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Exploring April in the Harry Potter Universe


Exploring April in the Harry Potter Universe

April, like March, tends to be fairly quiet at Hogwarts. The Fifth and Seventh Years are working harder than ever with the OWL and NEWT exams looming in just a few months.

Here are the highlights for March:

During Harry’s Time at Hogwarts:


On or about the 24th, Hagrid’s dragon egg hatches. He names the baby dragon Norbert.


Hermione drops out of Divination class at the beginning of the month.


For the Easter holidays, Mrs. Weasley sends toffee eggs: large to Ron and Harry, but only a small one to Hermione. Molly has been reading “Witch Weekly” articles about a supposed love triangle with Hermione, Harry, and Viktor Krum.  (This is definitely a low point in the character development of Mrs. Weasley –SVA)


The DA is caught by Umbridge. Dumbledore takes the blame and escapes rather than be taken to Azkaban. Dolores Umbridge becomes Headmistress of Hogwarts. That same day, the 2nd of April, Fred and George set off an entire crate of fireworks which plague the school for hours. A couple of weeks later, on the 22nd, Fred and George leave Hogwarts and set up premises in Diagon Alley.


Aragog dies on the 20th of April. His burial takes place at dusk the following day, attended by Hagrid, Slughorn, and Harry. Slughorn finally gives Harry the complete memory of him telling Riddle about Horcruxes, after which Harry and Dumbledore view the memory.


Teddy Lupin is born. Lupin visits Shell Cottage to tell everyone about it.


April 12th marked the Opening Ceremonies marking the start of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup playoff series in the Patagonian Desert. The first match, Norway vs Ivory Coast, is played the following day. The playoffs continued until the finals were played on the 11th of July.

April Birthdays

April 1 = Fred and George Weasley (1978)
April ? = Teddy Lupin (1998)
April 28 = Horace Slughorn (WW)

Featured entries

Here’s the full list of events, characters, artwork, and other Lexicon entries I’ve chosen for the home page scroller for April. As always, feel free to suggest additions in the comments.

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