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The Game from Queerditch Marsh

- Chapter 3
QA3: The Game From Queerditch Marsh

The evolution of Quidditch from its invention until the introduction of the Snidget in the middle of the thirteenth century is discussed.

Calendar and Dates

Eleventh century (A.D. 1201-1300)
Gertie Keddle's diary records witches and wizards playing a broom game on Queerditch Marsh

Twelfth century (A.D. 1301-1400)
Goodwin Kneen of Yorkshire writes a letter to his Norwegian cousin Olaf about a Kwidditch match against a team from Ilkley

First recorded death from Dragon Pox (FW).

Interesting facts and notes

The excerpts below have been translated from the badly spelled Saxon of the original.

In fact, the spelling of English words was not truly standardized until some centuries later, so 'badly spelled' is a bit of a joke here.

I am well, though Gunhilda has got a touch of dragon pox.

Apparently Dragon Pox was not fatal in Gunhilda Kneen's case, as more serious cases have resulted in death. She certainly was well enough to cast a few jinxes when her husband Goodwin got back late from the Kwidditch match.

Goodwin's wife was to have played "Catcher" - probably the old term for Chaser. The "Blooder" (undoubtedly Bludger) that hit Radulf the blacksmith should have been fended off by Ugga, who was obviously playing Beater, as he was carrying a club. The goals are no longer trees, but barrels on stilts.

Most of the elements are there. Quidditch has almost arrived!

Memorable lines

Now they've got two big, heavy rocks flying around trying to knock them all off their brooms. Unfortunately didn't happen while I was watching. Gwenog told me she often played herself. Went home in disgust.

These extracts reveal much more than Gertie Keddle could have guessed, quite apart from the fact that she only knew the name of one of the days of the week.

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