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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 11, pp. 219-222      

Without warning Kreacher appears with Mundungus Fletcher, who Harry quickly [Disarms]. Thanks to some help from Kreacher, Mundungus is subdued, and under questioning he admits that he stole [Slytherin's locket] - and that it was then stolen from him by the one and only [Dolores Umbridge].

DH: chapter 12, pp. 223-225      

As time wears on, Death Eaters continue to watch [number twelve, Grimmauld Place], but Harry nevertheless manages to [Apparate] in unnoticed and wanders down to the kitchen.

DH: chapter 12, pp. 225-228      

Harry walks into a sparkling [Gimmauld Place] kitchen, where Kreacher waits on him hand and foot, and hands Ron and Hermione the [Daily Prophet] he just picked up - announcing Severus Snape's appointment as [headmaster] of [Hogwarts]. Hermione then quickly runs off to grab the portrait of Phineas Nigellus and stashes it away so he can't report them to Snape.

DH: chapter 12, pp. 228-232      

Harry reports his visit to the [Ministry of Magic] to Ron and Hermione, and they continue planning their break-in. Finally, Harry decides they need to do it tomorrow, and they all agree to go over the plan once more and then make the trip. When his [scar] starts hurting, though, Harry bolts for the bathroom instead.

DH: chapter 12, pp. 232-233      

Through Voldemort's eyes, Harry watches as Voldemort searches out [Gregorovitch] and kills a woman and her children who happen to live in his former house.

DH: chapter 12, pp. 233-235      

As he wakes up from his vision of Voldemort, Harry is interrogated by Hermione - but finally, Ron gets her to agree to let Harry decide whether to let his visions continue.

DH: chapter 12, pp. 235-236      

After many more hours going over the plan, Harry, Ron, and Hermione get a quick night's sleep, gulp down breakfast, and [Disapparate] to the [Ministry of Magic], prepared to break in and find [Dolores Umbridge].

DH: chapter 12, pp. 236-240      

Outside the employee entrance to the [Ministry of Magic], Hermione takes charge as Harry and Ron watch her [Stun] one Ministry worker and then give [Skiving Snackboxes] to two more, convincing them to take off work. With a hair from each, the trio uses [Polyjuice Potion] to transform into the employees, and prepares to head inside.

DH: chapter 12, pp. 240-242      

Disguised as [Ministry] employees, Harry, Ron, and Hermione head through the fake public toilets into the [atrium] of the [Ministry of Magic]. They are greeted there by the sight of a new statue, proclaiming "Magic is Might" and depicting wizards sitting on thrones made of Muggles.

DH: chapter 12, pp. 242-244      

Harry, Ron, and Hermione require only a few moments to run into trouble, when [Yaxley] storms up to Ron - disguised as [Reg Cattermole] - in the [Ministry atrium], demanding the window in his office be fixed. They manage to scamper into a [lift] and get away, but not without worrying what to do next.

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