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The 1990s

1994 (Y14) AD = 113  MM = 69  TR = 68  RH = 66  M = 36  BW = 24  CW = 22  PW = 18  FGW = 16  HG = 15  H&R = 14  GW = 13  

The [Toyohashi Tengu], the [Quidditch] team from [Japan], narrowly misses a win over the [Gorodok Gargoyles]
Toyohashi, Japan, Asia
[Sirius Black] sneaks into [Gryffindor Tower] in search of [Pettigrew]
Hogwarts, Gryffindor Tower, Dormitory
[Ron]\'s screams drive him out, and [Ron] becomes an instant celebrity. [Neville], meanwhile, is completely disgraced when [McGonagall] figures out he left the [Gryffindor Tower] [passwords] lying around.
April 20
[Buckbeak]'s hearingThe [Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures] considers the fate of the [Hippogriff] and sentences him to death.
June 6
[Peter Pettigrew], disguised as Scabbers the rat, is cornered and revealed ([PA19])In the [Shrieking Shack], [Sirius Black] and [Remus Lupin] explain the story of [Pettigrew] - and the story of the [Marauders] ([PA17], [PA18])

Outside the shack, though, it's a full moon - and [Lupin] transforms into a [werewolf]. In the confusion, [Pettigrew] escapes ([PA20]) and spends the next months searching for [Voldemort] in [Albania] ([GF1]).
June 6
[Sirius Black] escapes from [Hogwarts] on the back of the [Hippogriff] [Buckbeak]Buckbeak is scheduled to be executed at sundown; [Sirius Black] is captured and held to receive the [Dementor's Kiss].

With [Dumbledore]'s guidance, [Harry] and [Hermione] use a [time-turner] to travel back three hours and free [Buckbeak]. Harry then casts a [Patronus Charm] to save himself and [Sirius] from the [Dementors], and he and [Hermione] ride Buckbeak to [Sirius]'s rescue.
June 7
[Remus Lupin] resigns from [Hogwarts] after it becomes known he is a [werewolf][Snape] "accidentally" lets it slip, the morning after [Sirius Black] escapes.
after June 7
[Gryffindor] wins both the [Quidditch Cup] and [House Cup] (PA22)
circa July
[Bertha Jorkins], on holiday in [Albania], is tortured and then murdered by [Pettigrew] and [Voldemort] (GF1)
circa July
[International Confederation of Wizards] conference (GF18)
July 31
[Harry]'s 14th birthdayHe receives loads of food - and four birthday cakes - to help combat [Dudley]'s diet.
early August 20
[Voldemort] and [Wormtail] take up residence in the old [Riddle house] in [Little Hangleton][Frank Bryce] is killed, shortly before his 77th birthday.
August 20
[Harry Potter] wakes up with his scar hurting after seeing [Frank Bryce]'s death in a dream (GF1)
August 22
Final of the 422nd [Quidditch World Cup] - [Ireland] beats [Bulgaria], 170 to 160[Harry], [Hermione], and the [Weasleys] are in attendance.

That night, [Death Eaters] raid the campsite and are driven away when [Barty Crouch Jr.] casts the [Dark Mark].
August 23
[Bartemius Crouch] sacks his [house-elf], [Winky]He does so after she is found holding the [wand] which had cast a [Dark Mark].
September 1
[Harry] and his friends travel to [Hogwarts] aboard the [Hogwarts Express], and begin their fourth yearWe know that they travel to Hogwarts on a Monday because the evening before is identified as a Sunday:

"'It's been an absolute uproar,' [Percy] told them importantly the Sunday evening before they were due to return to Hogwarts." (GF11)

It's clear from the story that the rest of the events described of that night are taking place the evening before they leave.
September 2
Classes begin[Draco Malfoy] tries to hex [Harry], but is turned into a [ferret] by [Moody]. [Moody] gets into a bit of trouble with [McGonagall] as a result.
We know that this is also a Monday from this reference at breakfast that day:

"'Today's not bad.. . outside all morning,' said [Ron], who was running his finger down the Monday column of his schedule."

UPDATE: This error in the text was fixed in later editions (c. 2004).
September 4
In [Defence Against the Dark Arts], [Moody] shows the [Unforgivable Curses][Neville Longbottom] is particularly upset after watching [Moody] [Crucio] a [spider].
October 30
Delegations from [Durmstrang] and [Beauxbatons] arrive at [Hogwarts] for the [Triwizard Tournament] (GF15)
October 31
The [Goblet of Fire] selects the champions for the [Triwizard Tournament]The champions are [Viktor Krum], [Fleur Delacour], [Cedric Diggory], and - to everyone's surprise - [Harry Potter].
November 21
[Hogsmeade] weekend for [Hogwarts] studentsLate that night (actually very early the next morning), [Hagrid] shows [Harry] the [dragons] for the first task, and [Sirius] uses the [Floo Network] to tell Harry about [Karkaroff].
November 24
The [First Task] of the [Triwizard Tournament]The champions take it in turn to try to steal a golden egg from the clutches of a [dragon]. [Harry] manages to defeat a nasty [Hungarian Horntail dragon] to claim his golden egg.
circa December
[Jo Rowling] and her daughter move to Edinburgh, [Scotland] (JKR)
late December 25
The [Yule Ball], 8 PM until midnight[Harry] and [Ron] don't have much fun - Harry spends the night jealous of [Cedric], who brought [Cho Chang], and Ron spends it jealous of [Viktor Krum], who asked [Hermione]. Meanwhile, [Neville] attends with [Ginny].

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