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Conjured items

A spell that creates objects out of thin air.

References from the canon

  • McGonagall conjured up a large fan and instructed Ernie Macmillan to waft the Petrified Nearly Headless Nick to the hospital wing using it (CS11).
  • Dumbledore conjured up hundreds of squashy purple sleeping bags when the students needed to spend the night in the Great Hall (PA9).
  • There is legislation about what you can conjure and what you can't (SN).
  • There are laws of magic (as opposed to human legislation) governing what you can conjure and what you can't, such as Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration, to which food is one of the five exceptions (you can't create food out of nothing) (DH29).
  • Most things conjured out of thin air will disappear after a couple of hours (SN). Some exceptions to this are the sleeping bags, which survived a lot longer than just a couple of hours, and the leg of Neville's desk, which had been accidentally vanished (CS16) (although this may have been an instance of Reparo instead).
  • "drawing up a chair" (conjuring a chair out of thin air)
    • Dumbledore drew up comfy chintz armchairs (OP8)
    • McGonagall draws up straight-backed, wooden chairs (OP22).
    • Arthur Weasley drew up more chairs so his visitors could sit down in his ward at St Mungo's (OP8).
    • Dumbledore literally drew up a chair for Trelawney to sit in at the Christmas feast in 1993 [Y13] (PA11). He also drew up a chintz armchair for himself to sit in when representing Harry at his hearing before the Wizengamot and when Mrs. Figg arrived to testify, Dumbledore drew up another for her (OP8).
  • Dumbledore conjured a tea tray in Hagrid's cabin (GF24).
  • Dumbledore arranged the Great Hall for the musical entertainment at the Yule Ball with "move objects" and this spell:
    • "Dumbledore stood up and asked the students to do the same. Then, with a wave of his wand, all the tables zoomed back along the walls leaving the floor clear, and then he conjured a raised platform into existence along the right wall." (GF23)
  • Bill and Charlie Weasley conjured up tablecoths for dinner in the garden at the Burrow (GF5).
  • Fudge conjured two large glasses of amber liquid (one for himself, one for the Prime Minister) on the night he informed the latter of Sirius Black's escape from Azkaban (HBP1).


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