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Jeanne Kimsey

"What would your head have been doing in Hogsmeade, Potter?" said Snape softly. "Your head is not allowed in Hogsmeade. No part of your body has permission to be in Hogsmeade. . . . "Malfoy is not having hallucinations," snarled Snape, and he bent down, a hand on each arm of Harry's chair, so that their faces were a foot apart. "If your head was in Hogsmeade, so was the rest of you."

I've been a Harry Potter fan since 1999 when my daughter asked for an unknown book about wizards she had seen at school. I found the books to have an old-fashioned charm and soon the entire family was hooked on them. To say the books changed my life is an understatement. By the time Goblet of Fire was released, I was driving teenagers from bookstore to bookstore at midnight trying to get extra copies. After reading Order of the Phoenix, I joined Chamber of Secrets Forum as "Silver Ink Pot" and got involved for a few crazy years in the Snape Wars (was he good or evil?), which turned me into a Slytherin for life. Some of my essays were included in the book "The Plot Thickens ... Harry Potter Investigated by Fans for Fans." When Half-Blood Prince came out, I was in Chicago at a big book-release party called "Spellbound" dressed as Madame Trelawney, and my friends and I stayed up all night reading the book out loud to each other. The Deathly Hallows blew my mind as a grande finale, but my fandom didn't end there. I was a ghostwriter for Mugglenet's book "Harry Potter Should Have Died," and here I am on the Lexicon staff. HP Fandom is still going strong with new Pottermore information, Newt Scamander movies, and "The Cursed Child" play, so there is always something to talk about. I am a moderator on The Harry Potter Network, a fan forum. I live in Tennessee, married for 30-something years to a nice Hufflepuff who puts up with me. We have three grown children who are all HP fans.

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