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AOL Live chat, 19 October 2000: AOL Live presented an exclusive live chat with “Harry Potter” creator J.K. Rowling.

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When people trade in Muggle money for Wizard money, what does Gringotts do with the Muggle money?

Those goblins are sneaky people. They manage to put the Muggle money back into circulation. They are like "fences" --British slang, do you understand it?


What did James and Lily Potter do when they were alive?

Well, I can't go into too much detail, because you're going to find out in future books. But James inherited plenty of money, so he didn't need a well-paid profession. You'll find out more about both Harry's parents later.


Ms. Rowling, have you ever made a map or blueprint of the school?

No, because all those staircases keep shifting around and rooms pop out of nowhere, and stuff just moves too much. But I have got a notebook that reminds me what floor everything is on, just to keep track. Of course, if anything moves, I can blame it on magic, not my mistakes.


Does the animal one turns into as an Animagi reflect your personality?

Very well deduced, Narri! I personally would like to think that I would transform into an otter, which is my favorite animal. Imagine how horrible it would be if I turned out to be a cockroach!


When is Hermione's birthday?

Hermione's birthday is September 19th.


Is there a reason Fleur's name means "flower of the heart"?

Ah, Narri, you're nearly there... in fact, it means "flower of the court," like a noblewoman. Heart is "coeur." (I used to be a French teacher, sorry.)

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