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number four, Privet Drive

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number four, Privet Drive

The home of Vernon and Petunia Dursley, their son Dudley, and (until July 27, 1997) their nephew Harry Potter.

Little Whinging is in Surrey, which is located to the south and southwest of London. It is almost certainly to be found in the far north-west corner of the county, in the small section which is north of the Thames since Harry takes a train from Paddington Station to get there (PS5). Besides Privet Drive, the streets in the neighborhood are named Magnolia Road, Magnolia Crescent, and Wisteria Walk.

Number four, Privet Drive, is described as large and square. It has a low garden wall in front, a garden behind with flowerbeds and a greenhouse, and several chimneys. The house was most likely built in the 1930s and is part of a subdivision of hundreds of similar houses.


  • kitchen – square table, the usual furnishings, impeccably clean, television for Dudley so he doesn’t have to leave the TV to get food.
  • living room with boarded up fireplace, fitted with an electric fire
  • bathroom
  • front hall with front door, which has a mail slot in it
  • stairs with cupboard under them, leading up a hall which leads to the four bedrooms upstairs:
    • Vernon and Petunia’s bedroom
    • guest bedroom (reserved for Aunt Marge)
    • Dudley’s main bedroom
    • Dudley’s spare bedroom, now Harry’s room
  • garden with a hedge, a bench, and flowerbeds



Fiona Shaw, who played Aunt Petunia in the films, said this of her character's relationship with the house in Privet Drive:

"It was absolute bliss for her. This house is incredibly aspirational. She probably would like a bigger house but this is all she could manage so she manages it really well. She decorates it within an inch of its life and works very hard at keeping it clean." (Pm)

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