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Outline of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


FB, p. ix      

[Newt Scamander] tells how he originally came to write [Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them] back in the early 1900s.

What Is A Beast?

FB, p. x      

Three types of magical creature are compared: [werewolves], [centaurs], and [trolls]. The question of what constitutes a "being" and what a "beast" is put forward.

FB, pp. x-xii      

Historical attempts to define which creatures are "beasts" and which are "beings" are described. None of these are particularly successful.

FB, p. xii      

Grogan Stump, Minister for Magic, arrives at a workable definition of "beast" and "beaing," and creates a third category, "has-beens", for the ghosts.

FB, p. xiii      

Although a reasonable definition of "beast" has been arrived at, some controversies and complications still exist.

A Brief History of Muggle Awareness of Fantastic Beasts

FB, pp. xiv-xv      

The history of the interaction of Muggles with magical creatures is discussed. As Muggles become more and more intolerant of magic, Wizards discuss ways to hide magical creatures from Muggle eyes.

FB, pp. xv-xvi      

At the historic summit meeting of the International Confederation of Wizards in 1692, representatives agree that each the wizarding population of each country would take responsibility for hiding the magical creatures living within their borders.

Magical Beasts in Hiding

FB, pp. xvi-xvii      

Some famous breaches of the Code of Wizarding Secrecy have occurred, most notably the Ilfracombe Incident and the many times Muggles have spotted the kelpie in Loch Ness or the Yeti in the mountains of Tibet. However, Muggles are typically kept in the dark about magical creatures.

FB, pp. xvii-xviii      

While some fantastic beasts are easy to hide or are easily missed by Muggle eyes, some require extraordinary effort by the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

FB, pp. xviii-xix      

Safe Habitats: Areas where magical creatures live have been protected with Muggle-Repelling Charms or made unplottable.

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