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After walking—or rather riding—up the staircase to the Headmaster’s office, one knocks on the door, enters, and is greeted not only by the face of the Headmaster, or Headmistress, but by soft snores coming from the wall. We are first introduced to the Headmaster’s office, and the decorations it contains, in Chamber of Secrets (CS12). Here,… Read More
• Event When thirty or forty letters come pouring out of the kitchen chimney at number four, Privet Drive, Uncle Vernon has had enough. He packs everyone into the car and drives around for hours. The family ends up in Cokeworth and stay the night in the Railview Hotel. Read More
• Event At 11 am, the Hogwarts Express departs King’s Cross Station. Ginny introduces Harry and Neville to Luna Lovegood (OP10). After the train arrives at Hogwarts, Harry sees Thestrals for the first time (OP10). At the feast, the Sorting Hat sings a song of warning, and Dolores Umbridge is introduced (OP11). Read More
• Event Draco challenges Harry to a duel the evening of their first flying lesson. Draco suggests midnight in the Trophy Room. In reality, Draco is setting Harry up to be caught out of bed after hours and has no intention of dueling anyone. Harry, with Ron in tow as his second,… Read More
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There is much we don’t know about wizarding education. How do younger wizards and witches get educated in basic skills like reading and writing? We see very little of this in the books, although obviously the kids entering Hogwarts have been trained in some of these basic skills or they wouldn’t be… Read More
• Security Post-Christmas holidays password, after the Fat Lady and her friend Violet drank all the wine in a picture of a group of drunk monks in the Charms corridor (HBP17)… Read More
• Hogwarts • Titles, nicknames, and honorifics Someone who temporarily assumes the role of Headmaster or Headmistress in the absence of the actual Head. Read More
• Character Albus Dumbledore was the Headmaster of Hogwarts for close to forty years, a time period that encompassed both of Voldemort’s attempts to take over the Wizarding world. Considered to be the most powerful wizard of his time, Dumbledore was awarded the Order of Merlin, First Class, and was the Supreme… Read More
• Character Alecto and Amycus Carrow were Death Eaters, a brother and sister, part of the group of Death Eaters that invaded Hogwarts in June of 1997 (HBP27); Snape implies that they were never sent to Azkaban (HBP2). Last name confirmed by JKR (JKR). When Voldemort took over Hogwarts, Alecto… Read More
• Areas of knowledge • Hogwarts academics Ancient runes are a form of writing which witches and wizards used hundreds of years ago. It is also a subject at Hogwarts. Classwork and homework involves plenty of practice translating runes, and the O.W.L. involves translating something written in runes into English . Hermione used Spellman’s Syllabary to translate her… Read More
• Character Gryffindor (1989- 1996) Quidditch Chaser, captain (1995 – 1996). A tall black girl (GF16) and an excellent Quidditch player (PS11). She put her name in for the Triwizard Tournament but wasn’t chosen (GF16), and went to the Yule Ball with Fred Weasley (GF22, GF23). Angelina… Read More
• Architecture • Hogwarts According to the Oxford Dictionary, it means “a small room, leading to a main one”. Read More
• Hogwarts castle and grounds • Rooms, chambers, and floors There is a smaller antechamber connected to the Great Hall, door behind the teachers’ table, with a fireplace and many portraits (including that of the Fat Lady’s friend Violet) off the Great Hall (GF17)… Read More
• Magical objects Students at Hogwarts are given quills charmed with Anti-Cheating spells for doing written exams. (PS16)… Read More
• Magical effects Charm which creates an innocent-looking golden mist which hovers above the ground. A person stepping into this mist immediately finds that up and down have reversed and they are hanging from the ground over the endless sky. Read More
• Source AOL.com, 19 October 2000: AOL Live presented an exclusive live chat with “Harry Potter” creator J.K. Rowling. Read More
• Creatures' homes, lairs, and territories Hagrid takes his Acromantula Aragog to live in a hollow in the Forbidden Forest after being accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets. Aragog lives in “the middle of the misty domed web” with his wife Mosag and hundreds of their descendants (CS15). The hollow is located deep inside the forest; Harry and Ron… Read More
• Character The notoriously cranky caretaker of Hogwarts, famous for his bad temper. Filch is the Hogwarts caretaker. He’s a cantankerous, nasty man who detests the students. Filch has a “scrawny, dust-colored” pet cat called Mrs. Norris with whom he has an almost psychic connection. She wanders the corridors of the castle… Read More
• Regions, counties, and territories A map of Argyllshire, a county in western Scotland, hangs on the second floor of Hogwarts. This map is where the Fat Lady hid after Sirius Black attacked her (PA9). Read More