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The 10th century
Events of this century:

Annual [Swedish] broom race begins
Europe | [Sweden]
A broom race is run in [Sweden] from [Kopparberg] to [Arjeplog], a distance of about 300 miles. The race is so popular it is made an annual tradition - one which still continues today, over 1000 years later.

962 (Y-1018)

[German] illuminated manuscript created
Europe | Germany
Witches and wizards were using primitive [broomsticks] for transportation, but these broomsticks were far from perfect; this [German] illuminated manuscript shows wizards dismounting early flying broomsticks in pain.

before 993 (Y-987)

[Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry] is Founded
Europe | Great Britain | Scotland
Growing distrust on the part of Muggles for wizards and witches compels the four greatest witches and wizards of the age - [Godric Gryffindor], [Helga Hufflepuff], [Rowena Ravenclaw], and [Salazar Slytherin] - to found [Hogwarts]. Slytherin builds the [Chamber of Secrets] after his idea that only pure-blood wizards should be allowed into Hogwarts was dismissed. The Wizarding World begins to withdraw and hide itself from the Muggle World ([CS9]).
The official timeline ([CS/DVD]) lists this year as "before 993" because it is based on Y0 = 1980. Canon states that this happened "over a thousand years ago" ([CS9], [GF12]).

The 11th century
Events of this century:

early 1000s
The [Chamber of Secrets] is created
Great Britian | Scotland | Hogwarts
Growing friction between [Godric Gryffindor] and [Salazar Slytherin] erupts into violence, with the result that Slytherin leaves [Hogwarts] after creating the [Chamber of Secrets].
the beginnings of [Quidditch]
Britain | Queerditch Marsh
[Gertie Keddle], living near [Queerditch Marsh], writes about some local witches and wizards playing a new game on [broomsticks]; over the next few centuries this game evolves into [Quidditch].
Tragic Gaelic poem written about the game of Creaothceann
Europe | Britain | Scotland
The poem tells of twelve men playing a round of Creaothceann during which "...ten of their number were fated to die."

1014 (Y-966)

[Fulbert the Fearful] born (fw)

1066 (Y-914)

In the Muggle world:
Battle of Hastings; the Norman Conquest of [Britain]
Britain | England | Hastings
This famous battle actually took place near the town of Hastings on Selnac Hill. The defeat of Harold II by William the Conqueror marked the last time that England was conquered by foreign forces.
Additional information:

1097 (Y-883)

[Fulbert the Fearful] diesDespite never leaving his house, he is killed when a [Defensive Charm] he casts backfires.

The 12th century

1105 (Y-875)

Stichstock Painting Created
Europe | Germany
The famous painting G¸nther der Gewltt‰tige is der Gewinner is drawn, depicting a game of [Stichstock]. (QA2)

1107 (Y-873)

[Guthrie Lochrin] of [Scotland] writes of the discomfort of riding broomsticks
Britain | Scotland

1112 (Y-868)

[Wilfred Elphick] born (fw)

1163 (Y-817)

[Puddlemere United] formed
Britain | Puddlemere
The [Quidditch] team would later become the oldest team in the [British and Irish Quidditch League].

1199 (Y-781)

[Wilfred Elphick] is gored to death by an [Erumpet] (fw)

The 13th century

1202 (Y-778)

[Bridget Wenlock], a famous [Arithmancer], is born (fw)

1203 (Y-777)

The [Holyhead Harpies] are formed
Britain | Wales | Anglesey | Holyhead
The [Quidditch] team would go on to keep an 800+ year tradition of hiring only witches.

1227 (Y-753)

[Ignatia Wildsmith], inventor of [Floo powder], is born (fw)

before 1269 (Y-711)

[Barberus Bragge] becomes Chief of the [Wizards' Council] (QA4)

1269 (Y-711)

Snidget Introduced into QuidditchAt a [Quidditch] match, Chief [Barberus Bragge] of the [Wizards' Council] releases a [Golden Snidget] and offers 150 [Galleons] to whichever player catches it first; this eventually proves so popular that a new position is added to Quidditch teams, the "Hunter," whose sole task is to catch a [Golden Snidget] released onto the pitch during the game.

1285 (Y-695)

Famous [Arithmancer] [Bridget Wenlock] dies (fw)

1289 (Y-691)

International Warlock ConventionThis convention is part of the second-year History of Magic curriculum; [Professor Binns] is in the middle of a lecture on it when [Hermione] interrupts to ask about the [Chamber of Secrets].

