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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 12, pp. 244-245      

In the [lift], Hermione tries to coach Ron on ways to attempt fixing the window, but soon other wizards come aboard and Ron is forced to head off on his own to give the window a shot. Just as Hermione decides to go help him, though, the doors open to reveal [Dolores Umbridge].

DH: chapter 13, pp. 246-247      

Suddenly all of Hermione's plans are killed as [Umbridge] spots her and, thinking she's [Mafalda Hopkirk], asks her to accompany her down to the courtrooms. After [Pius Thicknesse] briefly interrogates Harry (thinking he's [Albert Runcorn], he walks off and leaves Harry alone.

DH: chapter 13, pp. 247-250      

Harry takes advantage of [Thicknesse]'s departure, throws on the [Invisibility Cloak], and heads off to find [Umbridge]'s office in search of [Slytherin's locket], all the while wondering how on earth he, Ron, and Hermione are going to get out of their predicament. He finds her office - with Moody's eye on the front - and with the help of some quick thinking and a [Decoy Detonator], slips inside.

DH: chapter 13, pp. 250-253      

Inside [Umbridge]'s office, Harry searches for [Slytherin's locket], and though he doesn't find it he does find Arthur Weasley's file - which states that his every move is being watched - and discover his new title of "[Undesirable] Number One." Soon [Pius Thicknesse] walks in, and Harry sneaks back out the open door.

DH: chapter 13, pp. 253-256      

Harry hops back into the [lift], hoping to find Ron and Hermione and escape from the [Ministry], and is soon joined by Ron. Arthur and Percy Weasley both come in briefly and Ron departs to try the office again, and then, just as Harry tries to leave, Arthur threatens him (still thinking he's [Runcorn]) for turning in [Dirk Cresswell].

DH: chapter 13, pp. 256-258      

Harry heads for the [courtrooms] under his [Invisibility Cloak], past the [Muggle]-borns awaiting trial and flanked by [dementors], and watches as a wizard is led away from the proceedings screaming. Then, as [Mary Cattermole] is called into the courtroom by [Umbridge], Harry slips in, too.

DH: chapter 13, pp. 258-265      

Inside the [courtroom], Harry lets Hermione know he's there and then watches as [Umbridge] cruelly dominates [Mary Cattermole] and - stunning Harry - shows off [Slytherin's locket], which she now apparently wears proudly around her neck. Without thinking, Harry [Stuns] Umbridge and [Yaxley], grabs the locket and Mary Cattermole, and heads for the exit with Hermione, leading the [Muggle]-borns out with them.

DH: chapter 19, pp. 265-267      

In the [atrium], Harry sees wizards sealing the exits and yells for them to stop, buying just enough time to get the [Muggle]-borns - as well as himself, Hermione, and Ron - to safety, though just as they reach Grimmauld Place Harry also feels himself being pulled away.

DH: chapter 14, pp. 268-274      

Harry wakes up and realizes he's not at Grimmauld Place, but in a forest - and Ron is seriously injured, having been [Splinched]. He finds [Essence of Dittany] for Hermione as she explains that [Yaxley] had followed them to Grimmauld Place, and she'd had to help them escape. They decide to stay put, though, and she sets up enchantments as Harry tries to set up the tent and the trio heads inside.

DH: chapter 14, pp. 274-276      

Sitting in the tent, Harry, Ron, and Hermione wonder what happened to the [Cattermoles] and talk about the [locket] they managed to swipe from [Umbridge]. Finally, Harry goes to sit outside and sit watch as his friends go to bed.

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