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Outline of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

An A-Z of Fantastic Beasts - B

FB, pp. 4-5      

Billywig: Small blue insect native to Australia which flies very fast. It's sting induces giddiness and levitation.

FB, p. 5      

Bowtruckle: An insect eating, stick-like creature found most often in trees with wood of wand quality. Sharp fingers are used as protection.

FB, pp. 5-6      

Bundimun: A creature resembling fungus with eyes that infests houses. Feeds on dirt.

An A-Z of Fantastic Beasts - C

FB, p. 7      

Chimaera: A Greek monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a dragon. Very dangerous.

FB, p. 7      

Chizpurfle: Crablike parasites that attack magical objects and infest the fur and feathers of magical creatures.

FB, p. 8      

Clabbert: A tree-dwelling creature with a large pustule in its forehead that changes color and flashes when it senses danger.

FB, pp. 8-9      

Crup: A small creature resembling a Jack Russell terrier, except with a forked tail.

An A-Z of Fantastic Beasts - D

FB, p. 9      

Demiguise: A peaceful, apelike creature who is able to become invisible. Hair can be spun to make Invisibility Cloaks.

FB, pp. 9-10      

Diricawl: Flightless bird which can disappear at will. Muggles called it the 'dodo' and think it's extinct.

FB, p. 10      

Doxy: Otherwise known as the "Biting Fairy" this creature has four arms, wings, and is covered in black hair. The Doxy's bite is venomous.

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