1291 (Y-689)

The [Kenmare Kestrels] [Quidditch] team is founded
Ireland | Kenmare

1292 (Y-688)

The [Pride of Portree] [Quidditch] team is founded
Britain | Scotland | Isle of Skye | Portree

c. 1294 (Y-686)

The [Triwizard Tournament] is establishedThe tradition begins with the three [European] Wizarding [schools]: [Beauxbatons Academy], [Durmstrang Institute], and [Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry]. It will continue off and on for many centuries.

1296 (Y-684)

A [Manticore] savages someone but is let off because no one dares go near it (PA11)

The 14th century
Events of this century:

Witch BurningsAs the magical world separates itself more and more from Muggle society, Muggles are particularly afraid of magic but not very good at recognizing it, leading to persecution of suspected witches. [Wendelin the Weird] is burned at the stake 47 times in various disguises (using a [Flame-Freezing Charm] to protect herself from the fire) ([PA1], [fw]).
The [German] broom game [Stichstock] dies out
Europe | Germany
[Burdock Muldoon] is Chief of the [Wizards' Council] (FB3)
The [Golden Snidget] population begins to fall rapidly in [Britain]The population of [Snidgets] drops due to hunting and its use in [Quidditch].
[Elfrida Clagg] becomes Chief of the [Wizards' Council]She succeeds [Burdock Muldoon] ([FB]) and declares the [Golden Snidget] to be a protected species, forbidding its use in [Quidditch] ([QA3]). [Clagg] also tries to establish a standard by which creatures will be given legal rights as "beings," but her attempt fails ([FB]).
[Bowman Wright] invents the [Golden Snitch]It is invented as a substitute for the [Golden Snidget] in [Quidditch], as the [Snidget] is now a protected species and can no longer legally be used in matches.
This date is given in [Quidditch Through the Ages], although the [Famous Wizard Cards] give [Bowman Wright]'s date of birth as 1492.

original artwork © 2001 [Steve Vander Ark]

1312 (Y-668)

The [Wimbourne Wasps] [Quidditch] team is formed
Britain | Wimbourne
[Quidditch] referee [Cyprian Youdle] is born (fw)

1320 (Y-660)

[Floo powder] inventor [Ignatia Wildsmith] dies (fw)

c. 1326 (Y-654)

[Nicholas Flamel] is bornThe year is based on the fact that, in 1991, [Nicholas Flamel] was said to have "celebrated his six hundred and sixty-fifth birthday last year." However, this was written in an "enormous old book," so we can't be completely sure.

c. 1333 (Y-647)

[Perenelle Flamel] is born (PS13)

1342 (Y-638)

[Chauncey Oldridge] is born (fw)

1357 (Y-623)

[Cyprian Youdle] is killed during a [Quidditch] matchA referee from [Norfolk], [Youdle] is killed by a curse from an angry spectator during a match ([QA6], [fw]).

1362 (Y-618)

The [Wizards' Council] bans all [Quidditch] matches within 50 miles of a town or village (QA5)

1368 (Y-612)

The [Wizards' Council] bans all [Quidditch] matches within 100 miles of a town or village (QA5)

1379 (Y-601)

[Chauncey Oldridge], the first victim of [dragon pox], dies (fw)

1385 (Y-595)

First recorded [Quidditch] match in [Ireland]The match occurs between [Irish] warlocks and a team from [Lancashire]; we know of it thanks to an account from [Zacharias Mumps].

1390 (Y-590)

[Gifford Ollerton], a famous [giant] slayer, is born (fw)

1391 (Y-589)

Famous Wizarding Duellist [Alberta Toothill] is born (fw)

1398 (Y-582)

[Zacharias Mumps] writes a description of [Quidditch]It is the earliest known full description of the game, which already closely resembled modern [Quidditch]([QA5], [QA6]).

The 15th century
Events of this century:

early 1400s
[Quidditch] spreads to [Europe][Ingolfr the Iambic] from [Norway] and [MalÈcrit] from [France] write of [Quidditch] matches taking place in their countries, by which we see that the game was spreading across [Europe] in the early 1400s
[Beater Bats] are enchanted for the first timeThis makes [Bludgers], which in the 15th century are rocks cut into the shape of balls, even more dangerous. When smashed by the now-magical bats, the [Bludgers] become flying gravel.

1402 (Y-578)

The [Caerphilly Catapaults] [Quidditch] team is formed (QA7)

1419 (Y-561)

More [Quidditch] legislation enactedThe [Wizards' Council] declares that [Quidditch] should not be played "anywhere near anyplace where there is the slightest chance that a Muggle might be watching or we'll see how well you can play whilst chained to a dungeon wall."

