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Ancient Runes class

Ancient Runes class, or Study of Ancient Runes, is a challenging class at Hogwarts focused on reading and understanding ancient runes, a form of writing which witches and wizards used hundreds of years ago.

During Hermione Granger’s time as a student of Ancient Runes, the instructor was Bathsheda Babbling (JKR) and homework entailed a large amount of translation of runes into modern English (OP26). The translation aid Spellman’s Syllabary was used by Hermione while doing such homework, and it may have been a textbook for class.

In Third Year, Ancient Runes was scheduled for the same time as Charms class, and Hermione took both classes through the use of the Time Turner (PA16).

  • One of Neville's relatives wrote to him suggesting Ancient Runes as a subject before Third Year, but it's unlikely he took such a hard subject (CS14).
  • The full name of the class is Study of Ancient Runes (Pm).


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