"McLeod showed firm leadership in ditching Maddock. He’s a liability. Golf, I ask you. You’d think even Muggles could think up a better game than golf. Maddock’s a funny sort of wizard if he wants to mess around in sandpits at his age."

-- Sidney Todd on Maddock's sacking (DP3)

A Muggle game described by Cormack McLoed, manager of the Magpies, as “hitting non-flying balls into holes in the ground.” Alasdair Maddock’s interest in playing golf resulted in his being sacked from the Magpies (DP3).

All wizards aren’t as unfamilar with golf as McLoed was, however. When Oliver Wood was teaching Harry about the game of Quidditch, he used a bagful of ordinary golf balls as practice “snitches” for Harry to catch (PS10).


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