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The 1990s

1996 (Y16) AD = 115  MM = 71  TR = 70  RH = 68  M = 38  BW = 26  CW = 24  PW = 20  FGW = 18  HG = 17  H&R = 16  GW = 15  

February 14
Valentine's Day[Harry]'s first date with [Cho Chang] (the complete fiasco), followed by [Rita]'s interview of [Harry] for [The Quibbler].
The [D.A.] is caught[Marietta Edgecombe] squeals on the [D.A.] to [Umbridge]. Rather than let [Harry] get expelled,[Dumbledore] takes the fall instead and is removed from [Hogwarts]. Unwilling to "go quietly," he instead makes a dramatic escape.
"As the door swung closed behind them, Harry heard [Phineas Nigellus]'s voice.
'You know, Minister, I disagree with [Dumbledore] on many counts...but you cannot deny he's got style....'"
[Harry] takes his [O.W.L.s], but they are interrupted by a vision of [Sirius] being tortured ([OP31])After a delay trying to contact [Grimmauld Place] and being caught by [Umbridge] ([OP32]), [Harry] takes off for the [Ministry of Magic Headquarters] to find [Sirius]. [Ron], [Hermione], [Ginny], [Neville], and [Luna] come along ([OP33]). [Snape], meanwhile, sends word to the [Order of the Phoenix] that the kids have gone ([OP37]).
The Battle of the [Department of Mysteries]A pitched battle is fought between members of the [D.A.], a group of [Death Eaters], and members of the [Order of the Phoenix]. [Sirius Black] is killed and many others are wounded ([OP35]). When [Voldemort] himself arrives and battles [Dumbledore] in the Atrium, [Fudge] is forced to admit that [Voldemort] has indeed returned and remove [Umbridge] from [Hogwarts] ([OP36]). [Dumbledore] returns to [Hogwarts] and reveals to [Harry] the contents of [Trelawney]'s first [prophecy] ([OP37]).
[Gryffindor] wins the [Quidditch Cup]No mention of who wins the [House Cup], but it probably wasn't [Gryffindor].
early July
With [Voldemort] out in the open, the second war beginsIt's a busy two weeks:
  • When [Minister for Magic] [Cornelius Fudge] refuses to step aside for [Voldemort], the [Brockdale Bridge] is destroyed, killing dozens of Muggles.
  • [Amelia Bones], Head of [Magical Law Enforcement], and [Emmeline Vance], a member of the [Order of the Phoenix], are murdered - the former by [Voldemort] himself.
  • Destruction in [Somerset] is reported; Muggles suspect a hurricane, but it was probably the work of [giants] working for [Voldemort].
  • [Dementors] are breeding, causing cool weather and persistent mist across [Britain].
  • [Cornelius Fudge] is sacked and [Rufus Scrimgeour], Head of the [Aurors], takes his place.
  • A Junior Minister in the Muggle government, [Herbert Chorley], has a bad reaction to an [Imperius Curse] and thinks he's a duck. He is spirited away to St Mungo's] and [Kingsley Shacklebolt] takes a position as a secretary to the Muggle [Prime Minister] to guard him.
  • [Fudge] visits the Muggle [Prime Minister] and introduces the him to [Scrimgeour].
  • [Voldemort] is furious with the failure of his [Death Eaters] to retrieve the [prophecy]. He assigns [Draco Malfoy] the task of killing [Dumbledore], at least in part to punish [Lucius]'s failure, since [Draco] will almost certainly be killed.
  • [Narcissa Malfoy], followed by her sister [Bellatrix], visits [Severus Snape] in his house on [Spinner's End] and get him to take the [Unbreakable Vow] that he will protect and Draco and, if necessary, kill [Dumbledore] for him.
  • [Harry] spends two weeks at [number four, Privet Drive].
([HBP1], [HBP2], [HBP3])
early July
[Dumbledore] visits [Privet Drive] and takes [Harry] to the [Burrow]On the way, they stop by [Budleigh Babberton] and convince [Horace Slughorn] to return to [Hogwarts] and teach [Potions].
July 31
[Harry]'s 16th birthday[Harry] celebrates at the [Burrow], but the celebrations are marred by reports of [Dementor] attacks and disappearances brought home by [Arthur], [Bill], and [Lupin].
Bloomsbury makes an offer to publish the [Harry Potter] books (JKR)
August 3
[Harry], [Hermione] and the [Weasleys] visit a much-changed [Diagon Alley]There they have a run-in with [Draco] and [Narcissa Malfoy] in [Madam Malkin's], visit [Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes], and follow Draco to [Borgin and Burkes], where they overhear him threatening [Mr. Borgin].
This happened the Saturday following Harry's birthday. According to the calendar used by the rest of the book, this day would be August 3.
circa September 2
On [Harry]'s first day of class, he receives the [Half-Blood Prince]'s old [Potions] book[Snape] tries to jinx [Harry] in [Defence Against the Dark Arts], but he excells in [Potions] and wins a bottle of [Felix Felicis].
The date for the first day of school is never given in this book, but we know from previous books that the [Hogwarts Express] has every year left for start of term on September 1, so this is probably a safe assumption.
circa September 7
[Harry] has his first one-on-one lesson with [Dumbledore]They view [Bob Ogden]'s memory of the [Gaunt house], and discuss the circumstances surrounding [Voldemort]'s birth.
Again the exact date is uncertain, but we know that this lesson is the Saturday immediately following the first day of classes ([HBP9]), so it is most likely September 7.
[Harry]'s second lesson with [Dumbledore]Together they view [Dumbledore]'s memory of going to meet young [Tom Riddle] at his [orphanage] ([HBP13]).
We know from [HBP12] that this lesson falls roughly "halfway through October."
circa November
The [Gryffindor Quidditch team] wins its first matchThe team wins largely thanks to [Harry], who pretended to give [Ron] [Felix Felicis] before the game to bolster his confidence.

After the game, [Ron] and [Lavender] get together, much to [Hermione]'s dismay.
There is no mention of what day this happened, but it was probably somewhere around early November.
December 20
[Slughorn]'s Christmas party[Harry] attends with [Luna Lovegood]; [Hermione] brings [Cormac McLaggen] to annoy [Ron].

During the party, [Harry] follows [Snape] and [Malfoy] and overhears them talking about the [Unbreakable Vow].
December 25
[Rufus Scrimgeour] visits the [Burrow] on Christmas DayHe shows up under the pretense of [Percy] wanting to see his family. It soon becomes apparent, however, that what he actually wants is to ask [Harry] to support the [Ministry]. [Harry] refuses to help him and walks away.

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