [wand]'s acting of its own accord, though he gets frustrated when the others don't believe him.

DH: chapter 5, pp. 83-85      

As his [scar] sears, Harry walks out to the backyard alone. There he watches through Voldemort's eyes, as he tortures [Ollivander] for information about Harry's [wand]. When Harry awakens, Ron and Hermione urge him not to let Voldemort take over his mind.

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