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The 1990s

1992 (Y12) AD = 111  MM = 67  TR = 66  RH = 64  M = 34  BW = 22  CW = 20  PW = 16  FGW = 14  HG = 13  H&R = 12  GW = 11  

[Cassiopeia Black] dies at age 77 (BFT)
[Cygnus Black], father of [Bellatrix], [Narcissa], and [Andromeda], dies at age 54 (BFT)
[Lucretia Black Prewett] dies at age 67 (BFT)
circa April
[Norbert] hatchesThe calendar lists this date as April 24, but all we really know is that it is a few weeks before exams and that the weather gave the first hint of summer coming.
circa May 9
[Charlie]'s friends take [Norbert] from [Harry] and [Hermione] on top of the [Astronomy Tower]Unfortunately, they are caught by [Filch] - and given [detentions] by [McGonagall].
Derived from the estimated date of Norbert's hatching.
May 26
[Harry], [Hermione], [Neville], and [Malfoy] serve their [detentions] in the [Forbidden Forest]With [Hagrid] supervising, they track down a dead [unicorn]. [Harry] encounters [Voldemort] for the first time, and is saved by [Firenze].
We have no indication of when this date might be, except that it is shortly before final exams.
early June
[Harry], [Hermione], and [Ron] follow [Quirrell] after the [Philosopher's Stone]They overcome the various protections, and defeat [Quirrell]/[Voldemort]'s attempt to steal the Stone.
The dates of this event are contingent on the dates of exams in [Harry]'s first year. We are given dates for exams in books two and three--the first week of June--but that doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule. The calendar for this book gives the date as June 4, based on the exam dates in the other books, but here on the timeline we'll play it a bit safer and just go with "early June."
End of Term Feast[Gryffindor] wins the [House Cup], but not the [Quidditch Cup], which goes to [Slytherin].
circa June
The [Nimbus 2001] broomstick is released[Lucius Malfoy] soon buys them for the [Slytherin] Quidditch team. As it happens, [Draco] is made [Seeker] during the upcoming school term.
after June
[Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel] die after a long, long life (PS17)
July 31
[Harry]'s 12th Birthday[Dobby] the [house-elf] visits [Harry] in [Privet Drive]. Meanwhile, the [Dursleys] are holding a dinner party for the [Masons], which is then disrupted when [Dobby] drops a violet pudding on [Mrs. Mason]'s head. [Harry] is sent a warning letter from the [Ministry], reminding him that he is not allowed to do magic outside of school ([CS1], [CS2]).
circa August 3
[Fred], [George], and [Ron] rescue [Harry] from the [Dursleys] in their father's [Ford Anglia]This is very likely the night of August 3, three days after [Harry]'s birthday. He arrives at the [Burrow], then, on the morning of August 4.
circa August 13
[Gilderoy Lockhart] announces that he is the new [Defence Against the Dark Arts] professor at [Hogwarts][Harry], who arrives at [Flourish and Blotts] just in time for the announcement, accidentally (and unwillingly) gets caught up in the publicity. Not long afterward, [Lucius Malfoy] and [Arthur Weasley] get into a scuffle, and [Lucius] drops [Voldemort]'s [diary] into [Ginny Weasley]'s [cauldron].
September 1
[Harry] and [Ron] miss the [Hogwarts Express] and fly [Mr. Weasley]'s bewitched car to [Hogwarts]They are spotted by several Muggles along the way and land, at school, in the [Whomping Willow] - subsequently landing them in a fair amount of trouble as well.
September 1
[Ginny Weasley], [Luna Lovegood], and [Colin Creevey] start their first year at [Hogwarts][Ginny] and [Colin] are sorted into [Gryffindor] and [Luna] becomes a [Ravenclaw]. [Harry] and his friends, meanwhile, start their second year.
circa September 8
The [Chamber of Secrets] is reopenedThis time the [Chamber] is opened by [Ginny Weasley], under the influence of [Tom Riddle], by means of his [diary]. [Harry] first hears the voice of the [Basilisk] during his [detention] with [Lockhart].
This is about a week into the school year, so it didn't take [Riddle] long to force [Ginny] to open the [Chamber].
October 31
The Halloween Feast and 500th Deathday for [Nearly Headless Nick] (CS8)
late October 31
The [Basilisk] from the [Chamber of Secrets] attacks its first victim: [Filch]'s cat, [Mrs. Norris][Harry] is discovered at the scene of the crime, and students start suspecting him to be the heir of [Salazar Slytherin]. [Harry] and his friends, meanwhile, begin to suspect [Draco Malfoy].
If we go by the calendar of this year according to the official timeline, Halloween is on a Saturday.
November 8
[Colin Creevey] is Petrified by the [Basilisk]The next morning, [Ron] and [Hermione] start working on brewing [Polyjuice Potion].
December 17
The [Duelling] Club[Harry] unwittingly uses [Parseltongue] to talk to a [snake] in front of the whole school; the [Hufflepuffs] in particular are now entirely convinced he's the heir of [Salazar Slytherin].
December 18
[Justin Finch-Fletchley] and [Nearly Headless Nick] are petrified by the [Basilisk][Harry] is taken to [Dumbledore's office] by [McGonagall], but when [Dumbledore] asks if Harry has anything to tell him, [Harry] says he doesn't.
circa December 20
Mr and Mrs Weasley visit Bill in Egypt
The Weasley children stayed on at Hogwarts over the holidays rather than visit Bill in Egypt with their parents. They would all visit Egypt the following summer.
December 25
[Harry] and [Ron] use [Polyjuice Potion] to "become" [Crabbe] and [Goyle].They go into the [Slytherin] common room and learn that [Malfoy] is NOT the heir of [Salazar Slytherin].
December 25
[Hermione] is accidentally changed partially into a catShe spends the next month in the [hospital wing].

