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The 1960s
Events of this decade:

early 1960s
[Remus Lupin], as a small boy, is bitten by the [werewolf] [Fenrir Greyback] (HBP16)
[Magnus "Dent-Head" Macdonald] tries to reintroduce [Creaothceann], to no avail(which is probably a good thing)
[Catriona McCormack] is Captain and [Chaser] for the [Pride of Portree]They win the league twice under her leadership

1960 (Y-20) AD = 79  MM = 35  TR = 34  RH = 32  M = 2  

[Greta Catchlove], author of [Charm Your Own Cheese], is born (fw)

1961 (Y-19) AD = 80  MM = 36  TR = 35  RH = 33  M = 3  

[Regulus Black] is born (BFT)

c. 1962 (Y-18)

[Bartemius Crouch Jr.] is born[Crouch Jr.] was imprisoned for taking part in the torture of [Frank and Alice Longbottom], which we know from [GF30] happened shortly after [Voldemort]'s downfall - in late 1981 [[Y1]] or early 1982 [[Y2]]. [Sirius] estimates in [GF27] that {Crouch Jr.] was nineteen at the time - placing his birth year most likely in 1962 [[Y-18]].

1962 (Y-18) AD = 81  MM = 37  TR = 36  RH = 34  M = 4  

[Belvina Black] dies at age 76 (BFT)

1963 (Y-17) AD = 82  MM = 38  TR = 37  RH = 35  M = 5  

[The Philosophy of the Mundane: Why Muggles Prefer Not to Know] is publishedThe book, written by [Professor Mordicus Egg], is published by [Dust and Mildewe].

1965 (Y-15) AD = 84  MM = 40  TR = 39  RH = 37  M = 7  

The [Ban on Experimental Breeding] is passed (FB)
[Lycoris Black] dies at age 61 (BFT)
July 31
[Jo Rowling] is born (JKR)
September 1
[Lucius Malfoy] starts his first year at [Hogwarts] and is sorted into [Slytherin]This follows from his birth date in 1954 [[Y-26]] ([OP15]). We know he was sorted into [Slytherin] thanks to [Draco], who told us so in [PS5].

1966 (Y-14) AD = 85  MM = 41  TR = 40  RH = 38  M = 8  

[Beautifying Potions] inventor [Sacharissa Tugwood] dies (fw)

1967 (Y-13) AD = 86  MM = 42  TR = 41  RH = 39  M = 9  

The [Nimbus Racing Broom Company] is foundedThe company's first release is the [Nimbus 1000].

1968 (Y-12) AD = 87  MM = 43  TR = 42  RH = 40  M = 10  

[Gwenog Jones], famous Captain and [Beater] for the [Holyhead Harpies], is born (fw)
[Dunbar Oglethorpe], Chief of [Q.U.A.B.B.L.E.], is born (fw)
[Hamish MacFarlan] becomes Head of the [Department of Magical Games and Sports] (QA7)
September 1
[Sturgis Podmore] starts his first year at [Hogwarts]This follows from his birthday in 1957 [[Y-23]].

c. 1969 (Y-11)

[Arthur Weasley] and [Molly Prewett] elope and quickly get marriedAs [Voldemort] is becoming more powerful and life becomes more uncertain in the Wizarding World, many young couples, facing the uncertainty, get married quickly.

The 1970s
Events of this decade:

The 1970s - OverviewThe Years of Terror
During the 1970s, [Voldemort] began to gather followers who were eager for a share of his power. The closest followers of [Voldemort] were known as the [Death Eaters]. These years got progressively more dangerous and violent. As [Voldemort]'s influence grew, some witches and wizards were controlled by the Imperius Curse and forced to commit atrocities, including the torture and murder of Muggles. [Voldemort] capitalized on the prejudice and distrust between the giants and the Wizarding World; the giants became [Voldemort]'s followers and killed and tortured many people. The Dark Mark is used by [Death Eaters] to indicate a house where they have committed murder. No one dared to become friendly with strange witches and wizards, not knowing if they were [Voldemort] supporters. Hogwarts became one of the few safe places in the Wizarding World. Bartemius Crouch is head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement; the Aurors are authorized to use drastic methods not differing greatly from the tactics used by the [Death Eaters] they fight
The [Moose Jaw Meteorites] are threatened with disbandmentThis step is finally taken because of their habit of celebrating a victory by flying over villages trailing sparks from their brooms.
late 1970s
A rogue [Antipodean Opaleye dragon] kills several kangaroos in [Australia] (FB)

1970 (Y-10) AD = 89  MM = 45  TR = 44  RH = 42  M = 12  BW = 0  

[Lord Voldemort] rises to powerWith his band of [Death Eaters], [Voldemort]'s first reign of terror begins. His ascent to power is marked by strange disappearances.
This comes from [Dumbledore]'s statement in [PS1] that "we've had precious little to celebrate for eleven years." At that time it is November, 1981. Though we don't know exactly how [Voldemort]'s ascent to power happened, it is probably safe to assume that it somehow took a big leap in 1970.
[Myron Wagtail], lead singer of the [Weird Sisters], is born (fw)
November 29
[Bill Weasley] is bornDetermined from Rowling's statement on her [website] that [Bill] is two years older than [Charlie], who is three years older than [Percy]. We know that [Charlie] was born December 12 two years later - 1972 [[Y-8]]. They will have started school, however, the year they turned 12.

1971 (Y-9) AD = 90  MM = 46  TR = 45  RH = 43  M = 13  BW = 1  

[Remus Lupin] is accepted to begin his first year at [Hogwarts]It is arranged that he will go to the [Shrieking Shack] every month when he transforms into a werewolf. The [Shrieking Shack] then becomes known as the most haunted building in [Britain].
The [Whomping Willow] is planted at [Hogwarts]It conceals the entrance to a secret passage to the [Shrieking Shack]. It is planted here so that when [Lupin] arrives as a student, he can be taken to the [Shrieking Shack] once a month when he transforms into a [werewolf].
This is based on [Lupin]'s birthyear.
[Kirley Duke], lead guitarist of the [Weird Sisters], is born (fw)
In the Muggle world:
[Jo Rowling] meets Ian and Vicki PotterPeter Rowling moved his family to the from Chipping Sodbury to the nearby town of Winterbourne. During the family's residence in Winterbourne, Jo and Di Rowling were friends with neighborhood children, Ian and Vikki Potter.
c. September 1
The [Marauders] start at [Hogwarts][Sirius Black], [Remus Lupin], [Peter Pettigrew], [James Potter], [Lily Evans], and [Severus Snape] start their first year at Hogwarts; all are sorted into Gryffindor except [Snape], who is made a Slytherin
From OP28, we know that [Snape], Black, [Lupin], [Pettigrew], and Potter were all in the same year.

For more on the year, see [Marauders' birth year explained]

original artwork © [Jeannine DellerÈ], used by permission
late 1971
[Remus Lupin]'s friends discover he is a [werewolf], explaining his monthly disappearances[James Potter], [Sirius Black], and [Peter Pettigrew] then resolve to learn how to become [Animagi] to help [Remus] out, though it will be several years until they master the magic required.
"It took them the best part of three years to work out how to do it.... Finally, in our fifth year, they managed it."

1972 (Y-8) AD = 91  MM = 47  TR = 46  RH = 44  M = 14  BW = 2  CW = 0  

The [Chudley Cannons] adopt a new mottoThe [Quidditch] team famous for its 80 years of futility changes its motto from "We shall conquer!" to "Let's all just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best."
[Muggles Who Notice], by [Blenheim Stalk], is published (FB)
December 12
[Charlie Weasley] is bornDetermined from [Rowling]'s statement on her [website] that [Bill] is two years older than [Charlie], who is three years older than [Percy]; the actual month and day are also from Jo's site

c. 1973 (Y-7)

[Nymphadora Tonks] is bornWe know this because in August 1995 [[Y15]], [Tonks] tells [Harry] she's only one year out of [Auror] training ([OP3]). Since this training takes three years ([OP29]), she must have finished school in 1991 - putting her date of birth in 1972 or 1973 [[Y-8] or [Y-7]], and putting her in the same class at [Hogwarts] as [Charlie Weasley].

1973 (Y-7) AD = 92  MM = 48  TR = 47  RH = 45  M = 15  BW = 3  CW = 1  

[Hesper Starkey] dies (fw)
[Janus Thickey] pretends to be killed by a [Lethifold]He leaves a note behind for his distraught wife, only to turn up some time later living with the [landlady of the Green Dragon].
[Harvey Ridgebit], founder of the largest dragon sanctuary in Romania, dies
[Charis Black Crouch] dies at age 54 (BFT)

c. 1974 (Y-6)

[Remus Lupin], at the start of his fifth year, becomes a [Hogwarts] [Prefect] (OP9)
[Sirius Black] runs away from home and is disowned by his familyHe subsequently goes to live with [James Potter] and his parents, who treat [Sirius] as a second son.
[Sirius] says in [OP6] that ran away from home when he was about sixteen.
The [Marauders] finally learn the complex spells necessary to become [Animagi][Sirius Black], [James Potter], and [Peter Pettigrew] then begin to accompany [Remus Lupin] when he transforms into a [werewolf], affecting his ability to maintain some semblence of humanity during his otherwise terrible transformations.

1974 (Y-6) AD = 93  MM = 49  TR = 48  RH = 46  M = 16  BW = 4  CW = 2  

[Heathcote Barbary], rhythm guitarist for the [Weird Sisters], is born (fw)
[Herman Wintringham], lute player for the [Weird Sisters], is born (fw)
[Knight Bus] conductor [Stan Shunpike] is born (HBP10)

c. 1975 (Y-5)

[Mundungus Fletcher] is banned from the [Hog's Head] (OP17)
[James Potter] publicly humiliates [Severus Snape] for [Sirius Black]'s amusementThis happens on the afternoon of their [Defence Against the Dark Arts] [O.W.L.], a scene which [Harry] views in a [Pensieve] some twenty-two years later.
[Sirius Black] plays a fateful practical joke on [Severus Snape][Snape] is intensely curious about where [Remus Lupin] goes each month. [Sirius] jokingly suggests that [Snape] follow [Lupin] through the passage beneath the [Whomping Willow]. [James Potter], realizing that [Snape] would encounter a full-blown and very dangerous [werewolf] at the end of the passage, stops [Snape] from going through, thereby waving his life. [Snape], much to his disgust, is indebted to [James] because of this.
The [Marauder's Map] is written[Sirius Black], [Remus Lupin], [Peter Pettigrew], and [James Potter] explore the castle and grounds in their [Animagus] forms and learn more about the secrets of the place than anyone, even [Filch]. They then create the [Marauder's Map], signing it with their nicknames: [Moony] ([Lupin]), [Wormtail] ([Pettigrew]), [Padfoot] ([Sirius]), and [Prongs] ([James]).
We don't know exactly when this happened, but it was around the beginning of the [Marauders]' sixth year.

