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The Voldemort Effect on the Gold Market

I know it’s a few days past April Fool’s Day, but don’t let that stop you from reading this wonderful piece by Bron Suchecki on the Monetary Metals website. Judging by the comments,  a number of readers of that website for serious investors made it quite far into the article before realizing that they’d been had! They were taken in by his analysis, which postulates that the rise and fall of the Dark Lord influenced the gold prices in the 1990s. This is a great read … and I’m not completely convinced that it isn’t true!

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Sorting is back on Pottermore!

sortingIt’s weird how excited I am about this. I mean, I don’t get all worked up about Potter polls or simulated Hogwarts classes or any of that. I’m just get excited about canon, okay? And online sorting hats aren’t canon, even if they’re on Pottermore.

Except, ever since I was sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore a couple of years ago, I have honestly considered myself a Ravenclaw. It just seemed right. After all, I created the Harry Potter Lexicon, the hallowed repository of all things canon. I can pass most Potter trivia contests with ease. I own copies of the Daily Prophet newsletters. I’ve pretty much memorized all of Rowling’s interviews from 1999 through 2009. Of course I’m a Ravenclaw, right?

But none of that made it more than my guess. It was Pottermore’s sorting that made it real for me. I’m a Ravenclaw, really and truly.

So it’s very exciting for me to announce that the Sorting is back, and even more exciting for me to discover that I can claim my house and don’t have to be sorted all over again. Because what if I got sorted into the wrong house? That would be so wrong! I don’t have anything against Gryffindor, but seriously …

NB: In order to claim your old House and wand, you do need to “join” all over again. You can’t just sign in without first rejoining.

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Talking about the Lexicon on Mugglenet Academia

As the new site comes closer to being live, I spent some time as a guest on Mugglenet Academia podcast. We chatted about the 18-year history of Harry Potter fandom and about the plans and hopes for the new Lexicon in the 21st century. Give it a listen!

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Where is the new Lexicon?

new-homeIt’s almost here.

As many of you know, two years ago, Nick Moline and I started working on a complete update and overhaul of the venerable Lexicon website. Our goal was to find a way to bring all the content of the Lexicon into a content management system to allow connections between data that we simply couldn’t create with the old HTML pages.

Beginning about a year ago, a team of over 30 editors has been working on transferring data from the old pages to the new system. They’ve been not only copying information but also making connections between things, updating each entry, and in some cases adding commentary from a fan point of view.

Our goal was to go live on Thursday, November 18, one year before the premier of the Fantastic Beasts film. We made our deadline, sort of. The site went into a closed beta on that day and I invited a number of fans to visit the site and give feedback.

Why not open it completely? Well, at the moment there are two missing features which would make that very difficult: the home page and the search. Since the home page presents the basic categories where you would logically start exploring, and since the search is how you would start exploring if you didn’t have the home page, the site is a bit clumsy to get into. Once you’ve found an entry, however, you’re off and running. Everything links to other things. Well, almost everything. We’re still editing entries and there are a number of dead ends left.

If you’re willing to give the site a try and would like to give feedback, let me know at [email protected] I’d be happy to send you the log-in information. And if you’d rather wait for the site to be fully functional, just hang in there. We should be going live very, very soon.

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When was Charlie born? A Canon Conundrum

charlie_w-mtWe’re in the process of creating a whole new Harry Potter Lexicon, as many of you know. There are currently 27 editors working on the project, all fans who are eager to share their knowledge of canon with the fan community. This truly is a fan project, and an international one. We have editors of all ages and from all over the world: Thailand, France, United States, Spain, Argentina, and more.

As part of that process, I’ve been going through the Harry Potter timeline. I originally created this timeline in 2001 after the two schoolbooks came out and when Electronic Arts added a hundred new characters to the Harry Potter universe with dates of when they lived. Continue reading

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More Pottermore magic

here_lies_dobbyThe folks over at Pottermore have waved their wands once more and produced a few more beautiful scenes from J.K. Rowling’s version of the Potterverse. While we can hardly say that Pottermore is now complete — they’ll need to add a lot more scenes for that to happen — at least we can be glad that we now have moments that span the entire series of novels. Continue reading

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Mysteries about the Map

Today I received an interesting question in email from Katty Geltmeyer, a great fan friend of the Lexicon:

giving_the_map2-tr“In PA, Lupin told Harry, Ron, and Hermione that he found out they were in the Shrieking Shack by using the marauders Map. But Harry and Hermione traveled back in time and were lurking around the Willow. How is it possible that Lupin didn’t see the extra Harry and Hermione on the map?”

Here’s my opinion, based on canon. Continue reading

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Episode 15: The one who is both brave AND clever

snapeThe Harry Potter Lexicon podcast is back with a new series. In this episode Steve talks about Severus Snape (and calls him “Snake” by accident more than once), Continue reading

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Pottermore update! Well, not really …

ham_beanI received an email from Pottermore Insider informing me that there are new Bertie Bots Beans scattered through Pottermore. I jumped on that and spent a pleasant three minutes finding them.

Three minutes. If that.

And it occurred to me at the end of my short search why I find Pottermore delightful and wonderful and, well, a little boring. Continue reading

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Harry Potter Mysteries that Aren’t

c16--professor-trelawneys-predictionFor many years, fans spent most of their time online trying to figure out the mysteries in the Harry Potter books. In fact, the Lexicon was born out of those discussions back in 1998, when the group Harry Potter for Grown Ups was a hotbed of theorizing and hypothesizing. Back then, there was no Continue reading

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Minor Canon Error on Pottermore?

c08--the-quidditch-world-cupSo who won the 1966 Quidditch World Cup?

According to Rowling’s history of the event on Pottermore, it was Australia: Continue reading

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4 Ways Pottermore Facts Connect with Other Canon

thestral1-awPottermore is a gold mine of interesting canon facts. Some of these are brand new but other facts just relate events and characters we’ve encountered before. Some other facts are clearly included to answer fan questions or explain perceived mistakes in canon. Here are a few particularly fun tidbits of canon information that make connections to elsewhere in canon: Continue reading

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