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"They strapped on their cauldrons, stood poised to fly,
At the sound of the horn they were swiftly airborne...."
-- translation of Gaelic poem (QA2)

Popular in the Middle Ages and invented in Scotland, it is considered to be probably the most dangerous of all broom games (QA2).

Playing the game involves trying to catch hundreds of falling rocks and bludgers within cauldrons strapped to the players' heads. It inevitably caused huge numbers of fatalities and was banned in 1762 (QA2).

Creaothceann was the subject of a poem in Gaelic in the eleventh century, referring to ten men out of twelve being killed during a match (QA2).


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The Scottish (and Irish) Gaelic word "ceann" means head and the word "creach" (or "creagh") is a raid or foray - or the plunder and booty therefrom.

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