1975 (Y-5) AD = 94  MM = 50  TR = 49  RH = 47  M = 17  BW = 5  CW = 3  

[Weird Sisters] bagpipe player [Gideon Crumb] is born (fw)
[Hairy Snout, Human Heart], by an anonymous author, is published by [WhizzHard Books] (FB)

c. 1976 (Y-4)

[James Potter] and [Lily Evans] are made [Head Boy] and [Head Girl] of [Hogwarts] (PS4)
[Sirius Black] sees his cousin [Bellatrix] for the last time - until they're both in [Azkaban] (OP6)
[Oliver Wood] is bornWe know [Wood] was probably born in 1976 [[Y-4]] because he was four years above [Harry], who was born in 1980 [[Y0]]. It's also possible he was born in 1975 [[Y-5]].

1976 (Y-4) AD = 95  MM = 51  TR = 50  RH = 48  M = 18  BW = 6  CW = 4  PW = 0  

[Weird Sisters] drummer [Orsino Thruston] is born (fw)
August 22
[Percy Weasley] is bornWe know the day from Jo's [website], and can determine the year based on the fact that [Percy] is four years above [Harry] at school.

c. 1977 (Y-3)

The [Marauders] sit their [N.E.W.T.s] and leave [Hogwarts][Sirius Black], [Lily Evans], [Remus Lupin], [Peter Pettigrew], [James Potter], and [Severus Snape] sit their N.E.W.T.s and leave Hogwarts.
Deduced from their birth years.
[Sirius Black] gets his own place, having inherited money from his uncle [Alphard] (OP6)

1977 (Y-3) AD = 96  MM = 52  TR = 51  RH = 49  M = 19  BW = 7  CW = 5  PW = 1  

[Dorea Black Potter] dies (BFT)
circa September
[Cedric Diggory] is born[Cedric] is a fifth-year in PA, which takes place in 1993-1994 [[Y13]-[Y14]]. In GF, then, he's a sixth year student, but he's old enough to participate in the Triwizard Tournament, just like Angelina Johnson. Like her, his birthday must be in the early fall, between the beginning of school and October 31.
late October
[Angelina Johnson] is bornOn October 31, 1994 [[Y14]], [Angelina] says her seventeenth birthday was "last week." This puts her date of birth sometime in late October, 1977 [[Y-3]].

c. 1978 (Y-2)

[Lily Evans] and [James Potter] are married[Sirius Black] is their best man.
We don't know exactly when this happened, except that it was sometime between [James] and [Lily] leaving [Hogwarts] (c. 1977 [[Y-3]]) and [Harry]'s birth (July 1980 [[Y0]]). Though, [Molly Weasley] tells us in [HBP5] that couples at this time were getting married very quickly, so it's likely [James and Lily] were married in 1977 or 1978 [[Y-3] or [Y-2]].

For more on their ages, see [Marauders' birth year explained].

1978 (Y-2) AD = 97  MM = 53  TR = 52  RH = 50  M = 20  BW = 8  CW = 6  PW = 2  FGW = 0  

[Merton Graves], cello player for the [Weird Sisters], is born (fw)
[Universal Brooms Ltd.] goes out of businessThey were most well known as the producers of the [Shooting Star] broomstick.
April 1
[Fred and George Weasley] are bornTheir date of birth is given on Jo's [website], and the year can be deduced from the fact that they are two years ahead of [Harry] in school, among other reasons.

c. 1979 (Y-1)

[Cho Chang] is bornWe know [Cho] was a year above [Harry], so she was born sometime between September 1978 [[Y-2]] and August 1979 [[Y-1]].

1979 (Y-1) AD = 98  MM = 54  TR = 53  RH = 51  M = 21  BW = 9  CW = 7  PW = 3  FGW = 1  HG = 0  

[Peter Pettigrew] starts passing information to [Voldemort][Dumbledore] and his allies begin to realize that there is a spy in their midst but [Peter] is not suspected.
[Regulus Black] attempts to back out of being a [Death Eater] and is killed on [Voldemort]'s orders ([OP6], [HBP6])We don't know exactly what events led up to the death of [Regulus Black], although fan speculation is running wild that he might be the infamous R.A.B.
[Newt Scamander] is awarded the [Order of Merlin], Second ClassHe receives the honor for his contributions to the field of Magizoology
[Orion Black], father of [Sirius] and [Regulus], dies at age 50 (BFT)
September 1
[Gwenog Jones] starts her first year at [Hogwarts]She soon becomes a favorite of [Horace Slughorn], the [Potions] Master
September 19
[Hermione Granger] is born (JKR)

The 1980s
Events of this decade:

[Ludo Bagman] plays [Beater] for the [Wimbourne Wasps] (GF30)

c. 1980 (Y0)

[Albus Dumbledore] interviews [Sibyll Trelawney] for the post of [Divination] teacher at [Hogwarts]He meets her at the [Hog's Head] about taking the position, although he is disinclined to continue offering [Divination] at all. [Trelawney] then makes a [prophecy] about a baby who will be born at the end of July, a baby who will be able to defeat the [Dark Lord] - and the prophecy is overheard by [Severus Snape]. Though [Dumbledore] claims [Snape] heard only the first half of the [prophecy] ([OP37]), [Trelawney] later reports that he was there at the end of it as well ([HBP25]).

This interview had to have taken place sometime after July of 1979 in order for it to apply to [Harry]'s birth in 1980 [[Y0]], and [Dumbledore] describes it as a "cold, wet night" ([OP37]). So it was likely made in the winter or early spring of 1979-1980 [[Y-1]-[Y0]].

We also know that [Trelawney], in early September of 1995 [[Y15]], claimed she had held her post for "nearly sixteen years" ([OP15]), which would imply that she was hired in the middle of a school year. And then, [Dumbledore] says in June of 1996 [[Y16]] that the interview was "sixteen years ago" ([OP37]). So unless [Dumbledore] is wrong, the interview must have been in the first few months of 1980 [[Y0]] - sixteen years before [Dumbledore]'s statement, a slightly exaggerated 'nearly sixteen years' before [Trelawney]'s, and during the time of year most likely to have a "cold, wet night."

1980 (Y0) AD = 99  MM = 55  TR = 54  RH = 52  M = 22  BW = 10  CW = 8  PW = 4  FGW = 2  HG = 1  H&R = 0  

[Igor Karkaroff] is captured by [Mad-Eye Moody] and sent to [Azkaban]His apprehension is followed shortly thereafter by that of [Antonin Dolohov], who had worked with [Karkaroff] when they were both [Death Eaters]. It had taken [Moody] six months to track him down.
It is stated in [Karkaroff]'s scene in the [Pensieve] that he was apprehended just before [Rosier]'s death.
[Rosier] and [Wilkes], both known [Death Eaters], are killed by [Aurors] ([GF27])In the battle for his capture, [Evan Rosier] takes off a piece of [Mad-Eye Moody]'s nose ([GF30]).
We know from [Sirius Black] that this happened "the year before [Voldemort] fell" ([GF27]).
[Ernie Macmillan] is bornAlong with many other students of [Harry]'s year, although some, like [Hermione], would have been born in 1979 [[Y-1]].
We know Ernie was born in 1980 because he, [Harry], and [Draco Malfoy] are the only students who are not yet old enough to [Apparate] on the day of the test in [HBP22].
March 1
[Ron Weasley] is born (JKR)
June 5
[Draco Malfoy] is born ([JKR], [BFT])
June 23
[Dudley Dursley] is bornHow do we know when [Dudley]'s birthday is? Well, we know that [Harry]'s is July 31. A week before his birthday in 1991 [[Y11]], on July 24, [Harry] begins getting letters from [Hogwarts]. At this point, [Harry] is given [Dudley]'s second bedroom, where he discovers Dudley's "month-old" video camera, broken ([PS3]). That camera was given to Dudley for a birthday present ([PS2]) on Dudley's birthday, which must therefore be about a month before July 24.

No, wait, there's more. We know that in the year [Harry] turned 11, [Harry]'s birthday was on a Tuesday ([PS3]) and [Dudley]'s was on a Saturday ([PS2]). Counting back a month from Tuesday, July 24, we find that the nearest Saturday is the 23rd. So regardless of the year in which this is taking place, Dudley's birthday is almost certainly on June 23.
July 30
[Neville Longbottom] is born to famous [Aurors] [Frank and Alice Longbottom] (OP37)
July 31
[Harry Potter] is born[Sirius Black] becomes his godfather.
original artwork © [Clio Chiang], used by permission

1981 (Y1) AD = 100  MM = 56  TR = 55  RH = 53  M = 23  BW = 11  CW = 9  PW = 5  FGW = 3  HG = 2  H&R = 1  GW = 0  

Famous theoretician [Adalbert Waffling] dies (fw)
August 11
[Ginny Weasley] is born (JKR)
circa September
[Severus Snape] is hired by [Dumbledore] to teach [Potions] at [Hogwarts][Snape] had applied for the post of [Defence Against the Dark Arts], but [Dumbledore] refused.
In October of 1995 [[Y15]], [Snape] told [Umbridge] that he had been teaching at [Hogwarts] for 14 years, but unlike [McGonagall], he did not specify the month ([OP17]). He later says that he took up the post on [Voldemort]'s orders ([HBP2]), so it's almost certain he began teaching at the start of the school year.
circa October 24
The [Fidelius Charm] is cast to hide the [Potters], with [Peter Pettigrew] acting as Secret Keeper[Dumbledore] had offered to be secret keeper, but [James and Lily] had refused, planning to go with [Sirius Black] instead - but switching to [Pettigrew] at the last minute.
Fudge says that the [Fidelius Charm] was cast "barely a week" before [Voldemort] came after the [Potters].
October 31
Defeat of [Voldemort]; [James] and [Lily Potter] are killed[Voldemort] attempts to kill [Harry Potter] after murdering his parents, but the spell rebounds onto him.

