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Hermione's Secret

- Chapter 21

“We’ve gone back in time."
-- Hermione Granger

PA21: Hermione’s Secret

Harry awakens in hospital, desperately tries to tell Black’s side of the story but is not believed until Dumbledore arrives, who tells Hermione to use her Time-Turner (which she had been using to increase the amount of classes she could attend) to go back and change events to save Buckbeak and Black. First they rescue Buckbeak, then Harry rescues himself from the Dementors with a Patronus Charm, then they ride Buckbeak to rescue Black, who escapes on the hippogriff.

Calendar and Dates

The entire action of this chapter takes place later on the same evening as that of the previous chapter. The document condemning Buckbeak gives the date, although not the day of the week, while PA16 gave the day of the week. Unfortunately, the day of the week given in that chapter (Thursday) and the date given in this chapter don't tally for the year 1994.

Interesting facts and notes

Shall be executed on the sixth of June at sundown -

See Timelines/Calendar below.

Exceptional character moments

Hagrid, who refuses to leave Buckbeak to die alone no matter how hard it is on him.

Memorable lines

Harry frowned; he felt as though he was screwing up his whole brain in concentration.

Words and phrases

Other Canon Notes

Characters (notes or unnamed):

  • Name unknown: aging wizard, Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures



  • Mobilicorpus (still in effect though cast earlier)


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