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Outline of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

An A-Z of Fantastic Beasts - D

FB, pp. 10-15      

Dragon: The most famous of all magical beasts. Capable of flight and can breathe fire. There are ten breeds.

FB, p. 11      

Antipodean Opaleye: A valley-dwelling dragon with iridescent, pearly scales and multi-colored, pupiless eyes. Only kills when hungry. Favorite food is sheep.

FB, pp. 11-12      

Chinese Fireball: This aggressive dragon species is scarlet in color and breathes a mushroom-shaped plume of fire. Favorite foods are pigs and humans.

FB, p. 12      

Common Welsh Green: A dragon breed that dwells in the higher mountains of Wales and blends in well with the green of its surroundings. Actively avoids humans.

FB, p. 12      

Hebridean Black: An aggressive dragon black in color with purple eyes, ridges along its back, and batlike wings. Feeds mainly on deer.

FB, pp. 12-13      

Hungarian Horntail: This dragon has black scales, yellow eyes, bronze horns and a spiked tail. Feeds on goats, sheep and humans. The most dangerous of all dragon breeds.

FB, p. 13      

Norwegian Ridgeback: A dragon breed that closely resembles the Hornatil but has ridges along its back instead of tail spikes. Feeds on large land and water mammals.

FB, pp. 13-14      

Peruvian Vipertooth: The smallest of the dragon breeds but the fastest as well. Smooth-scaled and copper-colored. Venemous fangs. The Vipertooth has an unquenchable hunger for humans.

FB, p. 14      

Romanian Longhorn: A dragon breed whose long golden horns are prized for potion ingredients. Native territory is now the world's most important dragon reservation.

FB, p. 14      

Swedish Short-Snout: This dragon breed is silver-blue in color and its skin is used to make protective gloves and shields.

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