[Voldemort], nearly dead and without physical form, retreats into the forests of [Albania] where he possess the bodies of various animals to survive for the next decade, waiting. [Hagrid], on [Dumbledore]'s orders, goes to [Godric's Hollow] to rescue baby [Harry] from the ruins of the house.
circa November 1
[Peter Pettigrew] fakes his own death, killing twelve Muggles in the process[Sirius Black] is arrested and at some point in the next few weeks is sent to [Azkaban] without a trial. He is 22 years old.
It's about 90% certain this happened on November 1, but it's also possible it was November 2.
late November 1
[Hagrid] delivers baby [Harry] to [Dumbledore][Dumbledore] is waiting in [Privet Drive] to leave the baby with the [Dursleys].
but there are [twenty-four hours missing] from the chronology of events of these two days...
after November 1
[Sirius Black] is framed for the murders of [Peter Pettigrew] and twelve Muggles on November 1, 1981He is sent by [Bartemius Crouch Sr.] to [Azkaban] without a trial.
This almost certainly happened immediately following [Sirius]'s capture on November 1, but we have no way of knowing for sure.
circa December
[Bellatrix], [Rodolphus], and [Rabastan] Lestrange, along with [Bartemius Crouch Jr.], are arrestedThey are charged with using the [Cruciatus Curse] on [Frank and Alice Longbottom] in an attempt to discover the whereabouts of [Voldemort]; all of the accused are convicted and sent to [Azkaban]. [Frank and Alice Longbottom] are committed to [St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries], driven permanently insane from the [Cruciatus Curse].
We know that this happened shortly after [Voldemort]'s downfall, as [Dumbledore] says it was "just when everyone thought they were safe." They likely happened sometime between November 1981 [[Y1]] and very early 1982 [[Y2]].

after 1981 (Y1)

In disguise as a rat, [Peter Pettigrew] becomes a pet of [Percy Weasley]He chooses [Percy], a member of a solid wizarding family, in order to stay aware of what was going on in the magical world and perhaps hear word of his former master, [Voldemort].

c. 1982 (Y2)

[Igor Karkaroff] is released from [Azkaban] in return for turning in [Rookwood] ([GF30])This unquestionably happened after [Voldemort]'s downfall - and we also know it probably happened within a year of when the [Lestranges] and [Barty Crouch Jr.] were caught for torturing the [Longbottoms]. This comes from [Sirius]'s statement in [GF27] that [Crouch Jr.] died a year later, and [Barty Crouch Sr.] lost his popularity and changed jobs. Since he was still running the [Wizengamot] during this incident, it couldn't have been long after [Voldemort]'s downfall. No doubt [Karkaroff] was eager to get away from the [Dementors].
[Ludo Bagman] is acquitted of being a [Death Eater]Like [Karkaroff]'s trial, this one was almost certainly within a year or so of [Voldemort]'s downfall, as [Barty Crouch] was presiding.

1982 (Y2) AD = 101  MM = 57  TR = 56  RH = 54  M = 24  BW = 12  CW = 10  PW = 6  FGW = 4  HG = 3  H&R = 2  GW = 1  

September 1
[Bill Weasley] starts his first year at Hogwarts ([JKR]) - he is sorted into [Gryffindor] ([PS6])
circa November
[Barty Crouch Jr.] is secretly rescued from [Azkaban]His mother uses [Polyjuice Potion] to take his place there, where she dies within a year ([GF27]). [Crouch Jr.] is kept a virtual prisoner in his father's home, tended by [Winky], a loyal house-elf ([GF35]).
We know from [Sirius Black] in [GF27] that the escape was "about a year" after [Crouch Jr.] had been sent to [Azkaban], so it was probably sometime around November or December of 1982 [[Y2]].

c. 1983 (Y3)

[Fred] turns [Ron]'s teddy bear into a [spider]He does it because [Ron] broke his toy [broomstick]. From now on, [Ron] is deadly afraid of [spiders].
"If you must know, when I was three, Fred turned my - my teddy bear into a great big filthy spider because I broke his toy broomstick.... You wouldn't like them either if you'd been holding your bear and suddenly it had too many legs and..."
This is a pretty complex bit of [Transfiguration] for a five-year-old, considering eleven-year-olds struggle to turn matches into needles. Maybe [Ron] just dreamed the whole thing.

1983 (Y3) AD = 102  MM = 58  TR = 57  RH = 55  M = 25  BW = 13  CW = 11  PW = 7  FGW = 5  HG = 4  H&R = 3  GW = 2  

In the Muggle world:
[Jo Rowling] leaves for school at the University of [Exeter] (JKR)
September 1
[Charlie Weasley] starts his first year at Hogwarts ([JKR]) and is sorted into [Gryffindor] ([PS6])[Bill] is starting his third year.

1984 (Y4) AD = 103  MM = 59  TR = 58  RH = 56  M = 26  BW = 14  CW = 12  PW = 8  FGW = 6  HG = 5  H&R = 4  GW = 3  

[Gryffindor] wins the [Quidditch Cup]It is the last time [Gryffindor] will win until 1993-94. We don't know who wins the [House Cup].
"The idea of overtaking Slytherin in the house championship was wonderful, no one had done it for seven years..." ([PS13])

This statement refers to school years, not actual years. The 1983-84 [[Y3]-[Y4]] school year is seven school years before that statement was made in the fall of 1991 [[Y11]] (and yes, from the context we can be almost 100% sure that it's talking about the [Quidditch Cup], not the [House Cup]). [Charlie] HAD to have been on the team this year, since "Gryffindor hadn't won the [Quidditch Cup] since the legendary [Charlie Weasley]...had been seeker." However, according to [Rowling]'s age statement for [Charlie], he wasn't, as he was only a first year at the time. This is an error in the text.

c. 1985 (Y5)

[Sirius Black]'s mother, [Walburga Black], dies ([BFT])Her likeness is captured in a huge portrait which hangs in the entrance hall of her home at [number twelve, Grimmauld Place]. The house is left vacant except for [Kreacher]. The house deteriorates dramatically ([OP5]).
"No one's lived here for ten years, not since my dear mother died, unless you count her old house-elf, and he's gone round the twist -- hasn't cleaned anything in ages." -- [Sirius Black] ([OP5])

1985 (Y5) AD = 104  MM = 60  TR = 59  RH = 57  M = 27  BW = 15  CW = 13  PW = 9  FGW = 7  HG = 6  H&R = 5  GW = 4  

[Idris Oakby] Founder of the S.S.S. (Society for the Support of Squibs) dies (JKR)
[Slytherin] wins the [Quidditch Cup] ([PS13]) but not the [House Cup] ([PS7])
[Aunt Marge] comes to [Dudley]'s fifth birthday partyShe whacks [Harry] around the shins to keep him from beating [Dudley] at musical statues.
[Charlie Weasley] starts his second year at [Hogwarts]Making this the first year that he could conceivably be on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

1986 (Y6) AD = 105  MM = 61  TR = 60  RH = 58  M = 28  BW = 16  CW = 14  PW = 10  FGW = 8  HG = 7  H&R = 6  GW = 5  

The [Ugandan] [Quidditch] team, the [Patonga Proudsticks], holds the [Montrose Magpies] to a drawThe outcome comes as a shock to [Quidditch] fans everywhere.
[Slytherin] wins both the [Quidditch Cup] and the [House Cup] ([PS7], [PS13])
[Bill Weasley] starts his fifth year at [Hogwarts] and is made a [Prefect] (OP9)

1987 (Y7) AD = 106  MM = 62  TR = 61  RH = 59  M = 29  BW = 17  CW = 15  PW = 11  FGW = 9  HG = 8  H&R = 7  GW = 6  

[Roderick Plumpton] diesHe dies still claiming that his record three and a half second capture of the [Snitch] was intentional, and not pure dumb luck.
[Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles], by [Wilhelm Wigworthy], is publishedThe publisher is [Little Red Books].
[Slytherin] wins both the [Quidditch Cup] and the [House Cup] ([PS7], [PS13])
September 1
[Percy Weasley] starts his first year at [Hogwarts] and is sorted into [Gryffindor][Bill] is in his sixth year and [Charlie] his fourth.

c. 1988 (Y8)

[Neville Longbottom] is accidentally dropped from an upstairs window by his [Great Uncle Algie]Instead of falling to his death, he bounces, demonstrating his natural magical ability. His family is ecstatic.
This happened when [Neville] was eight, so it could just have easily been in 1989 [[Y9]].

1988 (Y8) AD = 107  MM = 63  TR = 62  RH = 60  M = 30  BW = 18  CW = 16  PW = 12  FGW = 10  HG = 9  H&R = 8  GW = 7  

[Slytherin] wins both the [Quidditch Cup] and the [House Cup] ([PS7], [PS13])
[Aunt Marge] comes to [Dudley]'s eighth birthday partyShe brings a computerized robot for [Dudley] and a box of dog biscuits for [Harry].
September 1
[Bill Weasley] becomes [Head Boy] and [Charlie] is made a [Prefect][Percy], meanwhile, is starting his second year at [Hogwarts].

1989 (Y9) AD = 108  MM = 64  TR = 63  RH = 61  M = 31  BW = 19  CW = 17  PW = 13  FGW = 11  HG = 10  H&R = 9  GW = 8  

[Slytherin] wins both the [Quidditch Cup] and the [House Cup] ([PS7], [PS13])
The [Gryffindor] [Quidditch] team prepares for the 1989-1990 seasonThe team includes [Charlie Weasley], sixth year [Seeker], and [Oliver Wood], third year [Keeper].
While these are conjectures, it seems logical that both of these players would have been on the team. [Charlie] may have been Quidditch Captain at this point.
[Quirrell] begins teaching [Defence Against the Dark Arts] at [Hogwarts]He has not yet met [Voldemort], so is a perfectly competent teacher. He teaches for a year, then takes a year off to study in [Albania].
See entry below (1990 [[Y10]]) for an explanation of when [Quirrell] taught.
September 1
[Fred and George Weasley] start their first year at [Hogwarts] and are sorted into [Gryffindor] ([PS6])[Angelina Johnson] also becomes a new [Gryffindor], while [Cedric Diggory] also starts his first year and is sorted into [Hufflepuff]. Both [Angelina] and [Cedric] turn twelve shortly after the beginning of the school year ([GF16]).

The 1990s
Events of this decade:

The 1990s - OverviewThe Nineties
The events of the 1990s comprise the stories of the [Harry Potter] novels themselves. The years in which these stories take place are not stated specifically in the books but can be deduced from clues. The official timeline of the stories, as found on the Chamber of Secrets DVD second disk, uses the dates of the 1990s for these events, and it is from the "real" calendars of those years that I have derived many of the dates and days of the week indicated here. Some days and dates are specified in the books, others are approximated or deduced. However, the days and dates given in the books do not match any existing "real" calendar -- in fact, some dates are simply impossible, such as books where two Mondays happen in a row.

