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The Order of the Phoenix

"I offered it to Dumbledore for Headquarters — about the only useful thing I've been able to do." - Sirius Black (OP5)

OP5: The Order of the Phoenix

Harry learns of Sirius Black’s family background, and Molly and Sirius have a row regarding what is best for Harry.

Calendar and Dates

The entire chapter takes place the evening of August 6. See OP3 for details.

Interesting facts and notes

  • Lupin apparently drinks from a silver goblet
  • goblins
    • Family of them killed by Voldemort near Nottingham
    • Ragnok - head goblin?


Exceptional character moments

Still to come....

Memorable lines

"Don't know what you're complaining about, myself. Personally, I'd have welcomed a dementor attack. A deadly struggle for my soul would have broken the monotony nicely."

"Do that one like a pig snout, Tonks..."
Tonks obliged, and Harry, looking up, had the fleeting impression that a female Dudley was grinning at him from across the table.

Words and phrases

Other Canon Notes

Characters (notes or unnamed):

  • Surname unknown Will
  • Names unknown Death Eaters



  • Unnamed charm to make knives chop food


Settings and locations mentioned:

In number twelve, Grimmauld Place, we visit:

  • Entrance hall
  • Kitchen


Characters Introduced


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