1422 (Y-558)

The [Wigtown Wanderers] [Quidditch] team is formedIt consists of the seven children of a butcher, [Walter Parkin].

1429 (Y-551)

[Burdock Muldoon] bornThere is a conflict here: according to [Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them],Muldoon was Chief of the [Wizards' Council] in the 1300s, but according to his [Famous Wizard Card], he was born in 1429. This is an error.

1430 (Y-550)

All-[England] Wizarding Duelling CompetitionThe competition is won by [Alberta Toothill]. She defeats the favorite, [Samson Wiblin], by using a [Blasting Curse].

before 1441 (Y-539)

[Gifford Ollerton] kills the [giant] [Hengist of Upper Barnton] (fw)

1441 (Y-539)

[Gifford Ollerton], the famous [giant] slayer, dies (fw)

1443 (Y-537)

Renowned [Liondragon] expert [Quong Po] of [China] is born
Asia | China

1447 (Y-533)

[Yardley Platt], a famous serial [goblin]-killer, is born (fw)
[Cheering Charm] inventor [Felix Summerbee] is born (fw)

1448 (Y-532)

[Burdock Muldoon] becomes Chief of the [Wizards' Council]He holds the position until 1450.
[FB] claims that [Muldoon] held this position a century sooner; this was either a different [Burdock Muldoon], or, more likely, it is an error.

1467 (Y-513)

[Daisy Dodderidge], eventual founder of the [Leaky Cauldron], is born (fw)

1473 (Y-507)

The First [Quidditch World Cup]The final match pitted [Transylvania] against [Flanders]. The game has gone down in history as one of the most violent of all time, as it involved every one of the 700 ways to commit a [Quidditch foul].

1483 (Y-497)

Famous Wizarding Duellist [Alberta Toothill] dies (fw)

1486 (Y-494)

Famous author [Cornelius Agrippa] is born (fw)

1490 (Y-490)

[Burdock Muldoon], former Chief of the [Wizards' Council], dies (fw)

1492 (Y-488)

[Bowman Wright] is bornAlthough the [Famous Wizard Card] indicates that [Wright] was born in 1492, the book [Quidditch Through the Ages] tells us that he invented the [Golden Snitch] in the 1300s. Both can't be correct, of course, but both dates are given on this timeline.
October 31
[Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington] is beheaded (nearly)original animated artwork © 2001 [F.W. Arbacette], used by permission

The 16th century
Events of this century:

early 1500s
[Quidditch] [Beaters] experiment with metal [Bludgers]They first try using lead [Bludgers], then eventually progress to making the balls of iron - the material still used today.

1506 (Y-474)

[Montague Knightley], [wizard chess] champion, is born (fw)

1508 (Y-472)

[Cheering Charms] inventor [Felix Summerbee] dies (fw)

1520 (Y-460)

Composer [Musidora Barkwith] is born (fw)
The [Tutshill Tornados] [Quidditch] team is formed
Britain | Tutshill

1533 (Y-447)

September 7
Elizabeth Tudor (later Elizabeth I, Queen of [England]), is born

1535 (Y-445)

[Cornelius Agrippa], the famous author, diesHe was imprisoned by Muggles who believed his writings to be evil.

1538 (Y-442)

A ban is imposed on using a wand against opposing players in [Quidditch] (QA6)

1539 (Y-441)

[Quong Po], expert on [Liondragons], dies (fw)

1555 (Y-425)

[Daisy Dodderidge], the witch who built the [Leaky Cauldron], dies (fw)

1556 (Y-424)

[Gunhilda of Gorsemoor] bornShe was a famous [Healer] who developed the cure for [dragon pox].

1557 (Y-423)

Serial [goblin]-killer [Yardley Platt] dies (fw)

1558 (Y-422)

November 17
Elizabeth Tudor QueenedShe becomes Elizabeth I, Queen of [England] upon the death of her half-sister Mary

1560 (Y-420)

[Golden Snitch] inventor [Bowman Wright] dies (fw)
[Mungo Bonham], founder of [St. Mungo's Hospital], is born (fw)

1564 (Y-416)

In the Muggle world:
William Shakespeare, [English] playwright and poet, is born

1566 (Y-414)

[Balfour Blane] is bornHe goes on to establish the [Committee on Experimental Charms].

1568 (Y-412)

[Archibald Alderton], is bornHe later becomes famous for blowing up the hamlet of [Little Dropping] while trying to mix a birthday cake.