1990 (Y10) AD = 109  MM = 65  TR = 64  RH = 62  M = 32  BW = 20  CW = 18  PW = 14  FGW = 12  HG = 11  H&R = 10  GW = 9  

The [Flyte and Barker] company introduces the [Twigger 90] broomstick (QA9)
[Pollux Black] dies at age 78He is the grandfather of [Sirius], [Regulus], [Bellatrix], [Narcissa], and [Andromeda Black].
[Slytherin] wins both the [Quidditch Cup] and the [House Cup] ([PS7], [PS13])
[Aunt Marge] comes to [Dudley]'s tenth birthday partyShe brings [Ripper], her favorite bulldog. [Harry] accidentally steps on Ripper's tail and the dog "trees" him. [Marge] finally calls the dog off around midnight. When [Marge] comes to visit during the summer of Y13, [Harry] remembers past incidents:
"On her last visit, the year before [Harry] started at [Hogwarts], [Harry] had accidentally trodden on the tail of her favorite dog. [Ripper] had chased [Harry] out into the garden and up a tree, and [Aunt Marge] had refused to call him off until past midnight. The memory of this incident still brought tears of laughter to [Dudley]'s eyes" ([PA2]).

[Harry] also recalls this event in his [Occlumency] lessons.
"He was nine, and [Ripper] the bulldog was chasing him up a tree and the [Dursleys] were laughing below on the lawn..." ([OP24]).
He was nine because his own tenth birthday was still a month away.
July 31
[Harry Potter]'s 10th birthday
[Quirrell] takes a year off and encounters [Voldemort][Quirrell] takes a year off from [Hogwarts] for some first hand experience fighting the [Dark Arts]. He will be gone from September 1990 [[Y10]] through June of 1991 [[Y11]]. While in [Albania], he encounters [Voldemort] and brings him back.
There is no specific canon reference to indicate which year [Quirrell] took off from teaching. However, [Dumbledore] specifically says in [HBP20], "we have never been able to keep a [Defence Against the Dark Arts] teacher for longer than a year since I refused the post to [Lord Voldemort]." Therefore, since we know [Quirrell] taught in 1991-1992 [[Y11]-[Y12]], he could not have taught from 1990-1991 [[Y10]-[Y11]]. This, then, was almost certainly his year off.

However, [Hagrid] speaks of [Quirrell]'s nervousness as the result of his year off, and if that year off had been the 1990-1991 [[Y10]-[Y11]] school year (the one immediately before [Harry] comes to [Hogwarts]), [Hagrid] seemingly wouldn't have known about [Quirrell]'s altered behavior:
"Poor bloke. Brilliant mind. He was fine while he was studyin' outta books but then he took a year off ter get some firsthand experience...They say he met [vampires] in the [Black Forest], and there was a nasty bit o' trouble with a [hag]--never been the same since. Scared of the students, scared of his own subject now..." ([PS5])

This doesn't seem to align, but it is possible that [Hagrid] is just talking about the month or two since [Quirrell] has returned from [Albania]. And if we take [Dumbledore] at his word, nothing else really makes sense.
The [Gryffindor] Quidditch team is particularly poor this year[Oliver Wood] is in his fourth year, while [Charlie Weasley] is in his seventh and is Quidditch Captain. On the other hand, the rest of the team are second years, so perhaps it's just a matter of their being inexperienced. The team consisted of:
[Charlie Weasley] - seventh year, [Seeker], Captain
[Oliver Wood] - fourth year, [Keeper]
[Angelina Johnson] - second year, [Chaser]
[Alicia Spinnet] - second year, [Chaser]
unknown third Chaser - possibly seventh year since she isn't back in the 1991-1992 season
[Fred Weasley] - second year, [Beater]
[George Weasley] - second year, [Beater]
We don't know for sure which years [Charlie] was Captain of Quidditch, but it seems likely that we was Captain in his seventh year and possibly one or two years before that as well. We aren't told why this team was so poor, since they have a superb [Keeper] and a [Seeker] who could have played for [England], but [McGonagall] says of them a year later:
"Heaven knows, we need a better team than last year. Flattened in that last match by [Slytherin], I couldn't look [Severus Snape] in the face for weeks..." (PS9)

We are also not told why [Fred and George] would have been familiar with [Wood]'s pre-game speeches at the beginning of the 1991-1992 [[Y11]-[Y12]] season when he wasn't the Captain this year. While this isn't an error exactly, it does suggest that [Rowling] wrote these passages without realizing that the facts wouldn't fit together very well.
December 30
[Jo Rowling]'s mother dies (JKR)

1991 (Y11) AD = 110  MM = 66  TR = 65  RH = 63  M = 33  BW = 21  CW = 19  PW = 15  FGW = 13  HG = 12  H&R = 11  GW = 10  

[Arcturus Black], grandfather of [Sirius] and [Regulus], dies (BFT)
circa June
The [Nimbus 2000] [broomstick] is releasedA display model appears in the window of [Quality Quidditch Supplies].
[Slytherin] wins both the [Quidditch Cup] and the [House Cup] ([PS7], [PS13])They "flatten" [Gryffindor] in the final [Quidditch] match, according to [McGonagall] ([PS9]).
June 23
[Dudley]'s eleventh birthday[Harry] accompanies [Dudley], [Piers Polkiss], [Aunt Petunia], and [Uncle Vernon] to the [zoo], where he first exercises his gift of being a [Parselmouth] to speak with a [boa constrictor].
This is a Saturday according to the book. It comes approximately one month before [Harry]'s birthday. That morning, Dudley receives a video camera for his birthday:
"At that moment the telephone rang and [Aunt Petunia] went to answer it while [Harry] and [Uncle Vernon] watched [Dudley] unwrap the racing bike, a video camera..." ([PS2])

After the [zoo] incident on Dudley's birthday, [Harry] is confined to his cupboard for a few weeks. By the end of that period, the video camera is broken:
"By the time he was allowed out of his cupboard again, the summer holidays had started and Dudley had already broken his new video camera..." ([PS3])

Then, a week before [Harry]'s birthday, on the 24th of July, [Harry] receives a letter addressed to him in his cupboard under the stairs. [Uncle Vernon] moves [Harry] to [Dudley]'s second bedroom upstairs, where [Harry] sees the video camera and we learn that [Dudley]'s birthday was a month ago:
"Nearly everything in here was broken. The month-old video camera was lying on top of a small, working tank..." ([PS3])

We know from the book that July the 24th was a Tuesday. The Saturday approximately one month before Tuesday, July 24, would be Saturday, June 23. So we know that [Dudley]'s birthday is June 23. Like most dates in the books, this doesn't correspond to the dates in any particular "real life" calendar.
July 24
Letters begin arriving, via [owl] post, to invite [Harry Potter] to [Hogwarts]The dates are determined by counting back from the established date of July 31 for [Harry]'s birthday.

We are told the days on which these dates fall:
Monday. This reminded [Harry] of something. If it was Monday -- and you could usually count on [Dudley] to know the days the week, because of television -- then tomorrow, Tuesday, was [Harry]'s eleventh birthday.

In the "real" 1991, however, July 31 fell on a Wednesday.
July 31
[Harry]'s 11th birthdayHow do we know that [Harry] was born on July 31? This has been established in many places in the books, perhaps most importantly in [Dumbledore]'s discussion of the [prophecy] in [OP37]. However, we can first determine this from [PS8]. In the Daily Prophet, [Harry] reads:
"GRINGOTTS BREAK-IN LATEST -- Investigations continue into the break-in at [Gringotts] on 31 July..."

He reacts in surprise:
"[Hagrid]!" said [Harry], "that Gringotts break-in happened on my birthday! It might've been happening while we were there!"
July 31
Just after midnight, [Hagrid] arrives at the [hut-on-the-rock]He brings [Harry] a birthday cake and invites him to [Hogwarts].
July 31
[Hagrid] and [Harry] visit [Diagon Alley]While there:
[Hagrid] retrieves the [Philosopher's Stone] from the [Gringotts]' high security vaults.
[Harry] meets [Draco Malfoy] for the first time in [Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions].
[Hagrid] buys [Hedwig] as a birthday present for [Harry].

original artwork © 2001 [Laura Freeman], used by permission
July 31
[Quirrell] attempts to steal the [Philosopher's Stone] from [Gringotts] but fails (PS8)
circa August
[Percy Weasley] gives his pet rat, [Scabbers], to his younger brother [Ron]Like nearly everything [Ron] owns, [Scabbers] is secondhand and a bit battered ([PA4]).

Scabbers is later revealed to be [Peter Pettigrew] in disguise ([PA17]).
"His name's Scabbers and he's useless, he hardly ever wakes up. [Percy] got an [owl] from my dad for being made a prefect, but they couldn't aff -- I mean, I got Scabbers instead" ([PS6]).
From the comments made by [Ron] on the [Hogwarts Express] that September, it would seem that [Ron] received Scabbers from [Percy] when [Percy] was given his owl upon being made [Prefect]. Assuming that [Ron] and his brothers received their [Hogwarts] letters at the same time that [Harry] would have received his, had [Uncle Vernon] not intervened, then we know that [Percy] was made [Prefect] on July 24. Sometime after that, [Molly] and [Arthur] bought [Percy] his new owl, [Hermes]. This may very well have been when the [Weasleys] came to [Diagon Alley] to buy their school things.
[Voldemort], disappointed by [Quirrell]'s inability to steal the [Philosopher's Stone], decides to inhabit him[Quirrell] begins wearing a turban to hide [Voldemort]'s face, which is sticking out of the back of [Quirrell]'s head.
[Uncle Vernon] and [Aunt Petunia] treat [Harry] as if he doesn't exist"[Harry]'s last month with the Dursleys wasn't fun. True, Dudley was now so scared of [Harry] he wouldn't stay in the same room, while Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon didn't shut [Harry] in his cupboard, force him to do anything, or shout at him -- in fact, they didn't speak to him at all. Half terrified, half furious, they acted as though any chair with [Harry] in it were empty."
September 1
[Harry Potter], [Hermione Granger], [Ron Weasley], [Neville Longbottom], [Draco Malfoy], and their classmates travel by way of the [Hogwarts Express] to [Hogwarts].
Hogwarts Express
They catch the [Hogwarts Express] at 11am at [King's Cross Station], then travel until evening to [Hogwarts]. [Harry] meets [Ron] and [Hermione] on the train; he and [Ron] immediately become friends. Once at Hogwarts, [Harry], [Ron], [Hermione], and [Neville] are sorted into [Gryffindor], and [Draco] into [Slytherin].
September 1
[Dudley Dursley] undergoes surgery for the removal of a pig's tail from his rather large behind"Why are you going to [London]?" [Harry] asked, trying to keep things friendly.
"Taking [Dudley] to the hospital," growled [Uncle Vernon]. "Got to have that ruddy tail removed before he goes to [Smeltings]."
September 2
Harry begins his classes at Hogwarts
Hogwarts School
Harr's classes begin at Hogwarts and he spends his first week learning his way around the school and about his classes and teachers.
September 6
Harry's first potions class
Harry discovers that Professor Snape actively dislikes him when he embarrasses Harry in front of the rest of the class.
September 6
Harry and Ron visit Hagrid
Harry takes Ron to visit Hagrid in his hut near the forbidden forest. While Fang slobbers all over Ron, Harry tells Hagrid about his classes and that he thinks Snape hates him. Harry reads a Daily Prophet article about the break-in at Gringotts which had happened on July 31.
September 12
[Gryffindors] and [Slytherins] have their first flying lesson[Harry] is subsequently made [Seeker] on the [Gryffindor Quidditch team] by [Professor McGonagall].
This happens on the second Thursday of the school term.
"...they spotted a notice pinned up in the [Gryffindor] common room that made them all groan. Flying lessons would be starting on Thursday..."

