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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Bill and Fleur's Wedding

DH: chapter 8, pp. 146-147      

The wedding reception begins as [Harry], [Ron] and [Hermione] find a table with [Luna], though she soon rises to begin dancing - or, at least, revolving in circles on the dance floor with her eyes closed.

DH: chapter 8, pp. 147-151      

As [Krum] takes [Luna]'s seat, [Ron] quickly asks [Hermione] to dance, so Krum chats with [Harry] (still disguised as Barny) instead. Krum expresses outrage at [Xeno Lovegood] for wearing [Grindelwald]'s symbol, and Harry suddenly makes the connection that [Gregorovitch] is a [wand]-maker who made Krum's wand, rather confusing Krum. Finally, bemoaning the fact that none of the good-looking girls are single, Krum departs and leaves Harry alone to watch the dancing.

DH: chapter 8, pp. 151-159      

[Harry] wanders through the wedding reception and finally sits down next to [Elphias Doge], to begin discussing [Dumbledore]. They are soon joined by [Auntie Muriel], though, who herself has a rather different opinion of Dumbledore, discussing his supposed [Squib] sister, [Ariana], and his fight with [Aberforth] at her funeral. Finally, Harry sits immersed in his own thoughts, wondering about all the things Dumbledore had never told him.

DH: chapter 8, p. 159      

[Harry] is soon joined at the table by [Hermione], but their conversation is abruptly cut off with the arrival of a [Patronus] from [Kingsley], announcing dramatically that the [Ministry of Magic] has fallen, [Rufus Scrimgour] has been killed, and the [Death Eaters] are en route to the [Burrow].

Panic and Escape as Death Eaters Attack

DH: chapter 9, pp. 160-161      

With the wedding beginning to panic around them and [Shield Charms] being cast by the [Order of the Phoenix], [Hermione] and [Harry] rush around desperately trying to find [Ron]. Quickly they find him, grab his hand, and [Apparate] away.

Escape and Battle in Muggle London

DH: chapter 9, pp. 161-164      

Rushing down [Tottenham Court Road], [Hermione] rushes [Harry] and [Ron] in to a nearby alley, where she pulls out their clothes and they all change, worrying about the guests back at the wedding and trying to figure out what to do, and where to go, finally ducking into a Muggle [cafe].

DH: chapter 9, pp. 164-169      

Sitting in the [cafe], the trio tries to figure out where to go and hide when they are suddenly ambushed by two [Death Eaters]. Thanks to [Harry]'s being under the [Invisibility Cloak], they manage to [Stun] them, and after quickly wiping their memories and restoring the cafe, they decide to go to [Grimmauld Place].

Hiding Out in Grimmauld Place

DH: chapter 9, pp. 169-172      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] [Apparate] to [Grimmauld Square] and cautiously climb the steps into [nuumber twelve, Grimmauld Place]. There they encounter [Moody]'s charms to keep out [Snape] but discover the house empty, and begin walking upstairs.

DH: chapter 9, pp. 172-174      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] stand anxiously, looking out for [Death Eaters] and worrying about the fact that Harry's [scar] has once again begun searing with pain. Finally, though, a [Patronus] arrives from [Mr. Weasley], announcing that the family is safe, and they collapse with relief.

DH: chapter 9, pp. 174-175      

As the pain in his [scar] erupts, [Harry] rushes to the bathroom to hide from [Hermione] - and collapses on the floor as he watches [Voldemort] forcing [Draco Malfoy] to torture [Rowle].

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