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The 12th century

1105 (Y-875)

Stichstock Painting Created
Europe | Germany
The famous painting G¸nther der Gewltt‰tige is der Gewinner is drawn, depicting a game of [Stichstock]. (QA2)

1107 (Y-873)

[Guthrie Lochrin] of [Scotland] writes of the discomfort of riding broomsticks
Britain | Scotland

1112 (Y-868)

[Wilfred Elphick] born (fw)

1163 (Y-817)

[Puddlemere United] formed
Britain | Puddlemere
The [Quidditch] team would later become the oldest team in the [British and Irish Quidditch League].

1199 (Y-781)

[Wilfred Elphick] is gored to death by an [Erumpet] (fw)

The 13th century

1202 (Y-778)

[Bridget Wenlock], a famous [Arithmancer], is born (fw)

1203 (Y-777)

The [Holyhead Harpies] are formed
Britain | Wales | Anglesey | Holyhead
The [Quidditch] team would go on to keep an 800+ year tradition of hiring only witches.

1227 (Y-753)

[Ignatia Wildsmith], inventor of [Floo powder], is born (fw)

before 1269 (Y-711)

[Barberus Bragge] becomes Chief of the [Wizards' Council] (QA4)

1269 (Y-711)

Snidget Introduced into QuidditchAt a [Quidditch] match, Chief [Barberus Bragge] of the [Wizards' Council] releases a [Golden Snidget] and offers 150 [Galleons] to whichever player catches it first; this eventually proves so popular that a new position is added to Quidditch teams, the "Hunter," whose sole task is to catch a [Golden Snidget] released onto the pitch during the game.

1285 (Y-695)

Famous [Arithmancer] [Bridget Wenlock] dies (fw)

1289 (Y-691)

International Warlock ConventionThis convention is part of the second-year History of Magic curriculum; [Professor Binns] is in the middle of a lecture on it when [Hermione] interrupts to ask about the [Chamber of Secrets].

1291 (Y-689)

The [Kenmare Kestrels] [Quidditch] team is founded
Ireland | Kenmare

1292 (Y-688)

The [Pride of Portree] [Quidditch] team is founded
Britain | Scotland | Isle of Skye | Portree

c. 1294 (Y-686)

The [Triwizard Tournament] is establishedThe tradition begins with the three [European] Wizarding [schools]: [Beauxbatons Academy], [Durmstrang Institute], and [Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry]. It will continue off and on for many centuries.

1296 (Y-684)

A [Manticore] savages someone but is let off because no one dares go near it (PA11)

The 14th century
Events of this century:

Witch BurningsAs the magical world separates itself more and more from Muggle society, Muggles are particularly afraid of magic but not very good at recognizing it, leading to persecution of suspected witches. [Wendelin the Weird] is burned at the stake 47 times in various disguises (using a [Flame-Freezing Charm] to protect herself from the fire) ([PA1], [fw]).
The [German] broom game [Stichstock] dies out
Europe | Germany
[Burdock Muldoon] is Chief of the [Wizards' Council] (FB3)
The [Golden Snidget] population begins to fall rapidly in [Britain]The population of [Snidgets] drops due to hunting and its use in [Quidditch].
[Elfrida Clagg] becomes Chief of the [Wizards' Council]She succeeds [Burdock Muldoon] ([FB]) and declares the [Golden Snidget] to be a protected species, forbidding its use in [Quidditch] ([QA3]). [Clagg] also tries to establish a standard by which creatures will be given legal rights as "beings," but her attempt fails ([FB]).
[Bowman Wright] invents the [Golden Snitch]It is invented as a substitute for the [Golden Snidget] in [Quidditch], as the [Snidget] is now a protected species and can no longer legally be used in matches.
This date is given in [Quidditch Through the Ages], although the [Famous Wizard Cards] give [Bowman Wright]'s date of birth as 1492.

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1312 (Y-668)

The [Wimbourne Wasps] [Quidditch] team is formed
Britain | Wimbourne
[Quidditch] referee [Cyprian Youdle] is born (fw)

1320 (Y-660)

[Floo powder] inventor [Ignatia Wildsmith] dies (fw)

c. 1326 (Y-654)

[Nicholas Flamel] is bornThe year is based on the fact that, in 1991, [Nicholas Flamel] was said to have "celebrated his six hundred and sixty-fifth birthday last year." However, this was written in an "enormous old book," so we can't be completely sure.

c. 1333 (Y-647)

[Perenelle Flamel] is born (PS13)

1342 (Y-638)

[Chauncey Oldridge] is born (fw)

1357 (Y-623)

[Cyprian Youdle] is killed during a [Quidditch] matchA referee from [Norfolk], [Youdle] is killed by a curse from an angry spectator during a match ([QA6], [fw]).

1362 (Y-618)

The [Wizards' Council] bans all [Quidditch] matches within 50 miles of a town or village (QA5)

1368 (Y-612)

The [Wizards' Council] bans all [Quidditch] matches within 100 miles of a town or village (QA5)

1379 (Y-601)

[Chauncey Oldridge], the first victim of [dragon pox], dies (fw)

1385 (Y-595)

First recorded [Quidditch] match in [Ireland]The match occurs between [Irish] warlocks and a team from [Lancashire]; we know of it thanks to an account from [Zacharias Mumps].

1390 (Y-590)

[Gifford Ollerton], a famous [giant] slayer, is born (fw)

1391 (Y-589)

Famous Wizarding Duellist [Alberta Toothill] is born (fw)

1398 (Y-582)

[Zacharias Mumps] writes a description of [Quidditch]It is the earliest known full description of the game, which already closely resembled modern [Quidditch]([QA5], [QA6]).

The 15th century
Events of this century:

early 1400s
[Quidditch] spreads to [Europe][Ingolfr the Iambic] from [Norway] and [MalÈcrit] from [France] write of [Quidditch] matches taking place in their countries, by which we see that the game was spreading across [Europe] in the early 1400s
[Beater Bats] are enchanted for the first timeThis makes [Bludgers], which in the 15th century are rocks cut into the shape of balls, even more dangerous. When smashed by the now-magical bats, the [Bludgers] become flying gravel.

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