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"Aren't you two ever going to read Hogwarts, A History?"

"What's the point? You know it by heart, we can just ask you?"

Hermione and Ron (GF28)

Hogwarts: A History

Alternate title: Hogwarts, A History (US editions) Thousand-page book about the thousand-year history of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Describes the enchanted ceiling of the Great Hall (PS7). Hermione didn't bring it to school during her second year because she couldn't fit it into her trunk, what with all the Lockhart books (CS9). Discusses the manner in which Hogwarts is hidden from Muggles (GF11). Has over a thousand pages, but never mentions the Hogwarts house-elves (GF15). The Founders throught boys were less trustworthy than girls (OP17). Makes it clear that no one can apparate into, out of, or on Hogwarts school grounds (PA9, OP23). It also mentions that should a Muggle wander by, all they would see is a mouldering ruin and a sign saying DANGER, DO NOT ENTER, UNSAFE (GF11). Muggle electronics don't work on Hogwarts grounds (GF28). Hermione carried it with her on their long search for Horcruxes (DH6).


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