1993 (Y13) AD = 112  MM = 68  TR = 67  RH = 65  M = 35  BW = 23  CW = 21  PW = 17  FGW = 15  HG = 14  H&R = 13  GW = 12  

The [Sweetwater], Texas [Quidditch] team, the [All-Stars], defeats the [Quiberon Quafflepunchers]The match lasts five days.
[Dolores Umbridge] crafts anti-[werewolf] legislationThe new law makes it almost impossible for [Lupin] to get a job.
February 14
Valentine's Day[Lockhart] takes it upon himself to whip up a celebration; Harry receives an anonymous [singing valentine].

That night, [Harry] learns how to work [Riddle]'s [diary] and travels into his memory, which convinces [Harry] that [Hagrid] had opened the [Chamber of Secrets].
May 8
The [Basilisk] petrifies [Hermione Granger] and [Penelope Clearwater]The [Hogwarts] [Quidditch Cup] is cancelled.
late May 8
[Hagrid] is sent to [Azkaban]; [Dumbledore] is removed as headmaster of [Hogwarts][Harry] and [Ron] watch from under the [invisibility cloak] as [Cornelius Fudge] and [Lucius Malfoy] serve the orders.
May 24
[Harry] and [Ron] enter the [Forbidden Forest] and meet [Aragog] (CS15)
May 29
[Harry] and [Ron] discover the [Chamber of Secrets]They learn that [Ginny Weasley] has been taken into the [Chamber] and go to offer their knowledge to [Professor Lockhart]. When they discover he's trying to take off, they instead force him to join them - and go through [Moaning Myrtle]'s bathroom down into the [Chamber of Secrets].
late May 29
The spirit-form of [Voldemort] is defeated by [Harry Potter] in the [Chamber of Secrets][Harry] kills the [Basilisk] and uses its fang to destroy the [diary], therefore destroying [Riddle] and saving [Ginny]'s life. [Gilderoy Lockhart]'s memory is destroyed when he attempts to [Obliviate] [Ron] and [Harry] and get out of the [Chamber].

Later that night, the [Petrified] people are restored using [Mandrake Draught].
original artwork © [Agata Matteucci], used by permission
May 30
[Dobby] the [house-elf] is freed from service to the [Malfoy family]He is freed when [Harry] tricks [Lucius Malfoy] into throwing him a sock.
May 30
[Lucius Malfoy] is removed from the Board of Governors of [Hogwarts][Hagrid] and [Dumbledore] return to [Hogwarts]
[Gryffindor] wins the [House Cup]; no [Quidditch Cup] is awarded (CS18)
circa July
The [Granger] family vacations in [France] (PA1)
[Arthur Weasley] wins 700 [Galleons] in a [Daily Prophet] drawingThe [Weasley] family spends a month in [Egypt], visiting [Bill].

