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Outline of Quidditch Through the Ages

The Players

QA: chapter 6, pp. 25-26      

The Chasers' role hasn't changed much over the years. In 1884, however, restrictions placed on the number of Chasers allowed in the scoring area annoyed some fans.

QA: chapter 6, pp. 26-27      

The Seeker is usually the best flyer in the game, but is the most likely to be injured.

The Rules

QA: chapter 6, pp. 27-28      

The rules of the game of Quidditch, as listed in this section, are set by the Department of Magical Games and Sports.

QA: chapter 6, pp. 28-30      

There are seven hundred Quidditch fouls, but most are not make public since the Ministry of Magic is worried that players will try them if they know about them. Some of the known and common fouls are listed.

The Referees

QA: chapter 6, pp. 30-31      

Refereeing a Quidditch match can be a dangerous task. Past abuses of referees and current practices are discussed.

7. Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland

Chapter 7 summary      

Chapter Seven - "Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland" - The history of the British and Irish League is discussed, then details of each team of the League are given.

QA: chapter 7, pp. 31-32      

In 1674, the British and Irish League was formed from the thirteen best teams at that time.

The Teams of the British and Irish League

QA: chapter 7, p. 32      

History and other information about the Appleby Arrows Quidditch team.

QA: chapter 7, pp. 32-33      

History and other information about the Ballycastle Bats Quidditch team.

QA: chapter 7, p. 33      

History and other information about the Caerphilly Catapults Quidditch team.

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