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Elphias Doge

"When Albus and I left Hogwarts we intended to take the then traditional tour of the world together, visiting and observing foreign wizards, before pursuing our separate careers. However, tragedy intervened."

-- Elphias Doge (DH8)


Elphias Doge

Elphias Doge was an old wizard the same age as Dumbledore, with a wheezy voice and silver hair (DH8). Doge was part of the original Order of the Phoenix and at the time wore a “stupid” hat. Part of the Advance Guard that helped Harry in his escape from number four, Privet Drive (OP3). Has been previously mentioned as a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Special Advisor to the Wizengamot and longstanding friend of Albus Dumbledore who wrote the latter’s obituary for the Daily Prophet (DH2). Doge was disinclined to cooperate with Rita Skeeter in her preparation of The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore (DH8), and was referred to by her as “Dodgy” (DH2) and “Dogbreath” (DH18).

As a child, Doge suffered from a bout of Dragon Pox and when he first came to Hogwarts, he still showed the signs. Only Albus Dumbledore befriended him. Later, the two planned to take the traditional tour of the Wizarding world together, but Albus had to remain behind because of the tragedy which had befallen his family (DH8).



An Elphias Levi wrote Dogme et Rituel de Haute Magie (Dogma and Ritual of High Magic). -- MLW

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