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Nowhere in canon does is say that Hogwarts Acceptance Letters are delivered by owl or that they arrive on one’s birthday. In fact, the first chapter of Philosopher’s Stone indicates that they come in the post. Only when… Read More

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But it is a lot of work to create an entire world and it was about 5 years to finish the first book, to plot the remaining 6 books, because they were already plotted before the first book… Read More

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There is very little background information about the Scamander brothers or the war service of any other wizards in canon (WFT). Therefore, we must depend on the books written about the making of the films and trust that the information in them was, at least, approved by JKR. We don’t… Read More
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You might be here on the Lexicon looking for information about the characters, things, creatures, events, etc. from “Crimes of Grindelwald.” If so, you might have to have to wait a week or so for everything to appear. We have a spreadsheet of 143 entries which need to be added… Read More