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Outline of Quidditch Through the Ages
QA: chapter , p. 0      

Forward and other introductory material: Library check-out form, "Praise for Quidditch Through the Ages (blurbs by famous people about the book), About the Author, and the forward by Albus Dumbledore.

1. The Evolution of the Flying Broomstick
Chapter 1 summary      

Chapter One - "The Evolution of the Flying Broomstick" - The history of wizards using brooms for transportation.

QA: chapter 1, pp. 1-2      

The question is posed: why have brooms become the standard (and only legal) means of aerial transport for witches and wizards?

QA: chapter 1, pp. 2-3      

The history of flying broomsticks from AD 962 to the twelfth century is related.

2. Ancient Broom Games
Chapter 2 summary      

Chapter 2 - Ancient Broom Games - Various interesting and dangerous games from the past thousand years of wizarding history are described.

QA: chapter 2, pp. 3-4      

Brooms became part of flying games from early on. The annual broom race in Sweden dates from the tenth century.

QA: chapter 2, p. 4      

The German game of Stichstock, played on broomsticks, was portrayed in a famous painting.

QA: chapter 2, pp. 4-5      

The Irish game of Aingingein involved flying through burning barrels.

QA: chapter 2, pp. 5-6      

A particularly violent broom game originated in Scotland. It was called Creaothceann and involved a large quantity of falling rocks and boulders and people flying around trying to catch them.

QA: chapter 2, p. 6      

Shuntbumps, a game popular in Devon, England, consisted simply of trying to knock the other players off their brooms.

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