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The Creevey boys seem less than bold. However, Dennis managed to sneak into Hogsmeade to join Dumbledore’s Army even though he was a Second Year. Colin sneaked back into the castle to join the Battle of Hogwarts even… Read More

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Snape didn’t seem to find it funny. Read More

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The July J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Loot Crate has arrived!  Join Nick and Barbara once again as we unbox another box of magical goodness for the Lexicon’s Youtube Channel. This month’s theme is “Defense Against the Dark Arts” and contains items to help you fend off the darkest and most… Read More
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New at the Lexicon Steve and Nick began Episode 27 by talking about the task of moving remaining content over from the old legacy site into the current, modern Lexicon.  We also talked about the ongoing work on the Timeline system. New in the Harry Potter Universe We talked about… Read More
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As of Saturday evening, 8 July 2017, we’re having some problems with the Lexicon, apparently due to the new version of Word Press to which we just upgraded. This may result in pages not Apparating onto your screen correctly. No need to contact the Department of Magical Transportation — they’re… Read More