The date can be determined from the fact that this is the Thursday of the second week of school, it must logically be the 12th, since classes started on the 2nd.
How do we know that this is the Thursday of the second week? Because when [Harry] is following [McGonagall] away from his flying lesson, he is afraid that he will be expelled. He thinks to himself:
"Now he'd done it. He hadn't even lasted two weeks."

However, when [Fred and George] hear about this, they say:
"I tell you, we're going to win that [Quidditch Cup] for sure this year...We haven't won since [Charlie] left, but this year's team is going to be brilliant."
According to Rowling's statement that [Charlie] is three years older than [Percy], [Charlie] just left two months before. There's been no time for them not to have won "since [Charlie] left." They haven't PLAYED since [Charlie] left. Again, this is an error in the text.
October 31
The Halloween FeastThe feast is interrupted by a [Mountain Troll] who almost kills [Hermione Granger]; she is saved by [Harry] and [Ron], after which they become friends.

Meanwhile, [Quirrell], who let the [troll] in, heads for the [Philosopher's Stone] - but is stopped by [Snape].
We have already seen that we can't trust the "real" calendar to give us the days of the week when we know the date, but just for interest sake, Halloween in 1991 was on a Thursday. The [Gryffindor] first years had [Charms] that morning and learned the [Wingardium Leviosa] spell.
[Harry]'s first [Quidditch] match[Quirrell] tries to knock [Harry] off his broom during the match but is thwarted by [Severus Snape] - not to mention some pretty cool acrobatics by Harry. The match ends soon afterward when [Harry] catches the [Snitch] in his mouth for a [Gryffindor] victory.
December 25
[Harry] receives [James Potter]'s [Invisibility Cloak] as a Christmas present from [Dumbledore] (PS12)
December 25
[Harry] discovers the [Mirror of Erised] and sees his family for the first timeOn the official timeline, this is 1991. Christmas in 1991 was on a Wednesday.

1992 (Y12) AD = 111  MM = 67  TR = 66  RH = 64  M = 34  BW = 22  CW = 20  PW = 16  FGW = 14  HG = 13  H&R = 12  GW = 11  

[Cassiopeia Black] dies at age 77 (BFT)
[Cygnus Black], father of [Bellatrix], [Narcissa], and [Andromeda], dies at age 54 (BFT)
[Lucretia Black Prewett] dies at age 67 (BFT)
circa April
[Norbert] hatchesThe calendar lists this date as April 24, but all we really know is that it is a few weeks before exams and that the weather gave the first hint of summer coming.
circa May 9
[Charlie]'s friends take [Norbert] from [Harry] and [Hermione] on top of the [Astronomy Tower]Unfortunately, they are caught by [Filch] - and given [detentions] by [McGonagall].
Derived from the estimated date of Norbert's hatching.
May 26
[Harry], [Hermione], [Neville], and [Malfoy] serve their [detentions] in the [Forbidden Forest]With [Hagrid] supervising, they track down a dead [unicorn]. [Harry] encounters [Voldemort] for the first time, and is saved by [Firenze].
We have no indication of when this date might be, except that it is shortly before final exams.
early June
[Harry], [Hermione], and [Ron] follow [Quirrell] after the [Philosopher's Stone]They overcome the various protections, and defeat [Quirrell]/[Voldemort]'s attempt to steal the Stone.
The dates of this event are contingent on the dates of exams in [Harry]'s first year. We are given dates for exams in books two and three--the first week of June--but that doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule. The calendar for this book gives the date as June 4, based on the exam dates in the other books, but here on the timeline we'll play it a bit safer and just go with "early June."
End of Term Feast[Gryffindor] wins the [House Cup], but not the [Quidditch Cup], which goes to [Slytherin].
circa June
The [Nimbus 2001] broomstick is released[Lucius Malfoy] soon buys them for the [Slytherin] Quidditch team. As it happens, [Draco] is made [Seeker] during the upcoming school term.
after June
[Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel] die after a long, long life (PS17)
July 31
[Harry]'s 12th Birthday[Dobby] the [house-elf] visits [Harry] in [Privet Drive]. Meanwhile, the [Dursleys] are holding a dinner party for the [Masons], which is then disrupted when [Dobby] drops a violet pudding on [Mrs. Mason]'s head. [Harry] is sent a warning letter from the [Ministry], reminding him that he is not allowed to do magic outside of school ([CS1], [CS2]).
circa August 3
[Fred], [George], and [Ron] rescue [Harry] from the [Dursleys] in their father's [Ford Anglia]This is very likely the night of August 3, three days after [Harry]'s birthday. He arrives at the [Burrow], then, on the morning of August 4.
circa August 13
[Gilderoy Lockhart] announces that he is the new [Defence Against the Dark Arts] professor at [Hogwarts][Harry], who arrives at [Flourish and Blotts] just in time for the announcement, accidentally (and unwillingly) gets caught up in the publicity. Not long afterward, [Lucius Malfoy] and [Arthur Weasley] get into a scuffle, and [Lucius] drops [Voldemort]'s [diary] into [Ginny Weasley]'s [cauldron].
September 1
[Harry] and [Ron] miss the [Hogwarts Express] and fly [Mr. Weasley]'s bewitched car to [Hogwarts]They are spotted by several Muggles along the way and land, at school, in the [Whomping Willow] - subsequently landing them in a fair amount of trouble as well.
September 1
[Ginny Weasley], [Luna Lovegood], and [Colin Creevey] start their first year at [Hogwarts][Ginny] and [Colin] are sorted into [Gryffindor] and [Luna] becomes a [Ravenclaw]. [Harry] and his friends, meanwhile, start their second year.
circa September 8
The [Chamber of Secrets] is reopenedThis time the [Chamber] is opened by [Ginny Weasley], under the influence of [Tom Riddle], by means of his [diary]. [Harry] first hears the voice of the [Basilisk] during his [detention] with [Lockhart].
This is about a week into the school year, so it didn't take [Riddle] long to force [Ginny] to open the [Chamber].
October 31
The Halloween Feast and 500th Deathday for [Nearly Headless Nick] (CS8)
late October 31
The [Basilisk] from the [Chamber of Secrets] attacks its first victim: [Filch]'s cat, [Mrs. Norris][Harry] is discovered at the scene of the crime, and students start suspecting him to be the heir of [Salazar Slytherin]. [Harry] and his friends, meanwhile, begin to suspect [Draco Malfoy].
If we go by the calendar of this year according to the official timeline, Halloween is on a Saturday.
November 8
[Colin Creevey] is Petrified by the [Basilisk]The next morning, [Ron] and [Hermione] start working on brewing [Polyjuice Potion].
December 17
The [Duelling] Club[Harry] unwittingly uses [Parseltongue] to talk to a [snake] in front of the whole school; the [Hufflepuffs] in particular are now entirely convinced he's the heir of [Salazar Slytherin].
December 18
[Justin Finch-Fletchley] and [Nearly Headless Nick] are petrified by the [Basilisk][Harry] is taken to [Dumbledore's office] by [McGonagall], but when [Dumbledore] asks if Harry has anything to tell him, [Harry] says he doesn't.
circa December 20
Mr and Mrs Weasley visit Bill in Egypt
The Weasley children stayed on at Hogwarts over the holidays rather than visit Bill in Egypt with their parents. They would all visit Egypt the following summer.
December 25
[Harry] and [Ron] use [Polyjuice Potion] to "become" [Crabbe] and [Goyle].They go into the [Slytherin] common room and learn that [Malfoy] is NOT the heir of [Salazar Slytherin].
December 25
[Hermione] is accidentally changed partially into a catShe spends the next month in the [hospital wing].

1993 (Y13) AD = 112  MM = 68  TR = 67  RH = 65  M = 35  BW = 23  CW = 21  PW = 17  FGW = 15  HG = 14  H&R = 13  GW = 12  

The [Sweetwater], Texas [Quidditch] team, the [All-Stars], defeats the [Quiberon Quafflepunchers]The match lasts five days.
[Dolores Umbridge] crafts anti-[werewolf] legislationThe new law makes it almost impossible for [Lupin] to get a job.
February 14
Valentine's Day[Lockhart] takes it upon himself to whip up a celebration; Harry receives an anonymous [singing valentine].

That night, [Harry] learns how to work [Riddle]'s [diary] and travels into his memory, which convinces [Harry] that [Hagrid] had opened the [Chamber of Secrets].
May 8
The [Basilisk] petrifies [Hermione Granger] and [Penelope Clearwater]The [Hogwarts] [Quidditch Cup] is cancelled.
late May 8
[Hagrid] is sent to [Azkaban]; [Dumbledore] is removed as headmaster of [Hogwarts][Harry] and [Ron] watch from under the [invisibility cloak] as [Cornelius Fudge] and [Lucius Malfoy] serve the orders.
May 24
[Harry] and [Ron] enter the [Forbidden Forest] and meet [Aragog] (CS15)
May 29
[Harry] and [Ron] discover the [Chamber of Secrets]They learn that [Ginny Weasley] has been taken into the [Chamber] and go to offer their knowledge to [Professor Lockhart]. When they discover he's trying to take off, they instead force him to join them - and go through [Moaning Myrtle]'s bathroom down into the [Chamber of Secrets].
late May 29
The spirit-form of [Voldemort] is defeated by [Harry Potter] in the [Chamber of Secrets][Harry] kills the [Basilisk] and uses its fang to destroy the [diary], therefore destroying [Riddle] and saving [Ginny]'s life. [Gilderoy Lockhart]'s memory is destroyed when he attempts to [Obliviate] [Ron] and [Harry] and get out of the [Chamber].

