• Event The champions take it in turn to try to steal a golden egg from the clutches of a different kind of dragon. Harry summons his broom to help him get the egg from his dragon a Hungarian Horntail, and he completes the task in the shortest amount of time. Before… Read More
• Event The third task is a maze of 20 foot high hedges on the quidditch pitch, with the Triwizard cup placed in the center. The first to reach it will be the winner of the Triwizard tournament. Hagrid and Professors McGonagall, Moody and Flitwick are dispatched as patrollers around the edge… Read More
• Event “Gryffindor house, meanwhile, largely thanks to their spectacular performance in the Quidditch Cup, had won the House Championship for the third year running. This meant that the end-of-term feast took place amid decorations of scarlet and gold, and that the Gryffindor table was the noisiest of the lot, as everybody… Read More
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Updates by Michelle Worley The Booklist Every year Hogwarts students receive book lists in the post, telling them which textbooks they will require for the year. First years get the longest list, presumably because some of the books last them the whole seven-year course of their study. Here is a… Read More
• Character Dean Thomas was a “half-blood” Gryffindor boy from London in Harry’s year at Hogwarts. History He was a classmate of Harry’s and best friends with Seamus Finnigan (GF7). He was a black Londoner (JKR) who grew up as a Muggle, and thus had always been a… Read More
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When Harry finally gets his Hogwarts letter from Hagrid, it contains a list of required school supplies, but makes no mention of how he’s expected to pack it all. Nevertheless, on the 1st September, it’s all safely packed in a ‘huge, heavy trunk.’ This is fortuitous as it appears that… Read More
• Hogwarts This sage advice is the translation of the Latin motto of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus.”… Read More
• Glossary Schedule. At Hogwarts, each student is given his or her timetable at the beginning of the year, specifying the times of the various classes the student is taking. Read More
• Magical artifacts The Time-Turner is a small silver hourglass worn on a chain around the neck. It is a very powerful and dangerous magical item which literally turns back time for the user, one hour per inversion of the glass, thanks to the Hour-Reversal Charm contained within it (MagSp,… Read More
• Character Kenneth Towler was a Hogwarts student in the same year as Fred and George Weasley. Read More
• Hogwarts academics Transfiguration is magic which changes one object into another. It is possible to change inanimate objects into animate ones and vice versa. Some Transfiguration spells alter a part of something, such as changing a person’s ears from normal into rabbit ears. At Hogwarts, Transfiguration is taught by Professor McGonagall. Fifty… Read More
• Hogwarts castle and grounds This classroom, where McGonagall teaches Transfiguration, was filled with separate desks for each student (CS16). It also had a teacher’s desk (PS8). Its location is unknown, although it is located “miles away” from the third-floor Defence Against the Dark Arts office (OP32). Harry, with Ron and Hermione’s… Read More
• Character Sybill Patricia Trelawney is the Divination professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is the great-great-granddaughter of Cassandra Trelawney, a very gifted, very famous Seer (OP37). She “has cultivated a dramatic manner and enjoys impressing her more gullible students with predictions of doom… Read More
• Awards The champion of the Triwizard Tournament wins the Triwizard Cup. When the tournament was held at Hogwarts in 1994-95, the grand finale was a Maze with the Triwizard Cup placed at the center. Read More
• Hogwarts grounds Magically constructed and grown over the course of the year on the Quidditch pitch, this maze was the location of the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament. At it’s center, the Triwizard Cup waited for the competitors to reach it. Read More
• Sports and competitions The Triwizard Tournament is a famous contest between three schools: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Durmstrang Institute, and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. History It originated some 700 years ago as a friendly competition between the three schools. Each school took turns hosting the Tournament, which took… Read More
• Event The heads of Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang all are injured when, during a Triwizard Tournament event, a cockatrice goes on a rampage. Read More
• Event The tradition begins with the three European Wizarding schools: Beauxbatons Academy, Durmstrang Institute, and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It will continue off and on for many centuries. Read More
• Character J.K. Rowling had notes about a possible vampire teacher at Hogwarts named “Trocar” but the character was discarded fairly early in the writing process. He did not evolve into Snape, in spite of popular fan theories about the Potions Master’s “bat-like” appearance and “unhealthy pallor” (Pm). Read More
• Hogwarts castle and grounds Hogwarts has a trophy room where all the old awards, trophies, statues, cups, plates, shields, and medals are kept in crystal display cases. There is also a list of all the head boys and girls. Draco Malfoy sets the trophy room as the meeting place for the midnight duel (… Read More
• Quote There’s no tuition fee! The Ministry of Magic covers the cost of all magical education. Read More
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When classes start in Harry’s fifth year, O.W.L.s are all anyone wants to talk about. At lunch on the first day, the Weasley twins offer some sage advice about how “it’s a nightmare of a year, the fifth, if you care about exam results, anyway.” Ron then comments, “Yeah…… Read More