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The Secret Door

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with special thanks and recognition to Michael Young aka “roonwit” for his amazing work providing us with the files for the past door openings.

Do Not Disturb sign on the Door

Clicking on the pink rubber eraser (“?“) portkey (formerly the hair elastic) brings you to “The Door”, which had a Do Not Disturb sign hanging on the handle.
Sometimes referred to as the Room of Requirement (from a clue on the Extra Stuff bulletin board during the second puzzle) Jo also referred to it as her “study” in her Christmastime announcement.

The portkey lands on the table under the window. Click on it to return to the desktop.
The table also held a vase of daffodils (holly at Christmastime) until replaced with the current plant and potion bottles. Use these items to obtain a Scrapbook extra. (Instructions here)

The scene outside the window shows a hillside and a windchime blowing in the breeze.
Birds fly in the distance (the same birds as in the paintings in the Links bookcase).
The sky is overcast and clouds float by.
It changes from daylight into darkness and the moon appears at 8pm (according to your system’s clock).
Notice the tiny lights in the village on the hill after dark. See the Day to Night Changes page for more.
At night watch for shooting stars!

The fly is ticklish.
The light switch works.

The door at the end of the hall reflected in the mirror is open. The other two doors are closed. The candle flickers.

On Dec 1, 2004 and Dec 19,2005 the scene outside the window changed to winter, and it was snowing. There was a Christmas tree in the open door reflected in the mirror. The daffodils were replaced with holly.
On Jan 6, 2005 & 2006 the holly branches were replaced again by the daffodils, the little tree in the mirror was gone, and there was no snow outside the window.
On Mar 9, 2006 the daffodils were replaced with the sickly plant, red and green potion bottles. The wallpaper has also changed.
On Mar 31, 2006 the red potion bottle was shifted and a rock was behind the plant.  When the door closed on Apr 4 the rock was gone and the bottles back in place.

PEEVES: after about 5 minutes he graffiti’s the mirror and knocks over the vase. He doesn’t seem to heckle anything in the secret room.
Before Oct. 31, 2004 he knocked over the vase of daffodils, making it fall to the left. While the door was open (during the puzzle) it fell to the right. It continued to fall to the right even after Nov.15, 2004 (when the DND sign reappeared) until Dec. 1, 2004 (when Christmas decorations appeared) it fell to the left again. After March 9, 2006 he doesn’t bother the new plant.

The Do Not Disturb sign was removed 10 times. The first 8 times visitors were faced with puzzles to get to the secret behind the door. With the release date of the final book, the sign was gone.


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