Later that night, the [Petrified] people are restored using [Mandrake Draught].
original artwork © [Agata Matteucci], used by permission
May 30
[Dobby] the [house-elf] is freed from service to the [Malfoy family]He is freed when [Harry] tricks [Lucius Malfoy] into throwing him a sock.
May 30
[Lucius Malfoy] is removed from the Board of Governors of [Hogwarts][Hagrid] and [Dumbledore] return to [Hogwarts]
[Gryffindor] wins the [House Cup]; no [Quidditch Cup] is awarded (CS18)
circa July
The [Granger] family vacations in [France] (PA1)
[Arthur Weasley] wins 700 [Galleons] in a [Daily Prophet] drawingThe [Weasley] family spends a month in [Egypt], visiting [Bill].

They leave a week before [Harry]'s birthday and stay until the week before the end of the holidays. They are gone the last week of July and the first three weeks of August.
July 27
[Jo Rowling]'s first daughter, [Jessica Isabel Rowling], is born
circa July 30
[Sirius Black] escapes from [Azkaban]He escapes by changing into his dog form and swimming back to the mainland.
Very likely the escape happened within a day or two of [Harry]'s birthday, since it shows up on the morning news on the 31st. [Sirius] saw the photo of the [Weasleys] during that previous week, on a copy of the [Daily Prophet] [Fudge] had finished reading. This particular photo had appeared a week before [Harry]'s birthday, which would be on the 24th. [Fudge] wouldn't be carrying a paper more than a day old, so Black would have proabably seen the picture on that actual day. Given reasonable time for all this to occur, it works out logically that he worried frantically about what to do to protect [Harry] for several days, was heard moaning "He's at [Hogwarts]" in his sleep as he agonized over the situation, then finally escaped on the 29th or 30th.
July 31
[Harry]'s 13th birthday; [Aunt Marge] comes for a visit with the [Dursleys]"[Aunt Marge] coming for a week-long visit - it was the worst birthday present the [Dursleys] had ever given him, including that pair of [Uncle Vernon]'s old socks."
[Quality Quidditch Supplies] displays the new [Firebolt] [broomstick] (PA4)
August 7
On the last day of [Aunt Marge]'s visit, [Harry] blows her up and runs awayThe [Knight Bus] picks him up in [Magnolia Crescent] and drops him off at the [Leaky Cauldron].
after August 7
[Harry] stays at the [Leaky Cauldron] and spends his days in [Diagon Alley]He does his homework out in the open, eats free ice creams, picks up his [books], and repeatedly stops by [Quality Quidditch Supplies] to admire the [Firebolt].
August 31
[Harry] meets [Hermione] and [Ron] in [Diagon Alley]They are all staying at the [Leaky Cauldron]. [Hermione] buys [Crookshanks].

That night, [Harry] overhears [Mr. and Mrs. Weasley] in conversation - and learns that [Sirius Black] is after him.
The [Gryffindor Quidditch team] is looking very promising this year[Oliver Wood] says that "[Gryffindor] hasn't won for seven years now." He is taking into account the fact that no Cup was awarded last year when he says this (so that it agrees with other such comments in the book, quoted below). The last time [Gryffindor] won the [Quidditch Cup], then was the 1983-1984 season.

This year's team consists of:
  • [Oliver Wood], seventh year, [Keeper], Captain
  • [Angelina Johnson], fifth year, [Chaser]
  • [Alicia Spinnet], fifth year, [Chaser]
  • [Fred Weasley], fifth year, [Beater]
  • [George Weasley], fifth year, [Beater]
  • [Harry Potter], third year, [Seeker]
  • [Katie Bell], fourth year, Chaser
During [Harry]'s first year, the following comment is made:
"If they won their next match, against [Hufflepuff], they would overtake [Slytherin] in the house championship for the first time in seven years...As the match drew nearer, however, [Harry] became more and more nervous, whatever he told [Ron] and [Hermione]. The rest of the team wasn't too calm, either. The idea of overtaking [Slytherin] in the house championship was wonderful, no one had done it for seven years, but would they be allowed to, with such a biased referee?"
September 1
[Harry] and his friends begin their third year at [Hogwarts], which is now surrounded by [Dementors][Dementors] search the [Hogwarts Express] while students are on their way to school, making [Harry] collapse.
September 1
[Remus Lupin] and [Rubeus Hagrid] begin their professorships at [Hogwarts][Lupin] teaches [Defence Against the Dark Arts]; [Hagrid], [Care of Magical Creatures].
October 31
[Sirius Black] breaks into [Hogwarts] and slashes the [Fat Lady] in an attempt to find [Pettigrew]Everyone thinks he's after [Harry]; [Dumbledore] sends all of the students to sleep in the [Great Hall] overnight. [Snape] thinks [Lupin] is helping [Sirius] sneak into the castle.
[Harry] loses his first-ever [Quidditch] matchThe [Gryffindor Quidditch team] loses to Hufflepuff when [Dementors] cause [Harry] to fall off his broom, and [Cedric Diggory] grabs the [Snitch]. Harry's [Nimbus 2000] is blown into the [Whomping Willow] and smashed to bits.
circa December 18
End-of-Term trip to [Hogsmeade][Fred and George] give [Harry] the [Marauder's Map], which allows him to sneak into [Hogsmeade]. Once there he overhears a conversation among [Hogwarts staff] - and learns that [Sirius Black], his godfather, betrayed his parents to [Voldemort].
December 25
Christmas - [Harry] receives a [Firebolt], but [McGonagall] takes it away[Ron] and [Harry] are angry with [Hermione] for weeks over the fact that she told [McGonagall] about the [Firebolt].

1994 (Y14) AD = 113  MM = 69  TR = 68  RH = 66  M = 36  BW = 24  CW = 22  PW = 18  FGW = 16  HG = 15  H&R = 14  GW = 13  

The [Toyohashi Tengu], the [Quidditch] team from [Japan], narrowly misses a win over the [Gorodok Gargoyles]
Toyohashi, Japan, Asia
[Sirius Black] sneaks into [Gryffindor Tower] in search of [Pettigrew]
Hogwarts, Gryffindor Tower, Dormitory
[Ron]\'s screams drive him out, and [Ron] becomes an instant celebrity. [Neville], meanwhile, is completely disgraced when [McGonagall] figures out he left the [Gryffindor Tower] [passwords] lying around.
April 20
[Buckbeak]'s hearingThe [Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures] considers the fate of the [Hippogriff] and sentences him to death.
June 6
[Peter Pettigrew], disguised as Scabbers the rat, is cornered and revealed ([PA19])In the [Shrieking Shack], [Sirius Black] and [Remus Lupin] explain the story of [Pettigrew] - and the story of the [Marauders] ([PA17], [PA18])

Outside the shack, though, it's a full moon - and [Lupin] transforms into a [werewolf]. In the confusion, [Pettigrew] escapes ([PA20]) and spends the next months searching for [Voldemort] in [Albania] ([GF1]).
June 6
[Sirius Black] escapes from [Hogwarts] on the back of the [Hippogriff] [Buckbeak]Buckbeak is scheduled to be executed at sundown; [Sirius Black] is captured and held to receive the [Dementor's Kiss].

With [Dumbledore]'s guidance, [Harry] and [Hermione] use a [time-turner] to travel back three hours and free [Buckbeak]. Harry then casts a [Patronus Charm] to save himself and [Sirius] from the [Dementors], and he and [Hermione] ride Buckbeak to [Sirius]'s rescue.
June 7
[Remus Lupin] resigns from [Hogwarts] after it becomes known he is a [werewolf][Snape] "accidentally" lets it slip, the morning after [Sirius Black] escapes.
after June 7
[Gryffindor] wins both the [Quidditch Cup] and [House Cup] (PA22)
circa July
[Bertha Jorkins], on holiday in [Albania], is tortured and then murdered by [Pettigrew] and [Voldemort] (GF1)
circa July
[International Confederation of Wizards] conference (GF18)
July 31
[Harry]'s 14th birthdayHe receives loads of food - and four birthday cakes - to help combat [Dudley]'s diet.
early August 20
[Voldemort] and [Wormtail] take up residence in the old [Riddle house] in [Little Hangleton][Frank Bryce] is killed, shortly before his 77th birthday.
August 20
[Harry Potter] wakes up with his scar hurting after seeing [Frank Bryce]'s death in a dream (GF1)
August 22
Final of the 422nd [Quidditch World Cup] - [Ireland] beats [Bulgaria], 170 to 160[Harry], [Hermione], and the [Weasleys] are in attendance.

That night, [Death Eaters] raid the campsite and are driven away when [Barty Crouch Jr.] casts the [Dark Mark].
August 23
[Bartemius Crouch] sacks his [house-elf], [Winky]He does so after she is found holding the [wand] which had cast a [Dark Mark].
September 1
[Harry] and his friends travel to [Hogwarts] aboard the [Hogwarts Express], and begin their fourth yearWe know that they travel to Hogwarts on a Monday because the evening before is identified as a Sunday:

"'It's been an absolute uproar,' [Percy] told them importantly the Sunday evening before they were due to return to Hogwarts." (GF11)

It's clear from the story that the rest of the events described of that night are taking place the evening before they leave.
September 2
Classes begin[Draco Malfoy] tries to hex [Harry], but is turned into a [ferret] by [Moody]. [Moody] gets into a bit of trouble with [McGonagall] as a result.
We know that this is also a Monday from this reference at breakfast that day:

"'Today's not bad.. . outside all morning,' said [Ron], who was running his finger down the Monday column of his schedule."