1588 (Y-392)

[Montague Knightley], [wizard chess] champion, dies (fw)
The [Spanish] Armada, attempting to invade [England], is destroyed at sea

The 17th century
Events of this century:

early 1600s
[St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries] is founded by [Mungo Bonham]Its location is unknown, since presumably [Purge and Dowse Ltd.], the abandoned [London] department store that now houses the hospital, did not exist in the seventeenth century.
early 1600s
[Quidditch] is introduced to [North America]Unfortunately its introduction also breeds a lot of anti-wizard sentiment.
[Quidditch] is introduced in [New Zealand]It is brought to the country by a team of [British] herbologists who are studying native plants. They play [Quidditch] for recreation and the game catches on.

1602 (Y-378)

[Almerick Sawbridge], famous [troll] conqueror, is born (fw)

1603 (Y-377)

In the Muggle world:
Elizabeth I, Queen of [England], diesJames Stuart, King of [Scotland], becomes James I of [England].

1612 (Y-368)

[Goblin] RebellionThe [inn] at [Hogsmeade] serves as headquarters
[Elfrida Clagg], Chieftainess of the [Warlocks' Council], is bornAccording to [Quidditch Through the Ages], [Clagg] was [Wizards' Council] Chief in the 1300s, but her [Famous Wizard Card] gives this date, so both are on the timeline.
Famous [pixie] hater [Dymphna Furmage] is born (fw)
The [Appleby Arrows] [Quidditch] team is founded (QA7)

1616 (Y-364)

In the Muggle world:
[English] playwright and poet William Shakespeare dies

1620 (Y-360)

[Quintius Umfraville] writes [The Noble Sport of Warlocks] (QA6)

1623 (Y-357)

[Archibald Alderton], who blew up the hamlet of [Little Dropping], dies (fw)

1629 (Y-351)

[Balfour Blane], who established the [Committee on Experimental Charms], dies (fw)

1632 (Y-348)

[Thaddeus Thurkell], father of seven [Squib] sons, is born (fw)

1634 (Y-346)

[Havelock Sweeting], [unicorn] expert, is born (fw)

1637 (Y-343)

The [Werewolf Code of Conduct] is written (PS16)

1639 (Y-341)

[Gunhilda of Gorsemoor], inventor of the cure for [dragon pox], diesHer passing is mourned by the Wizarding community

1642 (Y-338)

[Lord Stoddard Withers], breeder of [flying horses], is born (fw)

1652 (Y-328)

The [European Cup] is establishedThis happens in response to the fact that the [Quidditch World Cup] has now become an international event, with non-[European] nations competing.

1656 (Y-324)

[Elladora Ketteridge], discoverer of the properties of [Gillyweed], is born (fw)

1659 (Y-321)

[St. Mungo's Hospital] founder [Mungo Bonham] dies (fw)

1665 (Y-315)

[Honoria Nutcombe], founder of the [Society for the Reformation of Hags], is born (fw)

1666 (Y-314)

Composer [Musidora Barkwith] diesShe is most famous for composing the unfinished "Wizarding Suite," which features an exploding tuba.

1674 (Y-306)

The [British and Irish Quidditch League] is FormedThe thirteen best [Quidditch] teams are asked to join the league; all other teams are asked to disband.

1677 (Y-303)

[Glanmore Peakes], slayer of the [sea serpent] of [Cromer], is born (fw)

1687 (Y-293)

[Warlocks' Council] chieftainess [Elfrida Clagg] dies (fw)

1692 (Y-288)

The [International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy] goes into effectA summit meeting of the [International Confederation of Wizards] takes place. The discussion about magical creatures lasts seven weeks and includes delegations of [goblins], [centaurs], and [merpeople]. The result of this summit is the [International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy], which effectively hid the Wizarding community away from the Muggles.
[Thaddeus Thurkell], father of seven [Squib] sons, dies (fw)

1698 (Y-282)

[Dymphna Furmage] dies in mortal fear of [pixies]Her fears are not entirely unfounded, as she had been abducted by [pixies] while vacationing in [Cornwall].

1699 (Y-281)

[Almerick Sawbridge] diesHe became famous for conquering the [River Troll] of the [Wye River].

The 18th century
Events of this century:

[Quidditch] is introduced to [Australia]The introduction of the game comes possibly from [New Zealand] and possibly from [European] influences.
The game of [Quodpot] is created by [American] wizard [Abraham Peasegood] (QA8)

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