They leave a week before [Harry]'s birthday and stay until the week before the end of the holidays. They are gone the last week of July and the first three weeks of August.
July 27
[Jo Rowling]'s first daughter, [Jessica Isabel Rowling], is born
circa July 30
[Sirius Black] escapes from [Azkaban]He escapes by changing into his dog form and swimming back to the mainland.
Very likely the escape happened within a day or two of [Harry]'s birthday, since it shows up on the morning news on the 31st. [Sirius] saw the photo of the [Weasleys] during that previous week, on a copy of the [Daily Prophet] [Fudge] had finished reading. This particular photo had appeared a week before [Harry]'s birthday, which would be on the 24th. [Fudge] wouldn't be carrying a paper more than a day old, so Black would have proabably seen the picture on that actual day. Given reasonable time for all this to occur, it works out logically that he worried frantically about what to do to protect [Harry] for several days, was heard moaning "He's at [Hogwarts]" in his sleep as he agonized over the situation, then finally escaped on the 29th or 30th.
July 31
[Harry]'s 13th birthday; [Aunt Marge] comes for a visit with the [Dursleys]"[Aunt Marge] coming for a week-long visit - it was the worst birthday present the [Dursleys] had ever given him, including that pair of [Uncle Vernon]'s old socks."
[Quality Quidditch Supplies] displays the new [Firebolt] [broomstick] (PA4)
August 7
On the last day of [Aunt Marge]'s visit, [Harry] blows her up and runs awayThe [Knight Bus] picks him up in [Magnolia Crescent] and drops him off at the [Leaky Cauldron].
after August 7
[Harry] stays at the [Leaky Cauldron] and spends his days in [Diagon Alley]He does his homework out in the open, eats free ice creams, picks up his [books], and repeatedly stops by [Quality Quidditch Supplies] to admire the [Firebolt].
August 31
[Harry] meets [Hermione] and [Ron] in [Diagon Alley]They are all staying at the [Leaky Cauldron]. [Hermione] buys [Crookshanks].

That night, [Harry] overhears [Mr. and Mrs. Weasley] in conversation - and learns that [Sirius Black] is after him.
The [Gryffindor Quidditch team] is looking very promising this year[Oliver Wood] says that "[Gryffindor] hasn't won for seven years now." He is taking into account the fact that no Cup was awarded last year when he says this (so that it agrees with other such comments in the book, quoted below). The last time [Gryffindor] won the [Quidditch Cup], then was the 1983-1984 season.

This year's team consists of:
  • [Oliver Wood], seventh year, [Keeper], Captain
  • [Angelina Johnson], fifth year, [Chaser]
  • [Alicia Spinnet], fifth year, [Chaser]
  • [Fred Weasley], fifth year, [Beater]
  • [George Weasley], fifth year, [Beater]
  • [Harry Potter], third year, [Seeker]
  • [Katie Bell], fourth year, Chaser
During [Harry]'s first year, the following comment is made:
"If they won their next match, against [Hufflepuff], they would overtake [Slytherin] in the house championship for the first time in seven years...As the match drew nearer, however, [Harry] became more and more nervous, whatever he told [Ron] and [Hermione]. The rest of the team wasn't too calm, either. The idea of overtaking [Slytherin] in the house championship was wonderful, no one had done it for seven years, but would they be allowed to, with such a biased referee?"
September 1
[Harry] and his friends begin their third year at [Hogwarts], which is now surrounded by [Dementors][Dementors] search the [Hogwarts Express] while students are on their way to school, making [Harry] collapse.
September 1
[Remus Lupin] and [Rubeus Hagrid] begin their professorships at [Hogwarts][Lupin] teaches [Defence Against the Dark Arts]; [Hagrid], [Care of Magical Creatures].
October 31
[Sirius Black] breaks into [Hogwarts] and slashes the [Fat Lady] in an attempt to find [Pettigrew]Everyone thinks he's after [Harry]; [Dumbledore] sends all of the students to sleep in the [Great Hall] overnight. [Snape] thinks [Lupin] is helping [Sirius] sneak into the castle.
[Harry] loses his first-ever [Quidditch] matchThe [Gryffindor Quidditch team] loses to Hufflepuff when [Dementors] cause [Harry] to fall off his broom, and [Cedric Diggory] grabs the [Snitch]. Harry's [Nimbus 2000] is blown into the [Whomping Willow] and smashed to bits.
circa December 18
End-of-Term trip to [Hogsmeade][Fred and George] give [Harry] the [Marauder's Map], which allows him to sneak into [Hogsmeade]. Once there he overhears a conversation among [Hogwarts staff] - and learns that [Sirius Black], his godfather, betrayed his parents to [Voldemort].
December 25
Christmas - [Harry] receives a [Firebolt], but [McGonagall] takes it away[Ron] and [Harry] are angry with [Hermione] for weeks over the fact that she told [McGonagall] about the [Firebolt].

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