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The Dementors' Kiss

- Chapter 20

"Are you mad? Of course I want to leave the Dursleys! Have you got a house? When can I move in?"
-- Harry Potter

PA20: The Dementor’s Kiss

They go back through the tunnel towards the castle, Black invites Harry to live with him, Lupin becomes a werewolf when the moon comes out and Black transforms to a dog to prevent him from attacking Harry, Ron and Hermione, Pettigrew becomes a rat and escapes, Black goes after him and is confronted by Dementors, Harry and Hermione run for help but are caught by Dementors as well.

Calendar and Dates

This chapter begins immediately after the previous chapter, and ends the same night, although in this case that statement is more complicated than it at first appears to be.

  • The End of PA
  • The End of PA: Chart Showing the Events of the Evening of June 6


Interesting facts and notes

Harry finds out what lies beneath a Dementor's hood when the Dementors "guarding" the school attempt to Kiss him and those with him.

Pettigrew had dived for Lupin's dropped wand.

Lupin, not surprisingly, had let go of it when he began to transform.

Lupin's wand flew high into the air and out of sight

Unfortunately, an Animagus doesn't need a wand to transform (Sirius is living proof).

Exceptional character moments

Sirius, covering the kids' retreat from the werewolf - particularly Ron, who at this point is unconscious and isn't going anywhere. It's a question whether Sirius or Snape would have been more outraged at the fact that Sirius also saved Snape from the werewolf in the confusion.

Harry, resisting the Dementors to very nearly his last breath to protect Sirius, clinging to the idea of leaving the Dursleys forever as the happiest thing he can think of.

Memorable lines

"Are you mad? Of course I want to leave the Dursleys! Have you got a house? When can I move in?"

...his mother was screaming in his ears...she was going to be the last thing he ever heard -

Other Canon Notes

Characters (notes and unnamed):

  • Severus¬†Snape,¬†unconscious but present



  • Mobilicorpus (still in effect though cast earlier)
  • Unidentified spells used by Pettigrew on Crookshanks and Ron to break free


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