"Kennilworthy Whisp's painstaking research has uncovered a veritable treasure trove of hitherto unknown facts about the sport of warlocks. A fascinating read."
-- Bathilda Bagshot, author, A History of Magic

Quidditch Through the Ages

Quidditch Through the Ages is the standard guide to the game of Quidditch, the sport favoured by fans all over Britain and worldwide. The book was written by Kennilworthy Whisp and first published in 1952 by Whizz Hard Books.

The book contains information about the history of broom sports, and Quidditch in particular, over the past thousand years. It also covers the various playing positions, the balls and other gear, fouls, teams from all over the world, and other topics.

The book was lent to Harry during their first year by Hermione (PS11), who had read it for tips before the Gryffindors’ first flying lesson (PS9). Later, Professor Snape confiscated the book from Harry when he had it in the courtyard, leading Harry to catch sight of Snape’s wounded leg when he went to the staffroom to retrieve it (PS11).

Hand holding the golden snitch.



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        Hand holding the golden snitch.        This picture shows a quidditch match. Madam Hooch.   

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