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Outline of Quidditch Through the Ages
9. The Development of the Racing Broom
Chapter 9 summary      

Chapter 9 - "The Development of the Racing Broom" - In which various models of broomsticks are described, roughly in chronological order, starting with the Oakshaft 79 (1879) and going through the Nimbus line of the 1990s.

Brooms of the Nineteenth Century

QA: chapter 9, p. 47      

Nineteenth century broomsticks were hand-crafted and often quite beautiful, but not really racing brooms.

QA: chapter 9, pp. 47-48      

The Oakshaft 79 was designed for endurance rather than speed. Jocunda Sykes used one to make the first-ever Atlantic broom crossing in 1935.

Forerunners of the Racing Broom

QA: chapter 9, pp. 48-49      

Two brooms in the early twentieth century, the Moontrimmer and the Silver Arrow, were the forerunners of today's true racing brooms.

True Racing Brooms

QA: chapter 9, p. 49      

The first broom specifically produced for sport was the Cleansweep, introduced in 1926 and still in use today.

QA: chapter 9, pp. 49-50      

The Comet Trading Company entered the market in 1929, firing off a running competition between the Cleansweeps and the Comets.

QA: chapter 9, p. 50      

Other brooms, notably the Tinderblast, the Swiftstick, and the Shooting Star, were built between 1940 and 1967.

QA: chapter 9, pp. 50-51      

The Nimbus series of brooms, which came on the scene in 1967, revolutionized the field.

QA: chapter 10, p. 51      

The Twigger 90 was intended to challenge the Nimbus's position as the top racing broom, but it couldn't do it

10. Quidditch Today

Chapter 10 summary      

Chapter 10 - "Quidditch Today" - In which a number of famous moves and maneuvers are described which have been invented over the years by the top players.

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