UPDATE: This error in the text was fixed in later editions (c. 2004).
September 4
In [Defence Against the Dark Arts], [Moody] shows the [Unforgivable Curses][Neville Longbottom] is particularly upset after watching [Moody] [Crucio] a [spider].
October 30
Delegations from [Durmstrang] and [Beauxbatons] arrive at [Hogwarts] for the [Triwizard Tournament] (GF15)
October 31
The [Goblet of Fire] selects the champions for the [Triwizard Tournament]The champions are [Viktor Krum], [Fleur Delacour], [Cedric Diggory], and - to everyone's surprise - [Harry Potter].
November 21
[Hogsmeade] weekend for [Hogwarts] studentsLate that night (actually very early the next morning), [Hagrid] shows [Harry] the [dragons] for the first task, and [Sirius] uses the [Floo Network] to tell Harry about [Karkaroff].
November 24
The [First Task] of the [Triwizard Tournament]The champions take it in turn to try to steal a golden egg from the clutches of a [dragon]. [Harry] manages to defeat a nasty [Hungarian Horntail dragon] to claim his golden egg.
circa December
[Jo Rowling] and her daughter move to Edinburgh, [Scotland] (JKR)
late December 25
The [Yule Ball], 8 PM until midnight[Harry] and [Ron] don't have much fun - Harry spends the night jealous of [Cedric], who brought [Cho Chang], and Ron spends it jealous of [Viktor Krum], who asked [Hermione]. Meanwhile, [Neville] attends with [Ginny].

1995 (Y15) AD = 114  MM = 70  TR = 69  RH = 67  M = 37  BW = 25  CW = 23  PW = 19  FGW = 17  HG = 16  H&R = 15  GW = 14  

January 4
[Rita Skeeter]'s article about [Hagrid] appears in the [Daily Prophet][Hagrid], revealed to be half-[giant], is distraught for days.
February 24
The [Second Task] of the [Triwizard Tournament][Harry] swims to rescue [Ron] from the depths of the lake, where he is being held by [merpeople]. [Hermione] is rescued by [Viktor Krum].
June 24
The [Third Task] of the [Triwizard Tournament][Harry] races through a maze, and finishes in a first-place tie with [Cedric Diggory]. When they touch the cup, they are transported to [Little Hangleton].
June 24
[Voldemort] kidnaps [Harry Potter] and [Cedric Diggory][Cedric] is killed by [Wormtail] using [Voldemort]'s wand. [Voldemort] is restored to his body in an ancient ceremony ([GF32]). The [Death Eaters] are called back to him and they gather ([GF33]). [Voldemort] and [Harry] then duel, and [Harry] manages to escape with [Cedric]'s body ([GF34]).

Back at [Hogwarts], it is revealed that [Barty Crouch Jr.], impersonating [Moody] all year, led [Harry] to [Voldemort] ([GF35]).
June 24
[Cornelius Fudge] and [Albus Dumbledore] choose different paths[Fudge] hides his head in the sand, while [Dumbledore] begins to call together those he can trust to fight [Voldemort].
after June 24
No [Quidditch Cup] is awarded this year; there is no mention of who wins the [House Cup] (GF37)
circa July
The [Cleansweep Eleven] is released[Ron Weasley] learns that this [broomstick] has come on the market. He later asks for and receives one as a gift for being made [Prefect].
July 31
[Harry Potter]'s 15th birthdayHe receives [Honeydukes] chocolate from [Ron] and [Hermione], but throws it away unopened out of frustration with the situation
July 31
At some point during the day, [Dudley Dursley] beats up 10-year-old neighbour [Mark Evans] for "cheek" (OP1)
August 2
[Dementors] attack [Dudley] and [Harry]; [Harry] drives them off with a [Patronus Charm] ([OP1])The [Dementors], we find out later, had been sent by [Dolores Umbridge] ([OP32]).
August 2
The [Ministry of Magic] - and the [Order of the Phoenix] - react to [Harry]'s [Patronus Charm][Mrs. Figg] reveals her identity to [Harry]; [Mundungus Fletcher] arrives and is sent to report to [Dumbledore]. The [Improper Use of Magic Office] atttempts to expel [Harry] from [Hogwarts], but [Dumbledore] arrives at the [Ministry] and forces them to comply with the letter of the law.
August 6
[Harry] leaves [Privet Drive] and flies to [number twelve, Grimmauld Place]The [Dursleys] depart for what they believe to be the prize-giving of the All-[England] Best-Kept Suburban Lawn Competition.

The Advance Guard - "[Mad-Eye]" [Moody], [Remus Lupin], [Nymphadora Tonks], [Kingsley Shacklebolt], [Elphias Doge], [Dedalus Diggle], [Emmeline Vance], [Sturgis Podmore], and [Hestia Jones] - arrive at [number four, Privet Drive] to escort [Harry] to [number twelve, Grimmauld Place] ([OP3]). Once there, [Harry] learns about the [Order of the Phoenix], and [Voldemort]'s current actions.

Later that night, [Harry] dreams about studying weapons in [Care of Magical Creatures] ([OP6]).
August 7
[Mundungus Fletcher] attempts to stash some dodgy [cauldrons] at [number twelve, Grimmauld Place] (OP6)
August 12
[Harry]'s disciplinary hearing in old [Courtroom Ten]He sees the [Department of Mysteries] corridor in the waking world for the first time ([OP7]).
  • 0530 [Harry] wakes up ([OP7]).
  • 0600 [Dumbledore] 'by a lucky mistake' arrives at the [Ministry], three hours before the scheduled time of 0900 ([OP8]).
  • 0800 [Harry]'s disciplinary hearing begins in old [Courtroom Ten], the time and venue having been changed without his receiving notification ([OP8]).
  • [Harry] empties his moneybag into the [Fountain of Magical Brethren] after his acquittal ([OP9]).

August 30
The [Ministry of Magic] passes [Educational Decree] 22This decree allows the [Ministry] to appoint a [Defence Against the Dark Arts] professor - [Dolores Umbridge] - since [Dumbledore] has not yet found one.
August 31
[Ron] and [Hermione] receive notification about their appointment as new [Prefects][Molly Weasley] buys [Ron]'s [Cleansweep Eleven]. That night, [Harry] first sees [Moody]'s old photograph of the 1970s [Order of the Phoenix] and [Harry], [Lupin], and [Moody] learn about [Molly]'s [Boggart].
September 1
A busy day as students make their way to [Harry]'s fifth year at [Hogwarts]
  • 0100 [Sturgis Podmore] arrested at the [Ministry] by [Eric Munch] ([OP14]).
  • 1100 [Hogwarts Express] departs [King's Cross Station]. [Ginny] introduces [Harry] and [Neville] to [Luna Lovegood] ([OP10]).
  • After the train arrives at [Hogwarts], [Harry] sees [Thestrals] for the first time (OP10).
  • At the feast, the [Sorting Hat] sings a song of warning, and [Dolores Umbridge] is introduced ([OP11]).
  • [Seamus Finnigan] admits he believes [Harry] is lying ([OP11]).

September 2
Classes begin[Ron] confronts [Cho Chang] about the [Tutshill Tornados], after which [Hermione] tells him off ([OP12]). From this point on, [Hermione] tends to drag [Ron] out of the way when [Cho] wants to talk with [Harry].

[Harry] is given a week's worth of [detentions] by [Umbridge] and a biscuit by [McGonagall] ([OP12]).

[Hermione] stops most of [Fred and George]'s testing by putting them on notice that she'll report them to their mother otherwise. She also starts planting clothes in [Gryffindor Tower] for [house-elves] ([OP13]).
September 3
Second day of class[Harry] gets public support from [Luna Lovegood] and [Ernie Macmillan], while [Angelina] appears to be channeling [Oliver Wood]'s spirit. At 5 p.m., [Harry]'s first [detention] with [Umbridge] begins.
September 4
At 5 p.m., [Harry]'s second [detention] with [Umbridge] begins (OP13)
September 5
At 5 p.m., [Harry]'s third [detention] with [Umbridge] begins, ending about 2 hours later[Harry] then encounters [Ron], who learns the full truth about the [detentions] as [Harry] learns about [Ron]'s private [Keeper] practices.
September 6
At 5 p.m., both the [Gryffindor] [Keeper] tryouts and [Harry]'s fourth [detention] with [Umbridge] begin[Harry]'s [detention] lasts until after nightfall. [Ron Weasley] is selected as [Gryffindor]'s [Keeper].
October 5
On the first [Hogsmeade] weekend, [Harry] and [Hermione] found the [D.A.][Hermione] invites interested students to the [Hog's Head], and twenty-eight people show up.
October 9
The first meeting of [Dumbledore's Army]Thanks to a tip from [Dobby], they find a place to meet - the [Room of Requirement] - and spend the first lesson working on [Expelliarmus].
early November
The first [Quidditch] match of the season: [Gryffindor] vs. [Slytherin]The [Slytherins] invent a song, "Weasley is Our King," to unnerve [Ron], who promptly falls apart during the match. [Gryffindor] still wins when [Harry] beats [Malfoy] to the [Snitch].

After the match Harry goes after Malfoy for taunting him and he, along with [Fred and George Weasley], are banned from playing again by [Umbridge].
late December 18
[Mr. Weasley] is attacked by a [snake] while guarding the [Department of Mysteries]Harry sees the attack in a dream and he, along with [Ron], [Fred], [George], and [Ginny], is transported back to [Grimmauld Place]. After a long, anxious night, they walk to [St. Mungo's] to visit [Arthur] the next morning.
December 25
Christmas Day - the [Order] visits [Mr. Weasley] in [St. Mungo's]There, [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] also run into [Lockhart], along with [Neville], who is visiting his parents.

