• Character Edgar Cloggs is a ghost who has been hanging around the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch as long as anyone can remember. Edgar was obviously a pretty good player in his day (Games). Read More
• Character Marietta Edgecombe was a friend of Cho Chang’s with curly, reddish-blonde hair. Marietta was dragged to D.A. meetings by Cho and signed her name to the parchment that listed members of the group (OP16). However, when she later betrayed the group to Umbridge in order to protect her mother’s… Read More
• Rules and laws The Educational Decrees were co-created by the Hogwarts High Inquisitor, Dolores Umbridge, and the Ministry of Magic during Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts. These rules were set by the Ministry of Magic in order to assume more control over Hogwarts. The Ministry also desired to change the standards of the… Read More
• Character Eloise Midgen (or Midgeon) was a Hogwarts student in the early 1990s. Eloise tried to curse off her acne and had to have her nose re-attached by Madam Pomfrey (GF13), but it ended up off centre (GF22). Ron irritated Hermione by saying he wouldn’t want… Read More
• Character Elphias Doge was an old wizard the same age as Dumbledore, with a wheezy voice and silver hair (DH8). Doge was part of the original Order of the Phoenix and at the time wore a “stupid” hat. Part of the Advance Guard that helped Harry in his escape from… Read More
• Hogwarts The Slytherin hourglass in the Hogwarts Entrance Hall for recording House Points is filled with green emeralds (PS15, Pm). Read More
• Character Emma Dobbs was a Hogwarts student who began her first year in 1994 (GF12). Read More
• Architecture • Art and Culture Some wizarding institutions have enchanted ceilings in their largest and most important rooms. Read More
• Hogwarts castle and grounds The Entrance Hall is located on the ground floor of Hogwarts. Main features of the Entrance Hall include the wide, marble staircase and the double door entrance to the Great Hall. The house points hourglasses are located in the Entrance Hall. Read More
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I love the Harry Potter films. I have dear friends who worked on them. I was on the set during the filming of Order of the Phoenix. David Heyman even told me that they used the Lexicon "every day" while they created the films. So don't mistake what I'm about to say for anything but loving criticism. The films are nothing more than very expensive fan fiction. They're made-up stories closely based on the Harry Potter books, created by people who are massive Harry Potter fans and who care very deeply about "getting it right," but who, for one reason or another, changed a lot of things. Sometimes they changed things for very good reasons. Sometimes, though, they seem to have changed things for no particular reason at all. I can't explain it, but there you go. However, for a lot of people, the films are Harry Potter. They've never read the books, or barely read them anyway. As far as they're concerned, Dementors attacked Harry and Dudley in an underpass below a highway. Snape died in a boathouse. And Harry fought Voldemort in an extended, violent duel at the end of the Battle of Hogwarts, punctuated by clever bon mots and death-defying falls from high places. But oh well. I really don't care. At least they're Potter fans! The more the merrier! Just do me a favor ... don't send me any more emails telling me that I screwed up on the Lexicon when I write that: Read More
• Character Eupraxia Mole was the headmistress of Hogwarts in 1876, when she negotiated an end to a standoff with Peeves by signing a contract allowing the poltergeist certain privileges. Read More
• Character Evangeline Orpington was one of the Ministry’s “most accomplished Ministers for Magic,” according to Garrick Ollivander (Pm). Orpington was Minister from 1849 to 1855, during which time she introduced the hidden platform at King’s Cross Station as a way for magical folk to access the Hogwarts Express (Pm). Read More
• Character Everard was a headmaster of Hogwarts. His portrait in the head’s office shows him with sallow skin and black hair (OP21)… Read More
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February is dominated by Valentine’s Day, of course, but a lot of other interesting events happen during this month. Probably the biggest February event during Harry’s time at Hogwarts was the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament. I’m particularly intrigued by the antics of Minister for Magic Pricilla Dupont who was… Read More
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March is typically an uneventful month for Harry and the others at Hogwarts. Hermione starts studying intensely for the exams: Hermione, however, had more on her mind than the Philosopher’s Stone. She had started drawing up revision schedules and color-coding all her notes. Harry and Ron wouldn’t have minded, but… Read More
• Hogwarts • Magical objects Halfway along a third-floor corridor between the staircase leading from the Entrance Hall and the way to Gryffindor Tower, stands a statue of Gunhilda of Gorsemoor, referred to by the students as “the one-eyed, hump-backed witch.” This statue conceals the entrance to a secret passage leading to Honeydukes’ cellar (PA10). Read More