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Imp - Inferius - insects - Irish Phoenix - Ironbelly, Ukrainian

imp more info in Fantastic Beasts - click here to order creature from Muggle legends or mythology


The imp is similar to the pixie and the fairy. It is about seven inches tall and is colored dull brown or black. Imps live in damp or marshy areas. They have a somewhat slapstick sense of humor and they love to trip people so they fall into a stream. They eat small insects. (FB)

Inferius, Inferi

The Inferi are animated corpses who do the bidding of the Dark wizard who created them. Harry encountered a large number of Inferi floating just below the surface of the underground lake surrounding the cursed basin where the locket Horcrux had been hidden. The Inferi attacked Harry when he touched the water but Dumbledore surrounded them with a ring of fire which drove the Inferi away, back into the water (HBP26).

'inferi' L. 'the dead'

insects and insect-like creatures

Irish Phoenix


Another name for the Augurey.

Ironbelly, Ukrainian creature from Muggle legends or mythology more info in Fantastic Beasts - click here to order

XXXXX - Ukraine

See Dragons - Ukrainian Ironbelly.

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