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Separated from Muggles since 1689, the Wizarding world has grown and developed independently from the rest of society, though it still parallels it in many ways. For the most part, Wizarding places today are kept well-hidden from Muggle eyes. Some exist within Muggle places, like Platform Nine-and-Three-Quarters hidden in King’s Cross Station. Others are completely hidden away and Unplottable, like the terrible island of Azkaban.

Here on this page you can find information on these places, both wonderful and mundane, both those hidden and those in plain sight. You can also discover some Muggle places which are important to the stories. Down at the bottom you’ll find a list of essays detailing fans’ efforts to find out where some of those magical place just might be on our Muggle maps.

Notable Locations


London and Surrey

The West Country

Elsewhere in Britain

Elsewhere in the World

Gazetteer of the Wizarding World

Information on the places of the wizarding world, large and small

Atlas of the Wizarding World

Atlas of Wizarding Britain
 Maps detailing Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, London, and more
Atlas of Hogwarts
Maps detailing the wizarding world’s most famous school, inside and out
Atlas of Quidditch
Maps detailing famous Quidditch teams of the world

Types of Places

Essays exploring the Wizarding World

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