1996 (Y16) AD = 115  MM = 71  TR = 70  RH = 68  M = 38  BW = 26  CW = 24  PW = 20  FGW = 18  HG = 17  H&R = 16  GW = 15  

February 14
Valentine's Day[Harry]'s first date with [Cho Chang] (the complete fiasco), followed by [Rita]'s interview of [Harry] for [The Quibbler].
The [D.A.] is caught[Marietta Edgecombe] squeals on the [D.A.] to [Umbridge]. Rather than let [Harry] get expelled,[Dumbledore] takes the fall instead and is removed from [Hogwarts]. Unwilling to "go quietly," he instead makes a dramatic escape.
"As the door swung closed behind them, Harry heard [Phineas Nigellus]'s voice.
'You know, Minister, I disagree with [Dumbledore] on many counts...but you cannot deny he's got style....'"
[Harry] takes his [O.W.L.s], but they are interrupted by a vision of [Sirius] being tortured ([OP31])After a delay trying to contact [Grimmauld Place] and being caught by [Umbridge] ([OP32]), [Harry] takes off for the [Ministry of Magic Headquarters] to find [Sirius]. [Ron], [Hermione], [Ginny], [Neville], and [Luna] come along ([OP33]). [Snape], meanwhile, sends word to the [Order of the Phoenix] that the kids have gone ([OP37]).
The Battle of the [Department of Mysteries]A pitched battle is fought between members of the [D.A.], a group of [Death Eaters], and members of the [Order of the Phoenix]. [Sirius Black] is killed and many others are wounded ([OP35]). When [Voldemort] himself arrives and battles [Dumbledore] in the Atrium, [Fudge] is forced to admit that [Voldemort] has indeed returned and remove [Umbridge] from [Hogwarts] ([OP36]). [Dumbledore] returns to [Hogwarts] and reveals to [Harry] the contents of [Trelawney]'s first [prophecy] ([OP37]).
[Gryffindor] wins the [Quidditch Cup]No mention of who wins the [House Cup], but it probably wasn't [Gryffindor].
early July
With [Voldemort] out in the open, the second war beginsIt's a busy two weeks:
  • When [Minister for Magic] [Cornelius Fudge] refuses to step aside for [Voldemort], the [Brockdale Bridge] is destroyed, killing dozens of Muggles.
  • [Amelia Bones], Head of [Magical Law Enforcement], and [Emmeline Vance], a member of the [Order of the Phoenix], are murdered - the former by [Voldemort] himself.
  • Destruction in [Somerset] is reported; Muggles suspect a hurricane, but it was probably the work of [giants] working for [Voldemort].
  • [Dementors] are breeding, causing cool weather and persistent mist across [Britain].
  • [Cornelius Fudge] is sacked and [Rufus Scrimgeour], Head of the [Aurors], takes his place.
  • A Junior Minister in the Muggle government, [Herbert Chorley], has a bad reaction to an [Imperius Curse] and thinks he's a duck. He is spirited away to St Mungo's] and [Kingsley Shacklebolt] takes a position as a secretary to the Muggle [Prime Minister] to guard him.
  • [Fudge] visits the Muggle [Prime Minister] and introduces the him to [Scrimgeour].
  • [Voldemort] is furious with the failure of his [Death Eaters] to retrieve the [prophecy]. He assigns [Draco Malfoy] the task of killing [Dumbledore], at least in part to punish [Lucius]'s failure, since [Draco] will almost certainly be killed.
  • [Narcissa Malfoy], followed by her sister [Bellatrix], visits [Severus Snape] in his house on [Spinner's End] and get him to take the [Unbreakable Vow] that he will protect and Draco and, if necessary, kill [Dumbledore] for him.
  • [Harry] spends two weeks at [number four, Privet Drive].
([HBP1], [HBP2], [HBP3])
early July
[Dumbledore] visits [Privet Drive] and takes [Harry] to the [Burrow]On the way, they stop by [Budleigh Babberton] and convince [Horace Slughorn] to return to [Hogwarts] and teach [Potions].
July 31
[Harry]'s 16th birthday[Harry] celebrates at the [Burrow], but the celebrations are marred by reports of [Dementor] attacks and disappearances brought home by [Arthur], [Bill], and [Lupin].
Bloomsbury makes an offer to publish the [Harry Potter] books (JKR)
August 3
[Harry], [Hermione] and the [Weasleys] visit a much-changed [Diagon Alley]There they have a run-in with [Draco] and [Narcissa Malfoy] in [Madam Malkin's], visit [Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes], and follow Draco to [Borgin and Burkes], where they overhear him threatening [Mr. Borgin].
This happened the Saturday following Harry's birthday. According to the calendar used by the rest of the book, this day would be August 3.
circa September 2
On [Harry]'s first day of class, he receives the [Half-Blood Prince]'s old [Potions] book[Snape] tries to jinx [Harry] in [Defence Against the Dark Arts], but he excells in [Potions] and wins a bottle of [Felix Felicis].
The date for the first day of school is never given in this book, but we know from previous books that the [Hogwarts Express] has every year left for start of term on September 1, so this is probably a safe assumption.
circa September 7
[Harry] has his first one-on-one lesson with [Dumbledore]They view [Bob Ogden]'s memory of the [Gaunt house], and discuss the circumstances surrounding [Voldemort]'s birth.
Again the exact date is uncertain, but we know that this lesson is the Saturday immediately following the first day of classes ([HBP9]), so it is most likely September 7.
[Harry]'s second lesson with [Dumbledore]Together they view [Dumbledore]'s memory of going to meet young [Tom Riddle] at his [orphanage] ([HBP13]).
We know from [HBP12] that this lesson falls roughly "halfway through October."
circa November
The [Gryffindor Quidditch team] wins its first matchThe team wins largely thanks to [Harry], who pretended to give [Ron] [Felix Felicis] before the game to bolster his confidence.

After the game, [Ron] and [Lavender] get together, much to [Hermione]'s dismay.
There is no mention of what day this happened, but it was probably somewhere around early November.
December 20
[Slughorn]'s Christmas party[Harry] attends with [Luna Lovegood]; [Hermione] brings [Cormac McLaggen] to annoy [Ron].

During the party, [Harry] follows [Snape] and [Malfoy] and overhears them talking about the [Unbreakable Vow].
December 25
[Rufus Scrimgeour] visits the [Burrow] on Christmas DayHe shows up under the pretense of [Percy] wanting to see his family. It soon becomes apparent, however, that what he actually wants is to ask [Harry] to support the [Ministry]. [Harry] refuses to help him and walks away.

1997 (Y17) AD = 116  MM = 72  TR = 71  RH = 69  M = 39  BW = 27  CW = 25  PW = 21  FGW = 19  HG = 18  H&R = 17  GW = 16  

January 6
[Harry]'s third lesson with [Dumbledore][Harry] and [Dumbledore] together watch the memory of [Tom Riddle] returning to the [Gaunt house] and a fuzzy memory of [Riddle] asking [Professor Slughorn] about [Horcruxes].
This happened the first day back from the Christmas holidays, and a "few days after New Year." On the [HBP] calendar, this is Monday, January 6.
March 1
[Ron]'s seventeenth birthdayShortly after waking up, [Ron] accidentally has some of [Romilda Vane]'s [love potion] - and after [Slughorn] provides him with an antidote, he inadvertently poisons [Ron] as well. Fortunately, [Harry] reacts quickly and gives [Ron] a [bezoar], saving his life.
March 10
[Harry]'s fourth lesson with [Dumbledore][Harry] arrives at his lesson with [Dumbledore] having forgotten to do his homework and get the full memory from [Slughorn]. They watch several memories, including [Voldemort]'s applying to teach [Defence Against the Dark Arts], and [Dumbledore] warns [Harry] that further lessons will be useless without the memory from [Slughorn].
April 21
[Horace Slughorn] finally gives up his memory to [Harry] - thanks to [Felix Felicis] ([HBP22])He races to [Dumbledore]'s study at midnight and together they watch the full memory, discussing [Voldemort], [Horcruxes], and the [prophecy] - along with how [Harry] is going to react to all three ([HBP23]).
We know this happens on April 21 because [Apparition] tests were the same day, and the sign posted in the [Gryffindor common room] in [HBP21] specified the date. This works well with our calendar, too; the 21st is a Monday, we already know from [HBP9] that [Harry] has [Potions] on Mondays, and most of his lessons with [Dumbledore] have happened on Mondays as well.
circa May
[Harry] uses the [Sectumsempra] curse on [Malfoy][Snape] quickly arrives to heal [Malfoy], but [Harry] lands in [detention] every Saturday for the rest of the year.
[Harry] serves his first [detention] with [Snape]; meanwhile, [Gryffindor] wins the [Quidditch Cup][Harry] returns to [Gryffindor Tower] after his [detention] to find a massive celebration - and immediately kisses [Ginny] in front of everybody.
[Harry] and [Dumbledore] retrieve the fake [Horcrux] from inside [Voldemort]'s sea [cave]We are given no indication of the date, except that it's June.
The Battle of The TowerWhile [Dumbledore] is away, a gang of [Death Eaters], led by [Draco Malfoy], sneaks into [Hogwarts] through the [vanishing cabinet] in the [Room of Requirement]. They battle the [Order of the Phoenix], and when [Dumbledore] and [Harry] return, Dumbledore freezes Harry and [Draco] arrives to [Disarm] [Dumbledore] ([HBP27]).

After a standoff, [Snape] arrives and kills [Dumbledore], and the [Death Eaters] flee the school. [Harry] then discovers that the [locket] is not the real [Horcrux], but rather that it was replaced by a fake one from [R.A.B.] ([HBP28]).

[McGonagall], now acting as headmaster, meets with the [Order] and with the [heads of houses], determining that students will be allowed to stay for [Dumbledore]\'s funeral ([HBP29]).
[Dumbledore]'s funeralMuch of the British Wizarding World comes to [Hogwarts] to bid farewell to the "greatest headmaster [Hogwarts] ever had."

After rejecting [Scrimgeour] again and breaking ties with [Ginny], [Harry] walks off with [Ron] and [Hermione]. He pledges to find the [Horcruxes] himself, and they pledge to stand with him the whole time.
July 1
[Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone] is publishedIt is published only in [Britain] until the following year.
late July 27
Battle of the Seven Potters
The [Order of the Phoenix] attempts to release Harry from [Privet Drive] only to be ambushed by [Death Eaters]. An aerial battle ensues which ranges over the southern counties of England between [Little Whinging] and the [Burrow].
August 1
The Wedding
[Fleur Delacour] and [Bill Weasley] get married. The reception is broken up by a [Death Eater] attack.
August 2
Story of the Locket Revealed
London, Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place
[Kreacher] tells [Harry Potter] the tale of how he was told to go with the [Dark Lord] by his master [Regulus Black] and how he failed his master by not destroying the locket.
September 1
New Hogwarts Headmaster
With Death Eaters in control of the Ministry, Severus Snape becomes headmaster of Hogwarts.
September 2
The Infiltration of the Ministry
Harry, Ron, and Hermione use Polyjuice Potion to impersonate Ministry Employees. They recover a Horcrux and make a narrow escape.

1998 (Y18) AD = 117  MM = 73  TR = 72  RH = 70  M = 40  BW = 28  CW = 26  PW = 22  FGW = 20  HG = 19  H&R = 18  GW = 17  

[Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets] is publishedIt will not be released in the [U.S.] until the following year.
July 31
[Jo Rowling] publishes the first [Daily Prophet newsletter] for members of her fan club
September 1
[Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone] is published in the [U.S.]

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