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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Wedding Preparations

DH: chapter 6, pp. 86-87      

[Ron] and [Harry] sit at breakfast, discussing the need to wait at the [Burrow] before leaving to hunt [Horcruxes], and Ron warns Harry that [Molly] has been trying to get information out of him regarding what they're all up to.

DH: chapter 6, pp. 87-89      

As expected, [Mrs. Weasley] pulls [Harry] aside to demand information as to where he, [Ron], and [Hermione] are planning to go rather than returning to [Hogwarts]. Harry tells her nothing, though, and Mrs. Weasley finally relents and departs.

DH: chapter 6, pp. 89-90      

As the days pass leading up to the wedding, [Mrs. Weasley] seems to refuse to let [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] anywhere near each other, though Harry does work at times with [Ginny] - even letting slip to her once that they're plotting to kill [Voldemort].

DH: chapter 6, pp. 90-92      

The [Order of the Phoenix] comes to the [Burrow] for dinner, where they discuss {moody]'s death, the [Ministry]'s concealing information, and [Harry]'s disguise for the wedding. As the meal wraps up, [Molly] quickly assigns [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] separate jobs, and they head off to do them.

DH: chapter 6, pp. 92-93      

[Harry] briefly joins [Arthur Weasley] at the chicken coop, where he admits he's hiding the broken [motorcycle].

DH: chapter 6, pp. 93-105      

[Harry] sneaks back inside and up to [Ron]'s bedroom, where they and [Hermione] finally have a chance to discuss their plans. They wonder about [Mad-Eye]'s body for a bit while Hermione sorts her books, but soon Harry tries to convince his friends not to join him in their search - and they prove their loyalty again, showing him the [ghoul] that will be imitating Ron and telling him about Hermione's parents, who have forgotten she exists and moved to Australia. They also briefly discuss [Horcruxes], and how to destroy them.

DH: chapter 6, pp. 105-106      

[Mrs. Weasley] storms into [Ron]'s bedroom, shaking, and orders [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] to separate and help sort wedding presents instead.

DH: chapter 6, pp. 106-108      

The [Delacours] arrive along with the morning, greeting [Fleur] and clearly impressed by the newly cleaned [Burrow], and the group heads inside together.

DH: chapter 6, pp. 108-110      

With the wedding quickly approaching and the [Burrow] bursting at the seams, [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] are still unable to properly plan for their upcoming journey. [Molly], though, does plan for Harry's birthday, leaving him feeling slightly guilty for all the inconvenience she's been through for his sake.

Harry's Seventeenth Birthday

DH: chapter 7, pp. 111-113      

[Ron] awakens [Harry] from a dream - actually a view into [Voldemort]'s mind - in which he was searching for someone named '[Gregorovitch].' The two can't figure out who the person is, but instead begin celebrating Harry's birthday - Harry by performing magic, and Ron by giving Harry a book on how to charm witches.

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