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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry's Seventeenth Birthday

DH: chapter 7, pp. 113-114      

At breakfast, [Harry] receives his birthday gifts - a [Sneakoscope], a new razor, chocolates, [Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes] merchandise, and a watch from [Mrs. Weasley] that he sincerely appreciates.

DH: chapter 7, pp. 115-117      

[Harry] begins to head upstairs with [Ron] and [Hermione] but is interrupted by [Ginny], who asks him into her room. There she gives him a birthday present - a kiss that makes Harry forget the weight that is on his shoulders - until they are interrupted by Ron, and Harry is forced to walk out.

DH: chapter 7, pp. 117-118      

Out of range of [Ginny]'s ears, [Ron] turns on [Harry] and demands to know what he was doing kissing her - and Harry promises that he won't do it again.

DH: chapter 7, pp. 118-121      

The [Order of the Phoenix] celebrates [Harry]'s birthday in the backyard of the [Burrow], with decorations by [Hermione] and [Mrs. Weasley] (complimented by Harry and [Ron]). There [Hagrid] remembers Harry's eleventh birthday, gives him a [mokeskin pouch] as a birthday present, and learns [Norbert] was a girl - but the dinner is interrupted by the news of [Rufus Scrimgeour]'s impending arrival, leading [Lupin] and [Tonks] to depart.

DH: chapter 7, pp. 121-122      

[Arthur Weasley] and [Scrimgeour] arrive, and Scrimgeour asks to meet with [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] in private.

Scrimgeour Brings Dumbledore's Bequests

DH: chapter 7, pp. 122-131      

Inside the [Burrow], [Scrimgeour] gives [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] the items bequested to them by [Dumbledore] - a [Deluminator], [The Tales of Beedle the Bard], and Harry's first [Golden Snitch]. He refuses the final bequest, though - the [sword of Gryffindor]. Harry's anger over this infuriates Scrimgeour, who all but attacks Harry until [Arthur] and [Molly] walk in, and he departs.

DH: chapter 7, pp. 131-132      

With [Scrimgeour] gone, the group wonders why [Dumbledore] left the items he did to [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione], passing them around the dinner table. Finally, the party ends and everyone heads to bed, with Hermione planning to meet Ron and Harry in their room after everyone is in bed.

DH: chapter 7, pp. 132-136      

In [Ron]'s room late at night, he, [Harry], and [Hermione] wonder why [Dumbledore] left them the items he did and discover the words "I open at the close" written on Harry's [Snitch]. Hermione also learns that her new book is one of children's stories, before the trio finally heads off to bed.

Bill and Fleur's Wedding

DH: chapter 8, pp. 137-144      

Along with [Ron], [Fred], and [George], [Harry] (in disguise as [Barny Weasley] helps escort guests into [Bill] and [Fleur]'s wedding. Among others they sit [veela] cousins, [Tonks], [Lupin], [Hagrid], the eccentric [Xenophilius] and [Luna Lovegood], the ever-insulting [Auntie Muriel], and to Ron's surprise, [Viktor Krum]. Finally they seat themselves as well, and the wedding begins.

DH: chapter 8, pp. 144-146      

[Arthur], [Molly], and the [Delacours] are seated, and the wedding begins. [Bill] and [Fleur] are bonded for life under a shower of stars and balloons, and the party is asked to stand so the tent can be converted into a reception hall.

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