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The Game from Queerditch Marsh

- Chapter 3

In which the evolution of Quidditch from its invention until the introduction of the Snidget in the middle of the thirteenth century is discussed.

Interesting facts and notes

The excerpts below have been translated from the badly spelled Saxon of the original.

In fact, the spelling of English words was not truly standardized until some centuries later, so 'badly spelled' is a bit of a joke here.

Memorable lines

These extracts reveal much more than Gertie Keddle could have guessed, quite apart from the fact that she only knew the name of one of the days of the week.

Other Canon Notes

Character notes:

  • (surname unknown) Gwenog
  • (surname unknown) Olaf
  • (surname unknown) Oona
  • (surname unknown) Radulf
  • (surname unknown) Ugga
  • (names unknown) group of witches and wizards from across the marsh, including "a big Scottish warlock"
  • (names unknown) team from Ilkley


Setting notes:

  • Inn in Yorkshire
  • archives of the Norwegian Ministry of Magic in Norway

Characters Introduced

QA 3 — The Game from Queerditch Marsh
Abbreviation QA3: The Game From Queerditch Marsh
Canonicity Primary Canon


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